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  1. <3



    Always have ... always will. 

  2. Name changed (Joe said something about that probably being an issue because of another account, but it went through just fine). I need to find a better avatar though. Let the harassment commence. Apparently I have a huge fan.
  3. I have to admit, I seriously underestimated that little inside joke. I always thought my husband was overplaying it a smidgen. I know I intend to have a lot of fun with this, that is if the poll lands up where it is trending.
  4. This was an actual thing I found when I googled you. I don't think I have enough giggles Jeric. Not nearly enough for this.
  5. Deeds done. Jeric should be posting the video soon. Also, he has way to much time on his hands.
  6. Yes. Officially official. Donated. Go ahead and toss my name into this, I am aware of the adorable running gag he is opening this up to. I approve of anything that makes my husband blush.
  7. Just Jessi


    <3 My vote is cast for Kiri. If I didn't support her before, I definitely do now. Her original character is adorable. Your daughter is still at school though. =D
  8. Voted for Lady Kiriness. From what I hear she has a really interesting and life affirming story with a refreshing outlook on life.
  9. Is this limited to staff? I would be all about tossing a pie at a certain someone.
  10. Just Jessi

    What do you do when when you can't sleep?

    Sit here and try and convince @Jeric I am conspiring against him!
  11. Just Jessi

    Ordinary World

    The Greens day?
  12. Just Jessi

    I'm really not seeing the stigma with this franchise

    I say this very carefully, as I am not accustomed to speaking ill of one of my colleagues. Every graduate student in a Psychology program is looking for something to distinguish themselves when applying for research opportunities. It makes sense that he would try and focus on a much publicized and unusual fandom as yours. What you need to understand is that there is lack of clinical focused study in his CV that would make me want to validate his research, and that is where I see him as untested. The reason we have peer reviews at that level is as a check on our work. Grad-student and post-grad work is done with peer input and supervision. Going to speak on behavioral concepts without being established in the field is ... not professional. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that his selection of a Graduate Program raises a few flags for me. People place a great amount of stock on what we say. Please do not listen to any mental health expert without knowing their credentials. We are experts, but not gods and goddesses. That was me holding my tongue.
  13. Just Jessi

    All Apologies

    Also, what he won't mention is that he soon was trained for projection and left us all behind in concession.
  14. Just Jessi

    All Apologies

    I laughed the most at that description of her. I really need to see if I can track her down, it has been ages!