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  1. The truth has been spoken, where is my promotion? You underestimate my power! Oh, but I have a secret weapon of my own. It will arrive soon.
  2. Hmm, I will be away for the next few days, @FortyTwo42 guard it well. They're getting perilously close to the throne!
  4. Ew, is that - dare I say, maths? I see your trying to revolt me to distract me, clever.
  5. Phew! I thought you guys might've taken my absence as an opportunity. I have been exhausted. Defending this throne ain't easy - after all, it is a task for three ponies.
  6. You guys are starting to count really fast now. Just wait till I research mobile-posting technologies (going to order a smart-phone next week). You guys will stand no chance against mobile-posting DOVA. I had no idea the throne was completely unguarded for such long periods of time, when I left I was sure I left it guarded - at least partially. Maybe I should stop defending his throne... and take it for myself. But I'm far too loyal for that... or am I?