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  1. Well.. Looking at the avatar above me... I'd say in no threat at all. In fact I might be able to kill them by looking at them angrily
  2. Rainbro Dash15

    Ask Twilight Sparkle!

    Twilight! I have three questions for you 1. What is it like being an alicorn? 2. What is it like being a princess? 3. What is it like being the leader of the elements of harmony?
  3. Rainbro Dash15

    Ask Rarity!

    *hands rarity a platter with fancy cheese, crumpets, tea and a teapot* rarity, what is it like being an element of harmony?
  4. Rainbro Dash15

    Ask Rainbow Dash!

    Aside from skootaloo who is you favourite cutie mark crusader?
  5. You are a terrible doctor! I'm going to get a second opinion on this method of treatment
  6. Well I can't say that I'm NOT going to take this chance *bends over and kisses... The bag of flour* DAMMIT YOU POSTED JUST BEFORE ME!
  7. *grabs the nearest object and throws it at them*
  8. I would be friends with him but... No, just no
  9. Rainbro Dash15

    Open Days in Ponyville

    I finish my food quickly, say bye to the other ponys and explain that I have to get back to a party but I would catch up with them soon then left back to meet dash and pinky at the party. (I hate this character minimum so I'm just gonna keep typing until I can post this)
  10. No they're too hot *ba dum chrash!*
  11. Lunstx ent y (I'm doing this on iPod BTW)
  12. Well depending on which one of his gadgets he tries to kill me with, I'm about 20 to 100 percent skrewed.
  13. Well I do like the show doctor who but... *throws a rock at a window to distract him, books it and hopes that the TARDIS is unlocked*
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