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  1. I'm looking for a dark/ beytral roleplay for my changeling OC Lady. Something to keep me on my toes when replying, something with suspense and mystery in it. Maybe a dash of horror? I don't have much ideas but if others do then please message me or post here. I can do groups or 1x1s I just need something for my gritty role-playing fix.
  2. Wow I've been gone for so long. ;-;

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    2. Lady


      Thanks a lot for the welcome back! ;0;

    3. Scribblegroove


      I remember you! Roleplaying with Torrent505 back in the day :P

    4. Lady


      Me too Scribble! 

  3. I draw a lot on my drawing tablet...I'm slowly getting better. Unsure if I should ask for money commissions yet. >W< I use Sai...for everything. Sai is love and sai is life. Oh, and I accept digital art trades! PM me if you're interested. I currently do commissions for points on DA, go check it out please. I need my custom cow plant pony. <3 I finished this one today.^
  4. I actually am busy. I'm currently trying to finish various art requests/art trades. I'll be back on Friday or try to post somewhere within the week.
  5. Art shop is open again guys! If you want a request go get one!

  6. Honestly, you don't have to see like EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Doctor Who is officially a few years older then colored television. I usually just watch 10 episodes from each doctor to get me catch up.
  7. ...we are best friends now, ok? Good. Srly though. I love you now for saying that. Did you watch any of the classic series as well??
  8. I'm honestly loving the fact he talks to his own brush. Oh, and whenever I read Topaz's posts I imagined him with the master's voice to add suspense. (The blond guy with the hoodie)
  9. @@Torrent505, Lady simply raised a brow. "Feathered fiends you say?" She questioned him with a slight anger in the tone of her voice. It was obvious that he didn't appreciate his advice. A queen changeling like her going to take orders from a pony? Never going to happen, she is superior compared to him. By the way he talks to her, he should know as well. Once she finished her wine she placed the glass in her hooves. "You do underestimate me. I hope you understand that you're in the spiders nest." She told him in a very bold tone of voice as she got up from her place on the bed. "Now I sugg
  10. 'I am princess Rose Bud ruler of the taco empire a kingdom neighboring Equestria. We specialize in tacos, taco bowls, choco tacos, and other taco related products. Someday I shall make the greatest taco for Princess Celestia herself, and she shall make me an alicorn so I can fly around the world spreading my glee throughout the world, and beyond. I shall be remembered as that weirdo who really has no idea what they're doing, but you know what that is okay since they remembered me and...

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    2. AnonBrony


      MMmm thank you. This is very good. May I ask what is in the taco?

    3. Lady


      "Rainbows and sparkles."

    4. AnonBrony


      Oh. Is that all? Like no meat or anything? Just rainbows and sparkles?

  11. @@Kay Dreamer, @, I can try, all though I honestly don't think I'll make it. Lady isn't my only OC. I have others, I just haven't posted them all here yet. XD Anyways, I have multiple OCs(about 2 or 3) that are within show canon, yet they get rejected whenever I try to register them for roleplays like EQE, they always get rejected in some shape or manner. Simply because they 'wouldn't fit in' or 'that character doesn't seem right' and they ask me to change everything about them. Which I simply would not do. I usually don't write OCs unless I have the idea for it in my mind for a we
  12. I would join EQE but sadly, when I usually join those kind of roleplays. My OCs would usually get rejected, even if it's close to the spirit of FIM as I can make it.
  13. ...did this RP die somehow? There hasn't been any posts in 7 days. .-.'
  14. @@Torrent505, Once they entered the room. Topaz would soon notice that it the room she had chosen was a lover's suite. Quite large in it's shape, the carpet covered in velvet and the walls painted the same as well. The furniture bright pink, with a dark brown small library on the left side. A large heart shaped bed in the middle, with the windows covered by the dark purple curtains and a small day bed on the side. The queen simply trotted to the bed, and flopped on. She then got herself in a comfortable laying position and looks over to her guest. "I am Lady." She told him as her lion
  15. I'm allergic to the following: All berries Most Medicine Some Animal Dander(Cats and dogs mainly) All types of Alcohol All types of 'drugs'(like Weed and LSD kind of drugs) Wool Red food coloring Blue food coloring Pollen Dust Bee/Insect Stings Watermelon Flavor(Artificial) Most berry flavors(Artificial) I'm allergic to pretty much everything. >W<
  16. Woo! Last day of school! Woooo! X3 Now I can sleep whenever I want to!

  17. Ok, so I thought I'd put all the pictures I drew here!~ Feel free to tell me how it is. I currently do not take requests or commissions. So don't ask, thanks. This is the art work that I finished this week so far. X3 Please note I mostly sketch and rarely color/outline my work because I can't find a way of doing it the way I want to. >W<
  18. Yes, it is! Craig is Lauren's husband Chiko. XD
  19. I only watch Dinsey for 2 things. Wonder over Yonder Gravity Falls. NOTHING ELSE!
  20. Lady

    King Sombra Fan Club

    I regret nothing.
  21. Not a problem! Oh, and I would like digital please. :3
  22. Wow, this are SUPER helpful! If I can suggest something, I've honestly been having problems with lineart and coloring. XD I can't seem to find the right way to make lineart for my sketches, and easy way to color. If you can find some of these tutorials to use, it would be amazing. You would be my life-saver, because those are the tutorials I spend most of my time finding. ;3;
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