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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. It's been yeARS since I've drawn a pony, watched an episode of mlp, or even been on this website ahh. I'm so out of practice, and drawing on a completely slick tablet doesn't help. At least I can say it's better than my old 2014 drawings I posted on here. I was like,, the actual definition of cringe, and to make things worse my profile picture is still a poorly made base edit I made and I should probably change it hH
  3. Ah-- it's been a while. I forgot that I was one of those people that used bases,,, jeez this profile is horrific.

    1. The_Gobo


      It's okay, at least you put effort into yours :P

      I haven't done anything with mine lol


  4. Hai. I haven`t been on much because I`m trying toget better at pony art, and when I do, I`ll be back:P

  5. Crap...I`m starting to like the furry fandom...Is that a bad thing?

    1. Yamato


      Yes. Here's a pen and a notebook. Go sit in that corner over there and re-evaluate your life decisions.

    2. Literally Snails

      Literally Snails

      Which part of the furry fandom?

  6. Dang, there was a lot of double letters there in my last post
  7. I`m bored.., And you know what that means! ten million new status updates! wooo!

  8. School... *shudders*

  9. I`m a lot better at sketching than drawing online

    1. hariyaMakusu2


      Still, it's great that you can sketch :)

  10. I kept trying and trying too ddraw her mouth, but it always lokked like she was concerned about sometning, so I gave up
  11. Well done! I like his name
  12. I tried out a new online art program and made this. I don`t care if you can do better than me, I`m proud of it.