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  1. Movies/TV

    Not too sure. But what we really want:
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    This was everyone here:
  3. General Media

    Don't press the nuke button.
  4. Chocolate burger.
  5. Spaghetti arms - Ineedgarliccheesebread!
  6. Candy corn.
  7. 2/10
  8. Remembering the MLPF of old:

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    2. Valencia Chalcis

      Valencia Chalcis

      season seven right?, I'd say we've past the top of the bell curve 

    3. Stormfury


      I like nostalgia. =}

    4. Prospekt


      Ahhh, relics of a bygone day. Wish I had been around.

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  10. *Cage face*~! (^ ◕ᴥ◕ ^)