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  1. LuminaraRose

    Pumpkin Charm's Arrival

    No, lol. I just like luminescence and liked the way it sounded. I'm pretty ignorant about Star Wars. Which movie is the character from?
  2. LuminaraRose

    General Is There Anyone You Look Up To?

    It's really heart-warming to read how many people look up to those closest to them. I also admire those close to me. I have four best friends who are very different except for the fact that we all are constantly and tangibly working to better ourselves. As far as cultural icons: Senator Elizabeth Warren: agree or disagree with her views, that is one powerful, brave, outspoken leader. I love watching her give the business to people. I hope someday to be able to command attention and respect the way she does. Yulia Tymoshenko: another powerful and even more controversial politician, this time from the turbulent Ukraine. I love how she refuses to make herself more masculine in order to play in the big leagues. And she has style! I love old movie starts: Greta Garbo (my fave!), Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable, Yvonne de Carlo, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Louise Brooks, the list could go on but I'll stop there. I love Albert Einstein for his focus. I also hyper focus when on a project and it's comforting to know that's a large part of what made him great and allowed for the clarity to develop his theory. Gandhi for his discipline and magnanimous heart. Oh! and Evita Peron. What an orator!
  3. LuminaraRose

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    @Azul Maya Have you read the books? I haven't but there is a whole trilogy. What did you think of the movie? I enjoyed it immensely and was sorry to see it not do well at the box office. The last movie I watched was Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. I'm feeling a Betty Grable craving coming on so maybe The Dolly Sisters is in my near future.
  4. LuminaraRose

    Sia & Her Original Music

    I just hope we will get to see a Sia pony cameo. It would obviously have to have her signature black/blonde blunt cut with bangs. But what would her body color be? or her cutie mark for that matter?
  5. LuminaraRose

    How much do you like your favorite pony?

    @Colt 45 That's really interesting to me. May I ask why you enjoy the show so much? For most, it's the characters but that doesn't seem to be a huge draw for you. What keeps you coming back?
  6. LuminaraRose

    What was the last food you ate?

    Just ate a bowl of baked potato soup. Good, but it means I slipped on my goal of no dairy. Bad pony! Oh well, back on the horse.
  7. LuminaraRose

    Pumpkin Charm's Arrival

    Hi Pumpkin Charm, I like your name. It makes me want to give you a hug . I'm also new here and will stop by your profile. Mine is still a work in progress....
  8. LuminaraRose

    Hello from Montenegro (ex Yugoslavia) pony metal band

    A whole band, cool! Welcome and I can't wait to see your stuff in Octavia's Hall. May I ask what Slozy translates to? I feel like Ponyash is pretty self explanatory and am curious about the rest.
  9. LuminaraRose

    Hello Ponies!

    Welcome, fellow newbie! It's nice that you already have a family member on here to help show you the ropes. Feel free to friend me.
  10. LuminaraRose

    S01:E01+E02 - Friendship is Magic

    Just rewatched the first four episodes with a friend (against his will, muah haha) and loved it even more. I also finally realized the whole episode is about being afraid of the dark/not wanting to go to bed. It only took me watching it 3 times for it to click . That made me like it even more since it's dealing with a real issue for it's target demo (ie, not me).
  11. LuminaraRose

    Do you like having long hair?

    I recently did a BIg Snip and it was a long time coming. It was almost bra strap length and now it's a bob. I personally prefer the ease of care that shorter hair offers. My hair is freakishly dense, despite being medium fine texture, and washing it is so difficult once it gets to my shoulders. And then, the drying time! My hair takes an hour to blow dry and almost a whole day to air dry when long. I've been a creamy, white blonde for years now because it's my favorite color on me. But it brings with it some inevitable damage. I was surprised that I was able to grow it out as long as I did considering how pale it is and how delicate my strands can be. I was having fun learning 1940s styles (based on real wet set pin curls) and had an event in December that I wanted to do a rococo style, so I needed it long. But my hair is too long, too dense and too heavy to do pin curls as a lifestyle. I will miss my victory rolls, though. I always know it's time to cut it when I wear my hair up all the time. If I can't be bothered to ever style it down (1-2 hours due to density), then it's time for a snip. I was definitely there. I think shorter hair is more flattering on me and let's my beauty show rather than covering it up with my hair. It's easier to care for, more convenient and I've always found shorter hair to be more "au currente." The only thing I don't like (with this color) are the Marilyn Monroe comparisons. It's embarrassing to me and unfair to her!
  12. LuminaraRose

    Hello, everypony!

    I'm forcing myself to make the time: less social media, less internet shopping, less tv, less games. I haven't been reading much in the past year or so and books are piling up. I can't get rid of them until I've read them and I really need to thin the herd. It's been nice so far, though I've gotten behind this weekend due to a short road trip. I think I can do it, though. Thank you for the warm welcome, everypony. And thanks to KrazyDashie for adding me. I hope to make more friends as I explore more.
  13. LuminaraRose

    What Generation Do You Think Is Worst?

    As far as programming goes, I believe G4 to be the best: solid, believable characters, easy to identify with, easy to learn lessons and apply them to life. It took me quite a while to warm up to the animation as it's such a deviation from the original, which is what I grew up on. The ponies don't really resemble horses or ponies all that much, they look more like dogs or cats upon first glance. Learning that Lauren Faust (from PowerPuff Girls) was in charge of the design helped me be able to appreciate its beauty. For content, I feel that previous generations don't stand the test of time. I tried watching My Pony Tales as an adult but couldn't. It was too annoying. The clips that I've seen of G1 don't fare much better and G3 is the most empty for me. I will always have a soft spot for the early shows because I have fond, foggy memories of colorful ponies and a simpler time in my life. Plus, I love that theme song. But they have zero rewatchability for me. Interestingly enough, I like G3 pony toys the best, followed by G1. G2 toys resemble the knock-offs of other generations (to me). And the Hasbro G4 ponies are my least favorite. They don't resemble the animation or ponies or previous generations. That being said, G4 has brought about some awesome toys from Funko and We Love Fine. Previous generations didn't have the benefit of the internet to drive niche toys.
  14. LuminaraRose

    You Might be a Pinkie Pie if...

    Pinkie is probably the pony that has taken the longest to grow on me. I will be the first to admit that while I have my moments, humor is not my strong suit. I'm sure that's part of it. I laugh now at most of Pinkie's hi-jinks but originally found her to be too much. Were you immediately drawn to her?
  15. LuminaraRose

    Hello, everypony!

    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rarity How did you find MLP Forums?: As I've been tip-toeing into the FiM fandom, I've become intrigued with the idea of making a ponysona or OC (haven't decided yet). I was messing around with pony generators late at night and stumble across this. I figured, why not? How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: One of my best friends recommended that I watch it. She said that a character on the show reminds her of me (Rarity). One of her friends had turned her onto it (by force, lol) and she was adamant that it had deeper value than what I was expecting. I was hesitant as I grew up with G1/G2 and was not a fan of the animation. Plus, although I loved the toys and such, MLP content always seemed too insipid for me to sit through as an adult. But I trust her so I popped it on and basically didn't turn it off until I completed all six seasons. Thanks, Netflix! The animation grew on me and now I appreciate its genius instead of comparing it with the previous generations. I've learned so much from watching it and it's rekindled my wonder and sense of fun. I am officially a fan! Well in pony terms I'm a mix of Rarity, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy. I share the need for beauty and glamour with Rarity and enjoying being feminine and a lady. I have a good attention to detail and can easily get hung up on the details. Not a drama queen, though I often wish I had the confidence to make myself the center of attention. In temperament, I'm much more like Fluttershy: soft-spoken, meek, shy, confrontation averse and deferential to the stronger personalities. I can and do get walked on sometimes because of it. I also like animals and am good with them. My friends joke that their animals miss me more than they do when I leave their houses. I spend my time reading, researching, learning and actively seeking to improve myself, like Twilight. This year I've undertaken a personal challenge to finish 52 books. I easily get lost in learning, finding new tangents and connections, etc. I'm definitely an introvert and have to push myself to reach out to my friends. I just wish I were as organized and driven as Twilight.