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  1. Hear hear to May, it is time that Britain realizes that they can no longer close their eyes and turn their heads the other way from the threat they face and pretend it does not exist. 

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    2. Anti-Villain



      Try again.


      Had to:



    3. Rikifive


      I watched the video and was laughing so hard, then I've read your sentence and got extremely confused.

      I wanted to read comments to see, if I misunderstood something, but when I clicked that status update, it took me to your profile, where there was a different video. Then I've noticed, that the one in the new status updates stream wasn't the one you intended to post. For some reason it loaded a wrong video for me...

      That's what I saw:



      ...And now you may know why I laughed.

      Sorry to go offtopic like this, but that was weird.
      As for the real meaning of the status- I'm not well oriented in politics, so for everypony' safety I'll remain silent. :twi: 

      Oh, I've noticed, that the forum software derp'd there. The video I saw was posted by somebody else few statuses above yours, yet it somehow mixed these. Frankly, I didn't see the original status with that video - the forums didn't load these statuses properly. Refreshing few times did the thing. The current system is a pain to navigate...

      Sorry for derailing; don't mind me.

    4. Freikorpist Jonas

      Freikorpist Jonas


      Lolwat!? I have never even posted this video before xD Now that is a classic bug to remember :') 

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