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  1. happy birthdaay! (: ~

  2. (I've gotta go to bed, sorry. Will continue tomorrow)
  3. "none for me thanks, while alcohol does in fact cause your body to send more blood to your extremities for a short while, it decreases core temperature for even longer. Given my struggle to keep warm already, I'm not going to punish myself more."
  4. Camile smiled and winked back at him. "so nightfall will be upon us soon, I think we should stay here until dawn" he stated.
  5. I don't like to start it, but I have no problem fueling the flames if it seems fun.
  6. Camile poked his tounge out. "but of course, sir, I never said you weren't civilized... When not under the influence" he mumbled that last clause just loud enough to be made out properly and chuckled
  7. "haha, oh Garth." Camile laughed. "you've been drunk every day since I've met you, I swear. A few days of sobriety will do you some good, if you ask me"
  8. My main is alternitive hip hop, after thatI love showtunes. Hip hop, show tunes, electronic, pony, classic rock, orchestral. In that order
  9. "thanks, but I need hot chocolate or something, I could not enjoy anything cold right now" he said, shivering. Camile unrolled his sleeping bag and climbed in. "Help yourself to that jerky though, it's Teriyaki, a personal favorite of mine"
  10. Man I wish I had some nice suede shoes to match this classy suit. Or some ducking eyes, that would be nice too
  11. "well then, would you like just a strip or two?" he said, shaking the bag of tangy dried meat in Rigel's direction. "it's the candy of the meat world"
  12. "Oh I could eat." Camile said, pretending not to be irritated by the nickname Rigel seemed to have grown accustomed to using. "I've got some jerky, but nothing an herbivore would enjoy." He pulled a bag of the dried beef from his pack and sat down, as close to the fire as comfortably possible
  13. (That's fine, it's very well written, so there's no problem with long posts. I wanted to make mine longer, but typing on ipod is a pain.)
  14. I voted Berry Punch. Cause alcoholism can be hilarious, plus her sister and her are the best in ponyville.
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