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  1. my ping is 583 average right now and i cant play CS:GO

  2. Well shit..Stuck in the friendzone

  3. I wasn't sure were to ask or look so i came here
  4. I waset so much time here... i need to do homework

  5. Sounds fine to me bro this was pretty funny post it on youtube or something Did you say...brownie or was just me? but it was super funny to listen to!
  6. christianity, because of the things that have happened to me and the things that i have dreamed about and the things i have read (bible). i have a very vibrant memory... of a man who had a beard that was white. it wasn't super long just short. Thing man was in dark room holding me. I really don't know how to describe his face other than kind looking. This man stood up and held me out and then there was light and thats it yep... probably God.
  7. I think my test went well...

  8. So, i wasn't sure where to put this so i put it here. I was just wondering if there were any bronies that lived on oklahoma and if so what city/town. If you're not comfortable with sharing your city or town then you don't have to or PM me or whatever you're comfortable with. I guess no one does, i knew it