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  1. Same way any person gets attached to a show. We see something we like and we watch it. I like the cute, colorful horses and fun stories with the mane six. Ocassionally they do something pretty badass and borderline Dragonball Z as well, which earns them some points. And on that note, there's action episodes as well. Or adventure episodes, as they call usually call them. MLP has something for pretty much everyone. Whether or not it has enough for you to turn you into a brony (which is a term I personally don't like to use, due to my roots) is completely dependent upon you as a person and what you want from the show.
  2. Hello, everyone. I'm Vida. A well-known figure amoungst the analysts of the analysis community. I was told you, for the most part, don't particularly like the analysis community here. And I respect that. It has it's faults. However, there are quite a few people here who enjoy it. So this thread is targeted more towards them. Feel free to comment if you're not really big into the whole analysis/review thing, though. If you're new to the topic, I recommend starting off by answering these three questions (Although it's not required). 1) How did you get into MLP analysis/review videos? 2) Who is your favorite analyst/reviewer? 3) Who is your least favorite analyst/reviewer? From there, feel free to talk about anything you want related to the analysis community. Happy discussing! ----------------------------------------------------- I got into analysis in it's very beginning. When Digibrony was a newborn hatchling and there lacked a real community around analysis as a whole. There existed one around individual analysts, but not one main one. I helped to some degree to kind've foster the growth of it in any way I could. I helped with funds, moral support, and business advice, since Business & Administration is sort've my thing. I've got plenty of knowledge when it comes to running businesses and keeping people on track toward a specific goal. My favorite analyst is Gibbontake. He's funny, witty, and a pal o'mine. To an extent. We talk every two or three days. Sometimes we have really indepth, intellectual conversations. It's fun. As for my least favorite, I'd have to say Byter. He comes across as a bit of a jerk some/most times. And I mean that in the most respectful way possible. What about you guys?
  3. I watched half of Season 4. I only watched episodes my friends wouldn't stop bugging me to watch. And the finale was meh. It relied on flashy colors a bit much for my taste.
  4. Welcome to the herd, mate. This place seems pretty awesome. Looking forward to seeing you around.
  5. Stand out from the crowd. Be yourself, if possible. Make the kind of content you'd want to watch. Avoid being stuck-up and egotistical, like a lot of people seem to act when doing analysis. At the end of the day, we're just looking too into a show about pastel ponies for fun. That's all.
  6. Thank you for welcoming me to the forums. It means a lot. But I have a quick question with Scribble's post. Are people allowed to harass me and slander me on the forums? I just want to make friends and have fun, and he's trying to make me out as some evil person.
  7. We're all Protosexual. Some of us just don't want to admit it.
  8. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rarity How did you find MLP Forums?: Friend recommended it to me. He's banned now, but that's neither here nor there. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Became a fan when I got into the show's music at the start of Season 2.Stopped being a fan around the beginning of Season 4. Howdy ho, Neighborinos. I'm Vida, or VidoPony. I prefer Vida, though. I'm the head of the Vida Army, a misunderstood group that's pushing for the Analysis community to better themselves and to accept different personalities without hating on them, and to just generally have fun. I came here to chat with people and generally build up relationships. Maybe have a discussion. Little concerned about the mods here. Not trying to point fingers, be aggressive, or cause drama, but my friends keep warning me about the way things are handled here. Taking a leap of faith by joining it, but I'm sure it'll all be sunshine and rainbows. A little history about me: I'm old friends with Digibrony and BronyCurious. When they were just getting their start, I helped them financially and morally to build the Analysis Community. Most people don't agree with me, but I consider myself a founding father of it due to my involvement. My reputation's gone down the hole since then, though, and I'm working on fixing that. Looking forward to seeing you around.