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  1. "S-So tirred... Sooo. Muuuuch. (E)R.P..."

  2. I don't mind 'em, I do still think that Luna and Celestia are much taller than they should be... Well, their legs at least.
  3. PeeDee2 has nearly finished installing! So exited! :D

  4. Note to self: NEVER mistake soy sauce for coke...

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    2. PotatoPotPie


      My friend swapped out the coke and the soy sauce. >.<


    3. Scrubbed user
    4. PotatoPotPie


      eeyup, all is forgiven now, he got me another coke, so i'm all good now. :D


  5. If I was to go to Equestria, I would sure attempt to date any of the following ponies: Trixie, Octavia, Lyra, Redheart, Bon-Bon, Vinyl or Derpy. Just the way they are portrayed in fan-fics, makes them so lovable. <3 :3
  6. Is it weird to know that your weirder than other people and still call them weird?

  7. I think I have a Problem, I've been reading clopfic for four hours...

  8. PotatoPotPie

    Hello im new here

    Hello, me (and everyone else on the forums) welcomes you and we hope you enjoy your stay, here have a complementary Boop. *Boop*
  9. Hmm, Would a Potato Battery be agood Cutiemark?

    1. ParsoOfEquestria


      "so, how are you holding up? because I'm a potato!"

  10. HEy guys and Girls, I'm Tired, ima go sleep nao :)

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