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  1. I know some friends of mine that went to the theatrical release of the DragonBall Z: Resurrection of F showing. I think that you will be in good company if you choose to go, because anyone who goes will obviously like the medium.
  2. I've yet to have a "relationship" so im not particularly sure. But I am not particularly picky and would probably be flattered if anyone at all asked me out or accepted me asking them of now consider me "extremely open"
  3. welp. Schools closed. This snow strom has really got people scared around these parts

    1. Kyoshi


      My dad was going on about how it is like the blizzard of '78 or something. He goes on be out that a lot. It sounds troubling for sure.

    2. Krazy Stargazer

      Krazy Stargazer

      Well the people here are scared stiff. Most activities are shut down tomorrow as far as I know. And the roads are nearly empty

  4. Working on a Fanfic parody of "Brand new World"

  5. summoning the King of Monsters update

  6. Watched Marvel's "Agent Carter" yesterday.

  7. I just posted a new MLP/Justice League Parody on my channel :)

  8. I made two more videos on my YouTube channel! I would appreciate any views or comments you guys have :)

    1. dinomaster626


      i will take a look :)

  9. Your willing to review OC's! Can you review mine
  10. So i got the MLP app on my Ipod

  11. Happy birthday my friend =)=)

  12. Welcome to the Forums! There's tons of nice peope and ponies here As im sure you've come to realize by now LOL
  13. Thanks for adding me ! :D

    1. Krazy Stargazer

      Krazy Stargazer

      Your ever so welcome :)