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  1. SORRY. I just felt bad, nevermind that post above, im actually happy nobody wasted their time over this post. Just ignore that post above. As i said many times before, sometimes i write stuff, dont think About it, and then regret it. So, sorry again.
  2. I still feel bad even after the dog moved away. After i was tortured by my own mother for years, i just hate her. That means i still feel bad where i live currently, i still dont have a life but can go to work for no Money, only for a Little Tiny bit of hope, that i might get a job afterwards. What is the Point of Keeping me alive if im not allowed to live? My whole life is just " wait your life away, until your so old that you will start to decline in Health anyway". Why? Why would anybody want to have Kids in a world like this? What is the Point of Living if you cant live? What is the Point in not commiting suicide? My life is garbage. I want to go out, have a life, keeping care of a home, go outside, meet People, find a girlfriend, go normally to work and just being happy, but im not allowed to, so... It s a joke, a Nightmare. Nowadays it s not a Question of whether you want to go to work or not, it s a Question of if someone lets you. I start to get the feel that i understand why some People just run Amok...this life...this whole Concept...why? What did i do? Why cant i live? I dont get it. If i wouldnt be such a Coward, i would commit suicide. I guess i post the next update whenever someting changes, which will be never. Sorry that i wrote this, but i have to do something this endless waiting is horrible.
  3. Welcome to the Forums and nice Avatar
  4. Thats fine, at least Robert Downey Junior will now stay out of my Spiderman Movies, so im actually quite happy.
  5. Welp, one of my Animations got deleted from a webside, because its to bad. Well, that was the last nail in the coffin, because whats the Point if i cant upload them anywhere because they are considered garbage by Quality measures anyway. I mean i know it was pointless, right at the start. I wont try to do anything creative again.

  6. Despite the fact that im german, i actually think in english mostly now, probably because of all the Super Hero Shows i watched in english.
  7. Currently i am playing " Mortal Kombat Mythologies - Sub Zero " on Ps 1 and considering all the negative critic it got, i have a surprising amount of fun with it. Im not just liking it, im loving it so far. I really dont understand what the games Problems are supposed to be, because i didnt encountered any. And despite the fact that one Youtuber said, nobody got passed the air temple ( the first temple ) without a guide, i am already at the water temple, which is the third one and that in one day and im not even a good Mortal Kombat Player. ( with that i mean, i dont know a single Combo attack, except for one freezing attack that Mythologies teached me )
  8. Here is the finished Animation:


    1. Lex Destrosio

      Lex Destrosio

      First of all you steal the Audio and then you cant even write his Name right? Wow.

      Remember when one of your Images got banned on this Forums, because it was looking to " NSFW " ish? Im pretty sure this Video will get deleted as well, you Furry Trash!

  9. Screw it, im just gonna use Bogyle Bronies Audio and will actually finish my Cartoon. I want to finally finish something, so...production is back on track.

  10. Apparently Youtube themselves made a " Happy Tree Friends " Episode on their Channel, about Copyright. Wow, i didnt know that. XD This might also be the only official " Happy Tree Friends " Episode without any gore.


    1. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra


      This might also be the only official " Happy Tree Friends " Episode without any gore.

      Isn't that the only reason people watch that show though? :o

    2. Lex Destrosio

      Lex Destrosio

      I guess so. I wouldnt mind having an Episode in which nothing bad happens, since i like the Art Style anyway and i actually dislike quite a few Episodes of the Show, because of the gore. Its mostly my curiosity who keeps watching.

      But considering all the dislikes that this Video got, i think youre right. Or maybe People just really dislike Youtube this days.

    3. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      I never watched many episodes and it's been quite a while, but I don't remember a high enough substance to gore ratio for anyone to really claim they "watch it for the plot".

  11. I just cried yesterday, but that has become a Standard by me. Life is just bad. Mostly.
  12. I bought myself " Mortal Kombat Gold " for the Sega Dream Cast, which was kinda expensive. And then i bought " Mortal Kombat Mythologies - Sub Zero ", which as far as i know, is the most expensive Mortal Kombat Game at this Point. It did cost me 110 Euro but whatever, i have it know, complete for Ps 1. A game that i probably cant beat anyway. XD
  13. EDIT: DOESNT MADDER ANYMORE, I GAVE UP AND JUST USED EXISTING AUDIO, WHICH WILL PROBABLY MARK THE END OF THIS SERIES. Hello everyone who reads this Topic. I recently made an Animation with Paint, based on the first Chapter of the Fanfic " Know your Mare " made by Overlord-Flinx. Its basically a Show in which the Narrator invites someone one Stage but then pokes fun at them. But you probably all already know the Fanfic because of the Videos from Bogyle Bronies. I thought it would be a fun Idea to try to animate the first Chapter by myself, since for Animation testing, such a short Fanfic would be great. Here is a Preview of the Animation, of Course without Sound since nobody is part of the Project as of now, except for myself. I know, it doesnt look good at all, so i wouldnt be surprised if noone answers, but i would understand it and it would be fine. Here are also some Images of the remaining Scenes: Yes, Rising Shine is actually in this Animation. Dont worry, i asked him, i had permission. So, i basically Need 2 Voice Actors of Course, one who voices the Narrator ( can be any Voice, since in the first Chapter his Identity is unknwon anyway ) and someone who would Voice Act Twilight Sparkle. the Script is basically just the first Chapter of the Fanfic: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/21481/1/know-your-mare/twilight-sparkle Also i would Need someone who would be willing to do the Sound design, like making a Background Music and add Sound effects and tell me where to find some stock sounds of a crowd laughing. I mean i could maybe do the Sound design myself by using free Music and sounds somewhere, but it would be nice to have some original work. My plan would be to animate more of the Fanfiction and other short Mlp related Things if it goes well, of Course i will also try to improve myself and make the next one better. So...again, i know it doesnt look good, so maybe nobody answers at all, that would also be fine. But if you want to help, Thank you^^ And also thanks for reading anyway. Yes, im willing to Change my Youtube Name if someone wants that, before working on this Project. I just have a weird Name because i didnt thought i would make Videos at all.