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  1. There is a Rainbow Dash Mug sold on Amazon that has the Phrase " Go to Hell " on it...i assume its not official however it is currently being sponsored on the side. :wacko: 


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      Link? I wanna buy it now

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      Lex Destrosio


      There, not only have their Mugs, but also T-Shirts, Watter Bottles and more with that Phrase on it. :sunbutt:

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      >German site

      fuck :yeahno:

  2. There are a lot of Anime Series i watched, the longest being Case Closed i guess, which might even be longer than any of the other Anime that were mentioned here. However if it comes to Anime that i watched the most Episodes off, it would probably be the DC Comics Franchise. A lot of the animated stuff they do it outsourced from Asia, and seeing how i watched probably like 15 series or so, even though not all of them are anime, i probably still have watched the most episodes there.
  3. Wait...is that it? Thats all the games they will feature? Really? So they decided to only include games that were always widely available anyway and dont include a single obscure one? What is even the point in this anymore? This collection adds nothing but making people buy the same games over and over again and missed opportunity after missed opportunity to release a more complete collection to introduce people to rare or japan only releases. Completely uninteresting release to me, i gonna ignore that one. Also i can play Super Mario Bros on a game and watch now? AND? What will that give me? Oh my god this is terrible...sorry i am not going to buy the same game for all eternity.
  4. Since we have to die anyway, i would consider dying tomorrow to be a relief. I actually have no plans anymore for this life. ( dont worry, i am not suicidal at all, i just see this world as the nightmare that it is and be honest about it )
  5. I actually joined the Mlp Fandom because of the series My Little Pony Tales, so neither the G4 show nor the fandom is main for me but simply the Mlp Franchise in general. Sure, i dont like everything, including a lot of G4 even, but i enjoy enough of the franchise to consider staying a fan forever. The reason why the fandom isnt part of it is because this was one of 2 Fandoms i initially had bad experiences with, although it was mostly with the german brony community.
  6. The most annoying character in existence is Pinkie Pie, everytime she showed up in the series i wanted to erase her. She takes place as worst character in the show for me.
  7. 10 minutes ago i was watching an Episode of Toei´s Spiderman series. ( That one Power Rangers style show )
  8. Sounds pretty good so far. Even Generation 1 started with specials and a movie, i am excited!
  9. Welcome to these Forums ! I wish you a wonderful time on here !
  10. Well, it seems to be official now, OTM Girls is now seemingly a real thing. You know, that one Pop-Idol Band from the Netflix show Aggretsuko, consisting of Manaka, Miggy and Hidalin? These ones: There were introduced in the Series Aggretsuko as a fictional Idol Band for Season 3, however they not only have their own Youtube Channel now with one original animation video released 6 days ago but also have a funtional webside, with schedules for upcoming events. And not just that, Festival appearances are planned as well as upcoming CDs, you can find all Information on their Webside.It seems like the Company Sanrio is now actually marketing them as a real fictional band, like Gorillaz. ( i mean i dont know for sure, but i sure hope thats the plan! ) In case you have never heard about them, since you dont have Netflix or never had an interest in Aggretsuko, here are the their first 2 songs as listed on their official Youtubechannel: And here is their first Video uploaded on their Youtube Channel: I actually hope they are really making them an actual music project, because not only are the designs cute but their music mixed with Metal actually sounds very nice to me. Now here is to hope they find success, because i think the Idea of turning a fictional pop band into an actual real life fictional pop band is pretty dope. What do you all say? In case you are interested, here is their official Youtubechannel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXdKi_4Js10Ze9rlqv0F4PQ And the link to their Webside with all information for single and album releases and online festival events: http://otmgirls.net/
  11. I just created my first Discogs entry ! :squee: It is about the Band Flokati Orange, where i still cant find any information about them, except now, since i added an entry. Maybe the people from Discogs know more, maybe their is a second album, who knows? :ooh:

  12. Welcome to Mlp Forums! I wish you a wonderful time!
  13. I watched " Friday the 13th part 8 - Jason takes Manhatten " and this time i kinda agree with the critics. All in all i was sad...i feel like the concept was wasted. It is stated that the movie had budget constraints and scheduling problems, so...guess they just had bad luck while making this film. However, i still enjoyed parts of this film and i dont think its the worst of the series, although it cant keep up with the previous one, it still manages to jump over a few of the other films with the change in scenery. Its just a shame it leaves you with a bad taste with the wasted concept. I really hope they would remake this film, because i feel they could make an interesting movie out of this idea, if the right budget is met. Would be a great Idea for a sequel to the current reboot in my eyes.