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  1. Does someone have Windows Movie Maker compatible with Windows 10 and may give me a digital copy? Or would that be illegal? I dont know. I just dont find a single Program i can use for animation, that i actually understand, except for Windows Movie Maker.

    If nobody can/is allowed to help, thats fine.

    Its also fine if someone just doesnt want to help me of course. :laugh:

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      I honestly wish I could help but I don’t have it. :(

    2. Lex Destrosio

      Lex Destrosio

      Thats fine. Still nice of you.

  2. Well first of all i would miss my family, obviously. If i would be trapped in humanform, i would probably miss my original body, however, even if humans arent the prettiest life form in my eyes, their bodys are still the most efficient, with hands and all that, so i would probably enjoy being a human in the long run. However being randomly trapped in the human world, without a registered identity or a pass is probably really bad, because you might just end up homeless in the streets, so that would suck. You wouldnt even be able to do anything really. Unless you still were a child, than you could go in an orphanage if you are lucky and would have a chance in life. But otherwise you would be done for. And if you were still a sentient pony trapped in the human world, depending on how a real life version of them would look like, you would either scare people, get researched on or some sick humans decide to torture you for no reason. If you are lucky and your real life form would actually look super cute, you might find some supporters who might help you though.
  3. Thanks for the Candy bag! 

    Thats really nice of you. :fluttershy:

  4. The first Episode was really great! Also i believe there are 2 new voice actors and they do their job really well imo.
  5. I have now watched the entirety of that one famous Teen Titans Cartoon, including the special and the TV Movie and i enjoyed it. However i enjoyed later seasons more, than i did the first 2. Now i can give Teen Titans Go a try and be pissed off like anybody else, YAY! Well, actually i am not gonna do that right now, since i watch in order, so next is actually Justice League Unlimited. :pinkie: Oh yeah, i also still have the few Teen Titans Games to play.

    1. Kujamih


      I didnt hate teen titans go though... I hated teen titans more because it didnt finish...

    2. Lex Destrosio

      Lex Destrosio

      A lot of Dc Shows have no definite ending, since the Heroes probably always have more adventures ahead, i think Teen Titans finished just fine. And with the beeing pissed off at Teen Titans Go was more of a joke, i will probably not be pissed off at all. I am tolerant when it comes to changes in genre.

    3. Kujamih


      No i mean it has NO ending...cut zilched nada

  6. The worst pain i ever had was the time where i thought something inside of me would explode. Basically extreme stomach pain. So far i have never felt worse i believe but i actually didnt say anything, the pain was so bad it actually kinda shocked me, i was scared of what might happen, so i was actually silent at first. I thought about screaming for help, so that my dad could drive me to a Hospital but i ended up doing nothing, because i was even to scared to move. Occassionally i would beg for it stop however. Thankfully though the pain slowly went away, however it took a year for it to be completely gone and to this day i have no Idea what actually happened.
  7. I enjoy both Classic and Modern games and everything in between. It really depends on the game, not on the gaming console or from what year they are.
  8. Regarding your first photo, does the photo suggest you work/worked as a carousel Pony? Also: Is Carousel the correct english term? Because i think in english it is also called Merry-go-round or something like that, i am actually not sure.