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  1. Nanotek

    S07:E21 - Marks and Recreation

    It was an interesting concept and a good solution/lesson to learn and the Episode was fun to watch. I wouldnt call it one of my favorites, but it was still good.
  2. Nanotek

    S07:E20 - A Health of Information

    I enjoyed this Episode, Twilight and Fluttershy were cute, the story was interesting to follow and the backstory was cool. I have nothing to complain, it was good.
  3. This Episode was meh for me, i mean, it was fine but nothing that spectacular happened in the actual Plot. I actually liked how Rarity looked, when she messed up her hair, it looked kinda cool actually, it wasnt that bad and then the final look at the end was even better. But that was it. I liked the main style but the rest of the episode was a bit uneventful for me.
  4. Nanotek

    episode S07:E18 - Daring Done

    Egyptian Ponys and Sphinx Ponys look really awesome! The rest of the Episode was okay. I dont really have much to say, i dont like Daring Do all that much, i dont like Pinkie Pie all that much and i also dont like Rainbow Dash all that much...
  5. Nanotek

    S07:E17 - To Change a Changeling

    I found the Episode pretty good, the new changelings look cute, the story was interesting and it starred 2 of my favorite ponys. I just found the solution for the enemy bad...instead of transforming into something that could defeat the enemy, they just joked with the monster, that was stupid.
  6. Nanotek

    S07:E16 - Campfire Tales

    This Episode was fine in my eyes. The first of the three Tales was pretty bad for me since the hero character just got strong out of nowhere and also the story wasnt all that interesting, the second story however was pretty good and the third one was almost pretty good, i found the climax to a bit boring. So the Episode was mostly fine i guess.
  7. Nanotek

    S07:E15 - Triple Threat

    As with the last few Episodes of this Season, i loved it. Thorax and Ember were cute, Starlight and Twilight, my two favorite Ponys were featured in this Episode and i liked the humor.
  8. Nanotek

    S07:E14 - Fame and Misfortune

    I loved this Episode, just because it showed how bad fans can get and since i had bad experiences with that sort of fans as well, it was nice that the show criticized it and/or made a parody of it. The song was also nice, even though it came out of nowhere and destroyed the flow of the Episode for me, but all in all it was great.
  9. Nanotek

    S07:E13 - The Perfect Pear

    This Episode was great! it was emotional and overall a nice Story, this is definitely one of my favorite Episodes of this Season.
  10. Nanotek

    S07:E12 - Discordant Harmony

    This Episode was a bit poorly presented. Okay, you shouldnt change up everything that makes you "you", but im pretty sure if your home would be this chaotic, you should probably clean it up if you have friends visiting you. This weird lesson, or at least the way its delivered, only works in a magical world and cant really be taken over to real life. I would feel uncomfortable if i visit a friend and the house would be completely messy.
  11. Nanotek

    S07:E11 - Not Asking for Trouble

    This Episode was kinda dumb...and a bit pointless, Pinkie Pie was cute at some points, but the Episode was just...empty for me? Or let me put it this way, i found the problem and the lesson to not be very interesting to me.
  12. Nanotek

    S07:E10 - A Royal Problem

    I liked this Episode, i thought Twilight was really cute and funny in this one and the lesson...well, it was okay. Day Breaker looked really cool, but why was it Starlights Nightmare and not Celestias? Did Starlight just imagined this evil Version of Celestia out of fear or did Daybreaker really exist at some point and Starlight just feared that she could come back, because Celestia seemed to recognize her. I think i heard Daybreaker first appeared in the Comics, so it was probably a reference to that. i dont know because i dont read the comics.
  13. Nanotek

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    There was 3 Movies i watched last this weekend. The first one was Deadpool and for a " groundbreaking new genre in the Superhero Movie scene ", it was actually surprisingly uneventful and boring, constant flashbacks which arent really that different from other Superheroes except for Deadpool being annoying, action scenes get interrupted pretty often by way to much slow downs and stupid commentary of jokes, that were already told in other Media, nothing felt that original and even though the fights got better at the end, Deadpool was just half boring, 3/4 annoying and only half good in total. I am still interested in seeing the Sequel because i hope they stop now with the interruptions of good scenes, just for the sake of cliched flash backs. I was excited to see this film but i expected so much more...and it just didnt deliver. The second Movie i watched was the new non-disney junglebook movie from netflix and it was actually pretty good...well except for the part where Mogli joined the humans in their village, then i was bored out of my mind, humans are boring ! Give me more talking animals, i dont care for humans...anyway, the animations were really great and the movie overall was great in my eyes...except for maybe that one shocking sad scene...i dont think i would watch this movie twice. The last one i watched was Arrival and just like Deadpool, it disappointed me, instead of being a science fiction movie, it just turned into a weird symbolic Romance Movie which i simply didnt care about.