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  1. My flat screen Tv stopped working, all of a sudden. Why do so many weird things happen to me? At least i replayed a lot of my old Games, after my big deletion rage out.

    I played trough Worms 1 to Worms Forts ( i order the games after release date ) and im now currently at Worms 4 and its stupid Trophy mode. The barrel breaker Trophy is the worst, you get it by destroying 500 barrels, but you can only destroy 5 per round, meaning you need to play 100 Rounds of just shooting barrels and waiting in loading screens.

    I guess they expect you to play more often because you would normally have friends, well i dont have any so that sucks.

    1. Nanotek


      Well, sucks to be you.

  2. Nanotek

    Movies/TV Aliens and Predators

    I like the Alien Movies, I think the Aliens look really cool and i really enjoyed the Movies " Aliens " and " Alien 4 - the Resurrection ". Alien 1 and 3 were also good, but i didnt liked them as much. I also really love the first Alien vs Predator Movie, but dislike the second one. The Alien prequel Movies are kinda...well, in the Movie Promotheus the Aliens didnt really appear all that much and even in Alien Covenant, it seemed like the story would focus more on the robots instead of the Aliens. The prequel Movies just feel off to me. And after hearing that the possible sequels for that will also focus more on the robots, im not very interested in seeing them at all. From the Predator Series, i only watched the first Movie and i thought it was boring.
  3. Nanotek

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  4. Because of a little rage out, i deleted all of my save files for all my games. Now i am back to nothing, after months or even years after playing. This is the third time this happens, plus a lot of times were i havent played as much and deleted everything. Why do i do such things? I dont want to replay all of these games ever again, so i guess the deletion was a desperate attempt to stop it, but i cant move on without having replayed all games that i have ever beaten. I am so down. I cant even sleep anymore and have stomach pain just because of it. I really hate me.

  5. Nanotek

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  6. Deutsches Pony!

    Which city?

    <- Göttingen

    1. Nanotek


      You are from germany to? Cool^^ I come from Dortmund.

  7. Nanotek

    g4 reboot or g5 movie

    I have nothing against Cameos of past Mlp Generations, but please no more G4, i think we had already enough. If it will have the same cast of characters, im not sure if i will be interested at all. ( okay, maybe the german voice cast will still be different, because thankfully i can watch the german version, which sometimes changes up its cast partially. ) It would be a different thing if they use a different Art Style, than a reboot could maybe work, because it would feel like something new. But please no reboot of G4 with the same art style because...what would be the point? It would be the same, just the pony races would be mixed up or whatever, that doesnt really justify a reboot. Either make a completely new Generation ( which i would prefer ) or make a different looking G4.5 .
  8. Nanotek

    Gaming Recent Gaming Purchases

    I bought myself Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for Sega Saturn as well as the advance port, i also bought myself Silent Hill 2 Directors Cut for Playstation 2.
  9. Im sorry for what i posted yesterday, im not sure why i got so angry. I guess it was just my loneliness and that i fail at life and everything, just ignore me when that happens.

    1. Nanotek


      Oh thats cute, you think someone would actually pay attention to you. XD

  10. Im not sure if it was this Forum, but wasnt it forbidden to talk about relationships because it could make other people depressed? Isnt the new banner violating the forum guide lines? XD

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. BronyNumber2


      How do you feel every time you see a couple out in public?

    3. Kevin Tang

      Kevin Tang

      Uhhhh... Okaaaaaay? :sealed:

    4. Nanotek


      @Merry Brony 2A I feel sad and depressed and ask myself what is so wrong about me that nobody likes me all that much.

      @Kevin Tang Just to clarify, i didnt meant you with " go away " and also i was angry as i have written the text above, so im sorry regardless. Sometimes im just down.

  11. I cant get into Racing and fighting games. I like the aspect of collecting Cars and upgrade them and i have fun driving around, but trying to actually beat some of them is just to difficult for me most of the time. I also tried to beat fighting games, since i kinda grew up with Street Fighter 2, but most of them are also just way to hard for me, specially trying to remember all the combo-attacks. I also couldnt really get into Silent Hill 2, it was very disappointing to me. But other than the other two things i mentioned, i actually played trough the entirety of that game, i even played the Directors Cut Version as well.
  12. Nanotek

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  13. Nanotek

    Mirror Magic

    There were a few things i liked about this Episode, first off it featured Starlight ( Yay ! ), Sunset was back to her Pony from again ( also Yay ! ) and it was cool that it featured an actual powerful villain again. But the other half of the Episode was disappointing. First of all, where did the magic for the mirror even come from? Pretty lazy story device, if you dont even have a device. Also the mirror didnt even do all that much. It did a lot of meaningless stuff, except that it captured the main characters. That was all that it did really. I was actually interested in this Episode because of its premise, having a supernatural mirror that could pretty much do anything you want and then nothing really happened. This Episode is such a wasted opportunity.
  14. Nanotek

    Movie Magic

    I found the Episode to be alright, it had a sense of Mystery and was already a lot better than the first Episode. Pinkie Pie was as always horrible and annoying but apart from that it was a nice build up to the third Episodes Story.
  15. Nanotek

    Dance Magic

    I found this Episode to be very boring. It was basically Equestria Girls without the musical numbers ( except for the very end ), so...what did i even watch? A bunch of nothing. They just tried to find out a dance, that was it. That is pretty boring, even for mlp standards.