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  1. Hiya, it's Starburst on another account since I forgot the password too my other. So, think of this a a backup in case I lose access too my first profile


    ~ Starburst

  2. If someone is interested in hearing what im currently doing, im currently playing trough the Alone in the Dark Franchise, i am already at Part 5 for Playstation 2. Next up are the Movies, the Ps 3 Version of Alone in the Dark 5 and then Alone in the Dark Illumination. So far the franchise is pretty good. And i also already watched the first Movie and enjoyed it, so no, the Movie will not destroy the franchise for me XD , i just dont own it yet and have to buy it. I think i also watched the second movie, but i dont remember much of it.

  3. Nanotek

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  4. By the way, for everyone that follows my "problem stories" , i have good news^^I finally have my own apartment, which means that i will never ever post something depressing again. But that also means that i wont come online that often, since i dont have internet at my new home. I might be online on the weekends...well, every second weekend anyway. But it shouldnt make much difference anyway XD

    1. That Guy with the Fries

      That Guy with the Fries

      Good for you, fam!!! I'm proud! :D

  5. Nanotek

    Who's the most shown pony of the Mane 6?

    I have no Idea about the actual Numbers, but im pretty sure that it would be Twilight as well. The second most could be either Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy since Hasbro wants their cuteness selling factor, but i think Pinkie Pie is a bit more popular.
  6. So, after a long time of nothing for me, i decided to give a little retrospective to two Games i played trough, the first 2 Dc Comics based Playstation 1 Games, which are both based on Batman. I will give my personal Opinion on them and give one hint for each game, to make the game easier. Batman Forever - The Arcade Game This game is based on the Movie Batman Forever, not only would it be better to watch the Movie first, it is required that you watch the Movie first, because this is one of those Games that explain nothing. There are no real cutscenes, there is no real Dialog except for some Audio Clips from the Movie, which are like 4-5 Catch Lines and thats it. The Levels seem unrelated to each other and if you dont know the Plot of the Movie, you will probably dont understand anything that goes on in this Game. Apart from the lack of Story telling ( except for the Manual maybe ), the game also lacks a save feature. Yeah sure, you can save, but only your Highscores. In the Game itself you cant save anything and you have to play trough the entire game at once, without passwords, without stops and no way to recover continues. And the Highscores are so easy to beat in contrast to the actual game, that you dont even have to play the entire game to already break every record. So whats the point in even trying? You get nothing if you beat the game, except for some Credits. Apart from these negative things, the game is kinda fun. Its just that the difficulty is so high, even on the easy setting, that i wasnt even able to beat this game. So the game was fun for like 2 Days until i realized that i wasnt getting anywhere and i looked on the Internet for help. I am no gaming god and those beat em up games, specially arcade ones, are just to difficult for me. So all in all, the game was just okay. It was meh. Mediocre. Was fun for a few Days then it turned into frustration. HINT: Get a second Controller, once you run out of Continues for the first Player and are on your last life, press start on the second Controller and you get the same amount of Continues again, that you had with the first player and then you just continue the game as the second Player. If you choose 7 Continues on the Menu Screen, you get 14 Continues in total with this play method. Batman & Robin Oh, Batman and Robin...made by the same People that made the other Batman Game. Based again on a Movie of the same name, this game shares some similarities. With that i mean, that even if this Game now has Cutscenes, it still explains barely anything and some cutscenes dont even make sense because they didnt even happened in the Movie that way. EXAMPLE ( SPOILER ALERT ) : The very last cutscene, Mr Freeze is defeated and on the ground and Batman just trows some Jewelry from his sick wife on the Ground. the Movie he explained that they cured his wife from a disease, in this game this scene could also simply mean, that his wife his dead and Batman just trows her Jewelry on the Ground to really break Mr. Freezes spirit or something. Also it explains freaking nothing, if you havent watched the Movie. Apart from the lack of Story telling again, this game is also lacking in telling you what the heck you are supposed to be doing. Instead of giving you Missions, this game is basically telling you, that you have to find that out by yourself. By collecting Clues...which most of the time tell you nothing about the place you should be going. I started this Game so many times over again, because i got stuck with the hints and had no idea where i was supposed to be going...i dont get it. Some People defend this Game by saying : "Just get the clues, dummy !" I DID! I FREAKING DID AND THEY TOLD ME ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! Most of this Clues arent even Mission related and just tell you Story stuff, that might have been better explained with some cutscenes. So, let me get this order to even be able to play the damn game, you have to collect every single Clue in the game, because of so many unhelpful ones, while at the same getting shoot down by constant spawning enemys and dying constantly. Okay...maybe this would have been fine, if this Game wouldnt also have a TIME LIMIT! How the heck are you supposed to do all of this? During a time limit? Every single time, before every Mission? This game is so unnecessary complicated, difficult and outright frustrating that i really wonder how anyone would have fun while playing this. Sure, the Graphics look nice, the Cutscenes look alright, the Music is great and the Grand Theft Auto Style of Gameplay is impressive for Ps 1 Standards! I love it ! But everything else pulls this game way down. All in all this game gets the same rating as the other one, its okay and i really want to say that its kinda good, because of the good graphics, the interesting gameplay, but its confusing and frustrating game mechanics make this game almost unplayable without a guide. Its really a shame, i really would like to say that the game is good, but without a guide...its horror. HINT: Apart from the obvious Hint, to just use a Guide or Walktrough for help, there is another thing. I only tried this on the third day in the game, but it should also work on the other days, i hope. To get Full Life and every single Life Ball for recovery, just go into the Museum at any point ( after you have beaten the first Mission in there of course, otherwise you fail the mission if you just go in and out of the museum while there is a robbery XD ). Go straight forward to the closed main Door, go to the right side and press the Button on the wall. A platform on the left side will go down, quickly run to the left side, glide down to a small room before the platform goes up again and once your down there, get the red item. It will give you 2 Life Balls or Life Pallets or whatever they are called. Go out of the Museum and go back in again, the Red Item will appear every single time. With this Method you can get your full life back before every single Mission, which makes this game so much easier.
  7. Nanotek

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  8. Nanotek

    Movies/TV Retire Family Guy?

    I still like Family Guy, i dont want it to end. I agree with other Shows like the Simpsons, but Family Guy is still good in my opinion. I would be sad if it gets cancelled.
  9. Nanotek

    How far did you get in Pink Tac Toe?

    I have no Idea how many rounds i won at total, but i played at the normal difficulty and still lost to Pinkie Pie in the end. She had like 6-9 more wins than me i guess. We also had a lot of draws. But considering the " Winner " ending, i should be happy that i lost. XD
  10. Nanotek

    General Media Batman or Spiderman

    Um, Dc Comics Captain Marvel wasnt even created by Dc Comics themselves, they just bought the rights to the character, after they made a lawsuit against the comic book publisher ( i think the publisher was called Whiz Comics ), for basically creating a copy of Superman. And Dc Comics Captain Marcel has basically nothing to do with Marvels Captain Marvel. They even renamed their character to Shazam and dont use the term Captain Marvel anymore, to my knowledge. As for the Topic here, i like Spiderman more. He is just nicer than Batman and not so dark. ( i mean his character, not the color of his suit )
  11. Nanotek

    Gaming Recent Gaming Purchases

    I bought myself even more DC Comics Games for my collection, these are : " Batman of the Future - Der Joker kehrt zurück " for ps 1 ( Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker in english ), the same game again but for game boy color, " Batman - Chaos in Gotham " for the game boy color, " Batman - Gotham City Racer " for the ps 1 and " Danger Girl " for the ps 1. I guess Danger Girl doesnt really count, but in one of the Dc Imprints, this game was included in the list of Creator owned titles, so i guess Dc itself has nothing to do with the game, just a person who worked for Dc owns that franchise. But thats enough to make it count for me. More games are always good. Not sure if i already mentioned it, but i also bought myself this one "Alone in the Dark Ultimate Collection" thingy for pc that came out recently. And the Collection kinda sucks. Im not talking about the games, im just talking about the fact, that 2 Games are missing in this Collection, so they shouldnt name it the " ultimate " collection. For some reason they skipped Part 4, because i guess it doesnt fit into their Canon? Despite the fact that Part 4 got better Reviews than their Part 5. Also Alone in the Dark Illumination is missing and as for Part 5, they didnt even said what Version it was. Apparently they are 2 Versions of the Game with slightly different Level Design for different Platforms and then there was an even more updated Version called Alone in the Dark - Inferno...SO WHAT IS IT? So, 2 Games are missing entirely and one Game has no Information about what Version youre buying. Great " Ultimate Collection".
  12. Nanotek

    Rising Shine in Numbers 2.0(1st July 2018)

    Wow, you almost have 3000 Trophies ! Congratulations^^The only mentionable thing i achieved recently was beating Batman and Robin on the Ps 1. And i didnt even got a Trophy for that.
  13. Nanotek

    Gaming Recent Gaming Purchases

    I bought myself a Nintendo 64 together with the game Superman - The New Adventures ( also known as Superman 64 ).
  14. I would love a 3D Pony Generation as well, but im afraid they would use a more cheaper 3D Animation, a really good animation might be to expensive for Hasbro. I mean for this current Generation they use Flash, one of the most cheapest Animation tools, as far as i know. But 3d would definitely be interesting.
  15. Nanotek

    General What are you doing this summer?

    Probably absolutely nothing.