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  1. After a little break from it, i finally played trough Bubsy 3D and i played to completion, so i officially have beaten every single old Bubsy Game. ( if someone wants to know all the Passwords for the Pal Versions of the games, i can write them down) The end boss fight in Bubsy 3D was really challenging, but the boss looked really cute so it was okay.

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    2. Nanotek


      Well, i still have to play the newest game " Bubsy - The Whoolies strike back ", but i dont have the console for that at the moment.

    3. Nightmare Rechie

      Nightmare Rechie

      I believe The Whoolies Strike Back is available on Steam, if your PC s strong enough to run it. :darling: I don't believe it is a terribly demanding game, so that may be an option for you, if you are interested.

    4. Nanotek


      I want to get myself the Playstation 4 Version, since im more of a console gamer.

  2. Nanotek

    Gaming What gaming systems do you have?

    Currently i have a : Atari 2600 Sega Master System Sega Mega Drive Sega Mega Cd 2 Atari Jaguar Nintendo Super Nintendo Nintendo 64 Playstation One Playstation 2 And yes, they are all working. I also have a Mac on which i play games sometimes.
  3. Nanotek

    Gaming Any Sonic the Hedgehog fans?

    From the old Games it would definitely be Knuckles Chaotix, than im missing the Sonic Adventure Games, the Sonic Riders Games, pretty much every game for ps 3 and upwards and im also missing all Game Boy Advance and upwards games. So, i still havent played a lot. From the Catoons and Movies i have watched nothing, except for a few Episodes of Sonic Boom.
  4. Nanotek

    General Media Any Spider Man fans?

    I like Spiderman, he is my second favorite Superhero, right after Superman. But i havent really touched his franchise as much, i played that one famous Ps 1 Game from Spiderman, and i also played the Playstation 2 Spiderman Game based one the first Tobey Maguire Movie, i loved both games. I have already watched the very first Spiderman cartoon and all newer Spiderman Movies.( the Sony Trilogy, The Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2 and Spiderman Homecoming )
  5. Nanotek

    Gaming Any Sonic the Hedgehog fans?

    Thanks for the recommendation, but if i would start to play the Sonic Franchise again, i would plan on playing all his games in order. Since most of the old Games were released in Collections, it isnt that hard to collect...well except for Knuckles Chaotix, i would need an extention to my Sega Mega Drive for that.
  6. Nanotek

    Gaming Any Sonic the Hedgehog fans?

    Im a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan, i have already played Sonic Mega Collection Plus, Sonic Gems Collection, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 2006 and Sonic Unleashed. I enjoyed pretty much everything so far, but i sadly havent played anything recent and i have never realy watched something in the Sonic franchise, i still have to catch up a lot, which i plan to do one day.
  7. Nanotek

    Gaming Poll: First Game Console

    My first console was a Super Nintendo.
  8. Nanotek

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    Im currently playing Danger Girl on the Playstation 1, its actually quite good, just a bit perverted. And one Level was really frustrating and unfair.
  9. Nanotek

    Movies/TV Henry Cavill apparently out as Superman in the DCEU

    Well, as always im just excited to see the next Superman Actor and wonder where the franchise will be going next. I actually like most DCEU Movies, i loved Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, i liked Wonder Woman and Justice League and i only really disliked Suicide Squad, so of course im also a bit sad if the current universe gets cancelled, but since most comic book fans dislike the current Cinematic Universe, im fine with a new try, to please more fans. Whatever they will do next, i will watch it anyway.
  10. I like the new Banner^^ But dislike the pointless rewards. They make me think i actually did something useful for once, only to find out that they are jokes.

    1. Nanotek


      You are a Joke!

  11. Well, first off all i would be happy, that i would finally be not alone anymore. But then i would start to panic, how am i supposed to explain her presence to anyone once they find out? How am i supposed to feed her if i have barely enough money for me? Does she have real money? Which bathroom would she go to, since my apartmenrt doesnt even have a bathroom? I would probably be very afraid. Not sure if i would cuddle with her, as much as i want to cuddle with a female, it would still be weird to cuddle with a pony in a bed. I guess my favorite character would either be Twilight or Cadence so i would have way to much respect towards them anyway and would be a scared to cuddle with them. Im probably thinking to much about this.
  12. Nanotek

    Gaming Things in games you're sure only you did.

    I stop my car in Grand Theft Auto, whenever a Lamp goes red and try to drive according to the rules. Except if im playing a Mission of course.
  13. I also watched the Show on Netflix and i thought it was really funny and weird^^ But i think it lost a bit during the end, since it changed a lot from the original concept and kinda became a normal good vs bad. Its still a good Show and i really liked it.
  14. Nanotek

    Gaming Recent Gaming Purchases

    I bought myself " Clock Tower - The First Fear " , " Clock Tower 2 " and " Clock Tower - Ghost Head " for Playstation 1. EDIT: I also bought myself " Alone in the Dark - Inferno " for Playstation 3, making my Alone in the Dark Collection complete.
  15. Nanotek

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    Im currently playing Superman 64 on the highest difficulty.