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  1. 12 Days ago ( i think ) Don Bluth and Gary Goldman stated once again that their planned Movie " Dragons Lair " is still in its pitching Phase, so there is still a Chance that Don Bluth Films make a return! Just in case someone wanted to know that. They posted this info on their Indiegogo Page.

  2. The Smooze first appeared in the My Little Pony Movie from Generation 1.
  3. I love G 1.5 the most ( My Little Pony Tales ), it had a Wonderful Animation, a very cute drawing Style and a unique Setting. And it was the show that made me a Brony. Yep, not G4.
  4. Considering that G1 was traditional cel animated, it would be disrespectful in my eyes, for all the hard work that they put into G1, to call a Flash Cartoon an improvement. So i would say, from the effort and how the Animation turned out, no, the Animation did not improve in G4. However the My Little Pony Movie from 2017 continued the Legacy, by also being traditional animated, not with cels, but it still looked really good. If we are Talking About all Gens, i would say G 1 was awesome, G 1.5 a step higher, G2 the same, G3 slightly down again, G 3.5 ( except for These 2 horrible Infant Shorts ) the same, G4 a step down again and the 2017 Movie and Rainbow Roadtrip up again. Sorry, i just dislike Flash. I have way to much respect for traditional Animation, to ever call a Flash Show better than something traditional animated.
  5. Isnt that the Movie with the garden song that is actually pretty good? I have read the start post and i dont remember bad lipsync, but then again i watched the german Version, so maybe they fixed it or i just dont remember anymore. But yeah, i think i liked the movie, it has been years though. Okay, i just checked, it is the one with the garden song: Even after listening to it again after years, i still like it. This is actually the only Song from G3 that got stuck in my head aside from the main G3 theme.
  6. I actually watched that Movie as well, but its a few years back, i only remember that i liked it, i liked the Animation and Design, the movie was really cute. I even have the DVD.
  7. * me entering the room and slowly and cautiously moving in * Hello Miss Unknown, you just said nobody should be at a higher pinnacle, yet you sit on a throne yourself, why is that? You also said you see the other Leaders just as yet another life form, is that why? Does that mean you dont consider yourself a life form? Are you different than us?
  8. I live in Germany and even though our Radio Plays Songs made by SIA, i sadly never heard Rainbow.
  9. It is never to late to start watching something new, even if its already kinda old or has ended. There are always some Fans that are still there and who are happy to see a new face. I also started a bit late to Friendship is Magic, since i first started to watch all previous Media Adaptations, so i was Always behind but it was still worth it to join. Anyway, welcome to Mlp Forums! I hope you will have a Wonderful time!
  10. I take it you understood the reference right?

    1. Pinkamena Mendeline

      Pinkamena Mendeline

      You mean the part where you posted " welcome to the well of sh... " No, not really, i tend to brohoof every post in a welcome thread, although i supposed it meant " well of shame " and it was just a brony joke or something like that. :laugh:

    2. Bastian


      You are correct, it was supposed to say well of shame, it was a brony joke, did you like it? 

    3. Pinkamena Mendeline

      Pinkamena Mendeline

      Yeah, it was alright. :laugh:

  11. Welcome back to Mlp Forums! I wish you a Wonderful time on here !
  12. I wish you a Wonderful time on here!