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  1. I take it you understood the reference right?

    1. Pinkamena Mendeline

      Pinkamena Mendeline

      You mean the part where you posted " welcome to the well of sh... " No, not really, i tend to brohoof every post in a welcome thread, although i supposed it meant " well of shame " and it was just a brony joke or something like that. :laugh:

    2. Bastian


      You are correct, it was supposed to say well of shame, it was a brony joke, did you like it? 

    3. Pinkamena Mendeline

      Pinkamena Mendeline

      Yeah, it was alright. :laugh:

  2. Welcome back to Mlp Forums! I wish you a Wonderful time on here !
  3. I wish you a Wonderful time on here!
  4. Since the old Gens were animated traditionally, they already deserve my respect. My favorite one of the old gens is My Little Pony Tales, which would be Generation 1.5 i think. It was cute, unique and Beautiful Looking in a lot of parts. And Generation 2 had an interesting video game, which also featured good Animation. Generation 3 is partly a little painful to watch, because it calmed down a lot in comparison to G1, but most of it was still cute looking, sometimes nicely animated and there were some Movies i enjoyed. I dont understand why someone would hate them really, apart from that one bad Generation 3.5 Thing. Most of it was inoffensive. I can understand that someone would dislike it and they have all the Right to do so, but outright hate? For what reason? But since a lot of comments on older Mlp Videos are disabled now, because of Coppa, i guess Hater, who actually post Insults under older gens, dont madder anymore anyway. Bronys who post hate comments on older gens are kind of ironic.
  5. Welcome to the Forums! I wish you a Wonderful time on here!
  6. 0d7f3f39b5799df2ad3adaf2f649a45c.gif.9f956f8e96a3d3a3bf3110427f1f2639.gif

    Wanna hug, huh? Wanna, wanna? :wub:

  7. Looks cute and all. The character model reminds me of the Myth Makers Franchise, specifically Trixie:
  8. I can understand where you are coming from. If you cant find something for yourself that makes your life worth Living, you can still Focus to help someone else and make that your Goal. Support your favorite Artists for example, stay true to a Franchise, help People in Need, so even if you dont find something in life that you enjoy or find that important ( which is kinda the case with myself ) you can still live for someone else. Unless you think thats pointless as well, than i got Nothing. But the Point is we are all forced to be here, so might as well use that life we already have to help/support someone else and at the very least make their lifes better. It might be pointless as well but at least we can make sure that someone else has it good. At least that is what keeps me going.
  9. My 2019 started okay, i mean not much has changed since the last years 15 years or so, but i thought i was better at distracting myself from my life. And then half way trough i found some new Things that started to bother me and i got depressed again. Oh well.
  10. I literally just waited 4 Hours for my Computer to start up. I think i might Need a new one.

    1. Bas


      Want to phone? Maybe I can fingure what was wrong with it mostly.

    2. Pinkamena Mendeline

      Pinkamena Mendeline

      Thanks Bas, but i got this Computer used and it Always has been weird, today it started up immediately, so i have no idea what my Computer has. Its a game of luck if it works or not. Sometimes it works fine, other times it doesnt work at all. :laugh:

    3. Bas


      Can be a hardware issue sometimes incl.not correctly plugged in. Lol my hdd has a broken plug and sometimes slips out or is not connected properly anymore.

  11. Not sure if i posted here before, but currently i am playing Mortal Kombat - Special Forces, which according to Critics is the worst Mortal Kombat game and i think i agree. I actually beat it on the easiest difficulty and now Play on normal. The game is fine, just really Nothing Special. Some of the cut Scenes look okay, some of the cutscenes have similarities with Superman 64 but since it is a Spinoff its tolerable i guess. The Gameplay was fun to me, so the game Overall is just okay in my eyes.Nothing i hate, but also Nothing i really like. But yeah, it is the worst Mortal Kombat Game, since Mythologies Sub Zero had at least more cutscenes and therefore more Content than this game, even though both of this games fall into the category of " Prequels, that explain Nothing About the characters Origin ", which actually disappointed me in both.
  12. Hello and welcome to Mlp Forums ! I wish you a Wonderful time on here !