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  1. I change my Avatar every 2-3 Months i think, mostly to fit the Theme of a new User Name i have. I have the feeling that a new Avatar equals a new start and i try to be more active again. Doesnt really work that much though.
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  3. You alright?

    1. Twilight Doll

      Twilight Doll

      Not really, not at all. My stomach pain is back and i started to bleed from the inside. Just a little, but lately i am just scared.

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  5. All in all, i feel bad. First of all i have a small wound inside my mouth, which sometimes hurts while im eating, then i was going to work for 2 Days in an office, had to wear professional looking shoes, which hurt my feet so much, that i started to bleed and couldnt take a shower, because water gives me a bad pain when it comes over my wounds. Thats means that i now want to wait, until the wounds heal a little, so i didnt shower for like 3 Days, but of course still have to go to work, which makes me feel uncomfortable now. Oh yeah, i also bought myself a Dvd Set and then the seller just deleted the auction and himself from the side, so i guess it was a scam. I also have some sort of infection behind my ear. Oh yeah, and im sick and my nose is running. Its great. XD
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  7. Hi.

    Hello and welcome to this Side ! I hope you will have a wonderful time on here !
  8. Hello and welcome to Mlp Forums! I wish you a wonderful time !
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  11. I would say i like 2 the most, since it reminds me of the drawing Style in My Little Pony Tales. But more specifically it would be a mix of 3 and 2. Having the body like a human, like in number 3, but still have only Hooves and other Pony things, than it would be my favorite, i like Anthro.
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  15. When i was a kid myself, some other Kids showed me a black game boy cartridge and told me, that it was a very rare Version of Pokemon and that it would be cursed. Years later when i got my own Internet connection, i learned that the black pokemon cartridge is actually a creepypasta apparently. Back then i even wanted to ask them, if they would sell the cartridge to me, since i was a pokemon fan, but they just pretended that they never talked to me and that there was no black cartridge and that i would be crazy. Another slightly weird thing was, that someone of my friends back then told me, there was a Worms movie, based on the Video Game Series, he even explained the Story to me. Even though there never was a movie of that sort. Maybe he was just messing with me or he was just talking about some game cut scenes or something.