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  1. Man, even I find myself spending less time here. Probably because most of my friends have left...

  2. Currently don't like her, and overall, it's going to require a ton of changes on her part for my opinion of her to improve. For starters, the writers really need to stop hoisting her up on a pedestal while also simultaneously displaying just what a terrible person she is. In fact, I will be stunned if she doesn't continue to abuse others with magic in season 7. She's certainly learned pretty well by now that she can do whatever the hell she wants to anyone she wants without having to expect any greater consequence than a simple slap on the wrist, if even that. She needs to stop being so utterly dependent on magic to solve everything, she needs to have some more positive interaction with the mane five and show that she actually wants to be friends with them and vice versa, and she needs to stop making jokes out of her past actions, because it feels like a complete slap in the face that she can consistently joke about something that she most certainly should have been locked up for.
  3. I think Twilight's Kingdom is massively overrated. It remains my least favorite two-parter and among my least favorite episodes in the show. I've seen it probably about 2 or 3 times, and I can't say that I'll ever care to watch it again. One of the things I hate about it is how purely incompetent Celestia is. McCarthy has not treated Celestia well since Lesson Zero. Nearly every single additional time she's written Celestia, it's pretty much just for the express purpose of dragging her into the ground while simultaneously making Twilight look better. Where once Celestia was believed to be the equivalent god among the fandom, that perception has been utterly shattered, and McCarthy is entirely to blame. In Twilight's Kingdom, McCarthy took things to a whole new level. She painted Celestia as easily the most incompetent ruler I have ever seen, bar none. Celestia's decision-making in this episode is flat-out ridiculous and certainly does not give indication that this character has been ruling a nation for more than a milleniuum. For starters, Celestia's first major blunder is sending out a recently-reformed villain to stop a new villain, without any backup plan whatsoever. Without any good reason whatsoever, she put complete and unwavering faith in Discord to stop Tirek. Because how could that possibly go wrong? It's certainly not as though Discord hasn't proven himself to be entirely trustworthy, you know, by the way he deliberately misled the mane six in Princess Twilight Sparkle and how he deliberately pitted Twilight and Cadence against a giant worm that could have killed them. How could Celestia have ever expected that Discord would betray her and instead help Tirek gain power, effectively rendering her at fault for the fact that Tirek was able to drain magic from just about every single pony in Equestria? I mean, come on, you'd have to be a strategic genius to have seen that one coming! And of course, Twilight ends up looking all the better after this massive blunder of Celestia's, because she had offered to stop Tirek herself before Celestia chose Discord, and Lord knows that if Celestia had actually allowed Twilight to do so, Tirek never would have been able to gain power and would have been quickly been sent back to Tartarus. So yes, score one for Twilight, and minus about 10,000 for Celestia. But unfortunately, Celestia's poor decision-making doesn't stop there. I truly, truly wish it did, but unfortunately, McCarthy was not at all finished running her into the ground. Because once Celestia realizes "I dun goofed!", her very next step is to deliberately render the three ponies who stand the greatest chance against Tirek utterly powerless, and transfer all of their power to Twilight to keep it safe from him. Why....just....why? This one just makes no sense. At all. I mean, thinking logically, if you're trying to protect alicorn magic from Tirek, wouldn't transferring it all to a single pony just make it easier for him to get to it, because he would only need to draw from ONE source instead of four? Is there any good reason why Celestia decides to do this instead of taking a stand against Tirek alongside the other three alicorns, which is quite clearly the best chance they had to stop Tirek at that point? And another thing, Celestia makes this decision under the belief that Tirek will not know of the existence of a fourth alicorn, and thus the magic will be safe. But this makes no sense, because Celestia has no reason whatsoever to believe that Discord would not have already told Tirek all about a fourth alicorn, which, of course, he does. And lastly, once their magic is transferred to Twilight, what exactly is she supposed to do then? Celestia doesn't even give Twilight any further measures for keeping it safe--she doesn't advise her to go into hiding or anything. So what the hell makes her think that Tirek isn't going to find her? I'm sorry, but under no logical circumstances does this plan make any sense whatsoever. But unfortunately, that's still not the end of Celestia's incompetence. Because she then advises that Twilight not tell her friends about this magic transfer under the impression that doing so will simply get them captured by Tirek and pressed for information about Twilight's whereabouts. And Twilight actually follows this advice, but guess what ends up happening? THE REMANE FIVE GET CAPTURED ANYWAY. There just is not so much as A SINGLE THING that Celestia does in this two-parter that makes even a SHRED of sense. She is portrayed as more incompetent than she's ever been, and it's all for the purpose of giving Twilight enough power to face off against Tirek later on. As for the fight scene itself, it's certainly epic. And it's certainly darker than anything I would have expected to see in the show. But it's completely and utterly worthless to the plot. Aside from getting Twilight's library home blown up, it really didn't contribute anything to the plot. It was just there to fill some time until Tirek presented Twilight's friends to her and offered them up in exchange for her magic. And Twilight was definitely stupid to give her magic up, I might add. Because, just like Celestia, she had no backup plan, and it was clear that the best chance Equestria had to not end up under Tirek's control was for her to simply keep on fighting until she killed him. And once Twilight decided to give it up, Tirek had no reason whatsoever not to kill her on the spot, and it still makes absolutely no sense to me as to why he did not do that, other than being too dark for a kids' show, of course. Still, though, the pony who had just dished out a serious beating on him had just been rendered completely powerless, and Tirek had sent the other three princesses to Tartarus for pretty much nothing. It makes no sense for him to suddenly drop his vindictiveness and let Twilight and her friends go instead of just kill them right then and there, or at the very least, sending them to Tartarus as well so that they no longer posed any threat to him whatsoever. Overall, the writing in this two-parter is just awful. It's terrible. It's the worst I've seen in any two-parter. I just hate this episode.
  4. She still has plenty of those symptoms post-reformation, though.
  5. Absolutely should have been an episode. Completely missed opportunity. Here's a post I made on the subject that happens to be one of the most-brohoofed posts I've made:
  6. Oh, yes she sure as hell did! She got to remain friends with five ponies who should want absolutely nothing to do with her anymore. Whose friendship and forgiveness she clearly does not deserve. That's one hell of a reward if you ask me.
  7. Twilight's honestly a pretty lousy mentor. Ever since No Second Prances, it's become clear that she's far more interested in being Starlight's best friend rather than being her mentor. As for Starlight, I don't think it makes a difference whether she learns her lesson or not. Even if she continues to allow her lack of empathy for others to show, even if she still exerts her power over others, she's still just going to get rewarded in the end anyway.
  8. There's nothing that really indicates Sunset Shimmer having any family, or at least any family she cares about. If she does, she clearly had no qualms about leaving them behind for such a long period of time. And if there were people she cared about in Equestria, would she really have been so intent to conquer it? How exactly would she have spared them from whatever horrors she had in mind for the rest of ponykind? There are numerous additional reasons Sunburst could have moved to the Crystal Empire. Perhaps he wanted access to the rich history or the massive library. What? No, she didn't. Where on earth did you get that idea from?
  9. I love the new banner!

  10. Um, I'm not the only one who sees and is extremely confused by the word "heroin" in the I?
  11. Eh, Sunset and Starlight both have plenty of problems and I don't think either of them are good characters. Sunset's problem is that she continues to conveniently pass on her past actions (and by that I mean, the part of her that legitimately wanted to take over Equestria and enslave others) to some "old" persona of herself so that her newer persona doesn't have to deal with it. Does it really work like that? I know that she received a direct hit from the rainbow harmony laser thing, but I do not think that it rid her of every last trace of evil in her body. But it's definitely more convenient for her sake to play the victim card and act as though something or someone was simply making her be evil, and that she's always been a pure and innocent little snowflake at heart. And like others have said, she's losing her flaws pretty quickly and becoming borderline perfect. Friendship Games came out of nowhere to imply that she has intelligence that is nearly on Twilight's level, even though the Sunset Shimmer of the first Equestria Girls was clearly not a bright person (given how she thought an army of mind-controlled teenagers would stand any chance against Celestia), and I can't forget the "By the way, I have awesome guitar skills....because reasons!" thing that Rainbow Rocks shoved out of its ass at the last minute. Starlight's problem is that she keeps receiving things that she does not deserve and has not earned. One of these things being Twilight and the mane five's trust. While it took over two and a half seasons after Discord's reformation for the mane six to finally trust him and accept him as a friend, Starlight gets instant forgiveness and completely undue trust pretty much out of the gate. On top of that, for whatever reason, the writers expect us to look past her complete lack of regard for the rights of others and love her to death. It's why she violated the mane five's rights and freedoms on completely unimaginable level, and then just a few episodes later, we were expected to root for her in the season finale. At least when Sunset began gaining some goodwill, she never fell back on it. But Starlight can apparently continue to display what an awful friend and all around awful person she is, and still get rewarded in the end. Between the two, however, I think I have the potential to like Starlight more, but that's going to depend on whether she makes a legitimate effort to move past her sociopathic tendencies and be an actual friend to the mane five. Also, I would sincerely like for her to tone her magic usage way down, both in the way she exerts it over others, and in the way she jumps straight to a spell as a solution to everything.
  12. Toss up between Sombra and Tirek. Tirek's problem is that he apparently isn't willing to kill. He really should have killed Twilight and the rest of the mane six after she gave up her magic, but he didn't. Not really sure why, though. It's not like he had anything to lose, and on top of that, Twilight had just handed his ass to him, so he had to be feeling pretty sour towards her. Meanwhile, I definitely don't think Sombra would have any problem with killing.
  13. Over two weeks after Christmas, and this banner still refuses to go away...

  14. I think Trixie remains massively narcissistic and will continue to put herself above others whenever she can. Doesn't necessarily make her good or bad, but for the most part, she looks out for number one,. She and Starlight honestly deserve each other.
  15. Oh, man, where do I even begin....? The Mysterious Mare Do Well and 28 Pranks Later - "If one of your friends is acting out, the best possible course of action is to follow their example to make them see how they like it, and then self-righteously act as though they're in the wrong and you're not." Putting Your Hoof Down - "You can be a massive jerk to your friends, even going as far as to insult their life aspirations, and they'll still want to be friends with you. You certainly don't need to seek them out to apologize. Just wait for them come to you." One Bad Apple - "If you're being bullied, the best course of action is to recognize that your oppressor has problems of their own, and also recognize that you're simply a therapeutic release for them. But you'd certainly better not EVER take a stand to defend yourself against them! Oh, no! You're an absolutely awful person if you do that." Tanks for the Memories - "Irrational fear entitles you to cause as much deliberate damage to public or private property as you want. And you certainly don't need to worry about suffering any consequences for it later, because no one will care." Newbie Dash - "If your peers are persistently taunting you with a nickname you don't care for, just suck it up and get used to it. They totally still respect you. They're just acting like they don't." Flutter Brutter - "If you lack confidence in yourself, it is your family's job to bend over backwards to help you succeed. And if your family decides to give up on you due to your lack of effort towards helping yourself, just wait until they start feeling sorry for you again." Every Little Thing She Does - "Taking shortcuts is always preferable to doing something right, especially if those shortcuts trample all over the rights and liberties of another person, or even multiple people. Oh, and make sure you apologize only after being told to do so. People will still want to be your friend, no matter how awful a friend you are." Yeah, this show has had some pretty lousy morals....