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  1. @@FirstPonySpectre,




    I should mention, that it's actually first thing in the morning. That being said, you can probably leave most of you post as it is, but just add in that she leaves for the carriage the next morning after she gets the letter. That avoids you having to alter the whole thing.


    Good intro though, over all.

    Alright. I'll change that.


    Thanks btw. ^_^



    Hey, you just recently posted and literally right before you did I made a post that made your interaction towards me somewhat obsolete. I can roll with it but it seems a bit awkward considering my post and all. ^_^'' At least to me.

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  2. Bittersweet stared at the wooden floor of the carriage as she braced herself just in case somepony tried to greet her. After a few minutes she gave a sigh of relief when it seemed like none of the other ponies had any intention of engaging in conversation with her. The pink mare's composer quickly became much more calm with the thought she wouldn't have to converse in such a large group.
    "Calm down, Bitter. You're fine." The reclusive mare quietly said to herself under her breath, hoping the sound of the other ponies conversations would drown her timid voice. "They're just ponies, right?" Bittersweet continued to speak to herself in attempts to calm herself.


    Bittersweet took a few deep breaths as she collected herself. "Since I'm not going to be here alone and I don't know any of these ponies I should probably get on good terms with them while I have the chance." Bittersweet told herself, still speaking under her breath. "I guess I can try to mingle a bit." Bitter whispered with a hint of cowardliness and hesitation.


    Looking up from the floor her eyes met the huge crowd of ponies. All of them conversing. Hearing that the most prominent topic at the moment was where everypony was from Bitter took a deep breath before opening her mouth to speak.  "I--" almost immediately Bitter was cut-off by another pony beginning to speak. The timid mare waited for the other pony to finish before giving it another go. "I'm fr--" Yet again, interrupted by a stallion this time. 





    "It's useless..." Bitter sighed quietly in defeat. "You just have to be so timid, don't you Bit--" Even when she was whispering to herself Bitter got cutoff. She probably would have just hushed up for the rest of the ride if it wasn't for the fact that it wasn't words that interrupted her, it was a sneeze. Bitter looked up curious and saw that the sneeze came from a tan coated pony with brown mane. Just after he explained he's been feeling sick for the past few days. 


    "I can't just sit back and let a pony be sick, can I." Bittersweet whispered to herself as she picked up and opened one of the cases she had brought. She pulled out a small vial that was about half way filled with basil powder. "Basil. This should help out with those cold symptoms." Bittersweet explained to herself even though she already knew full well it'd assist.


    After closing shut her case and setting it back on the floor Bittersweet stood up with the vial of basil in her mouth. "It's a straight walk to the sick pony. Just... walk. That's all you got to do, Bitter. No pressure. You know it'll help him. Just go." Bittersweet encouraged herself as she began to walk towards the tan coated pony. To Bitter, each step seemed to take three times longer than what it actually did. Though she reached the stallion at long last. 


    She set the vial down on an open space next to the tan coat pony. A feint blush began to fade onto Bittersweets cheeks as she began to speak. "I heard you sneeze... um..." Bittersweet began to speak to the unicorn with a shy voice. "This basil should help with your cold... or flu... whatever you have."

  3. The sky was painted with a bright crimson as the sun began to set on the distant horizon. A calm breeze was weaving through the bright blue mane of Bittersweet, who was just on her way back home from the outskirts of the Everfree forest where she was collecting herbs for her alchemy. The dirt streets the unicorn walked were nearly vacant of any other ponies save for a few who were most likely on their way home right now. Peace and quiet, just like Bittersweet likes it. 


    "Why can't Ponyville be like this in the day time..." Bitter questioned herself as she trotted home, the satchel on her back hopping up and down with each step she took. However, a surprise awaited her when she arrived home. Something that Bittersweet wasn't accustomed to seeing often, a letter sticking outside her mail box. "A letter?" Bittersweet said with confusion, "Who would send me a letter?" 


    The blue maned mare used her teeth to pull out the letter before heading inside her house to investigate it more closely. Once inside she closed the door, though it slammed shut with a loud bang which slightly startled the mare causing her to drop the letter.


    "Oh Bittersweet. You've got to stop getting scared so easily." She said to herself as she began to stick her neck down to pick up the letter. That's when she saw it. A spot of red wax with a royal emblem engraved into it. "Royalty? This has got to be a joke, right?" Bittersweet tore open the envelope rather cautiously. Though soon finding out it was genuine. And signed up none other than Prince Blueblood. 


    Speechless at the fact that she was noticed by royalty, Bittersweet read the letter to herself. Upon finishing, she was stricken with a stunning paralysis. Unable to move due to the sheer shock and confusion she was hit with. Though, this stasis didn't last long as she took a long, deep breath to calm herself. 


    "I wonder what he wants with a mare like me?" Bitter questioned before shrugging it off. "I suppose I'll find out."


    The next hour she spent packing. She packed up a portable alchemy set complete with a mortar and pestle, some flasks and tubes, a matchbox to light fire needed to create the catalyst, and a small cutting knife to harvest herbs she might find around the vacation location. She also brought some herbs and other ingredients for her alchemy. 


    "I should probably bring a few extra bow-ties too. Just in case of an emergency." She explained to herself as she put a three blue bow-ties into her other briefcase. "Speaking of emergencies I might want to bring some medicine just to be safe." She continued to talk to herself as she went into her cupboard where the mare took out four potions. Two of which would cure headaches and the other two curing stomach-aches. Along with those she took out a few vials with powder inside them that could act as disinfectant. Placing these along side her bow-ties and safely packing some soft blankets around them to be sure they didn't break on the trip. 


    "That's everything. I'm gonna have to get up bright and early tomorrow if I'm to make it to the carriage on time. So I'd best get some sleep." Bittersweet told herself before heading off to bed. 


    When she awoke early next morning, she followed her typical morning routine. She brushed her hair, tail, and prettied herself up a bit. She Shutting the briefcase she paused and ran everything by herself. After clearing it with her conscious that she was all set, she headed to the location where the carriage was supposed to pick her up. When she arrived there she saw a large carriage with the royal symbol on it. 


    Seeing as the carriage had the royal symbol Bitter figured it was the one she was meant to go to. Cautiously Bittersweet entered and soon saw that she wasn't alone. A whole assortment of other ponies were already aboard. Bitter panicked at the turn of events. She thought she would be alone. If it wasn't for the sudden shutting of the door Bitter would have been stuck in a paralysis once more. But the bang of the shutting door caused her to jump a bit and enter further into the carriage. She took a seat and stayed silent as she stared at the ground, not wanting to interrupt the chatting ponies. 

  4. So, I just recently got my hands on a game for the xbox 360 called "50 Cent Blood on the Sands". This game isn't the most.. well.. mass produced of games out there and I'm pretty lucky to have found a copy at Best Buy for 10 bucks. 


    Aside from this little "gem" I also own a copy of Star Wars Bounty Hunter for the Gamecube, which is pretty rate. An un-used copy selling for a lot of money.


    Along with that I also own a copy of the Mortal Combat Trilogy for the N64 UN-OPENED and still in it's plastic wrap stuff. 


    Anyway, I was curious what kind of stuff everyone else has that is rather rare?

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  5. I'll tell ya what would piss me off big time...


    LOVE INTERESTS that aren't there for pure comedic purposes (Such as that Rarity / Blueblood one in the first season )


    I can't be alone here. You know if Hasbro had one of the ponies get into a relationship, no matter WHAT the case.


    Also... Can we be honest here... MLP:FiM has so many ships or OTP's it could make an armada. 



    RELEVANT IMAGE (Even though the only ship I care about what-so-ever is Vinyl Scratch x Octavia.) 

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  6. It's pretty good 


    But.. well...


    Those eyes, man... It's really unsettling. It's like they're staring into your soul. Then again I've never been one the whole huge eye thing on the Human Ponies. Aside from that it's pretty good. ^_^




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    Boom however, lmao


    lol boom... I remember my friend got Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric for me as a joke. It was.... so bad... 


    Like, have you ever been doing something... and it was so boring you wanted to go do something else... but you kept doing the boring thing because you thought something exciting might happen? That's what that game was for me. Like, every fifteen minutes or less I'd encounter a glitch or something that... well... was just hilarious. One time Amy's eyes just.. turned pure black for no reason. It was kinda creepy. ;-;

    Also, do keep in mind that not every fan would eat anything up. It kind of dick-ish for you to say that all of them are manchildren who create silly "fancharacters". That would be like if I said all bronies are basement dwellers who clop all day. There are still some gems in the Sonic fandom, or any fandom for that matter.

    To be honest I never explicitly said that I think all Sonic fans are "manchildren". Because I don't. What I said was that there are a lot of fan characters that I've seen drawn online. Whether it's on deviantArt, Tumblr, or what ever. I, in fact, know most of them are just jokes and not meant to be taken seriously. I was just trying to say that if most of the fan-base was the fan-base of the original sonic games then every one of the sonic OC things would be made by people who are 30+ or so. In fact, I was technically arguing AGAINST the fan-base consisting of only "manchildren". 




    There are definitely NEW fans coming into the fandom. I'm going to assume most of them are young kids. Otherwise there are countless amounts of 30+ year old men who post there Sonic fan "art" and OC's to deviantArt on a bi-hourly basis. 


    See, arguing against them being "manchildren". If my phrasing made it come off as I was arguing that they ARE all "manchildren" then I apologizing for wording it poorly. 


    Also I used the wrong kind of "THERE". I should've said "THEIR". My bad. 

  8. I imagine it's a franchise they grew up with and came to love. 

    Well I can understand that but... There are definitely NEW fans coming into the fandom. I'm going to assume most of them are young kids. I hope they are. Otherwise there are countless amounts of 30+ year old men who post there Sonic fan "art" and OC's to deviantArt on a bi-hourly basis. 


    Don't get me wrong, I love looking at some of the BAD Sonic art on there. It's just... So great. 





    This is my favorite one I've ever seen. 



    Anyway I digress...


    What I'm saying is how come new people are getting into the fan-base when not many of the games are all that great? I mean, I suppose younger audiences could find more enjoyment in the games than someone older and more critical as I. But... there are so many! 

  9. DISCLAIMER: I'm not saying you're not allowed to like Sonic or whatever fandom you're a part of. I'm simply curious WHY so many people are still fans of Sonic. No offense intended! Again, You can be a fan of whatever you want. I don't care. I'm just CURIOUS why people are fans of Sonic. 


    Alright, so. As most people know most of the newer Sonic games have been... well.... not up to "speed" with the older ones. (GET IT?! SPEED?! :3 ... I'll stop now..). Don't get me wrong, I love the 2D Sonic games from way back when, and I'm even a fan of Sonic Colors. But I think most people can agree most sonic games that have come out since they made the switch into 3D have been... not very good... or just really mediocre and never really brought anything new.


    Basically what I'm asking is WHY people still stick with being Sonic fans even after games like Sonic 06, or that one where he turned into a werewolf, or that hover-board one.? (Werehog, whatever.) I just don't understand it. 


    tumblr_mhd0bzZWCd1r06m1wo1_250.gifGOTTA GO FAST


    Found this gif while searching for a suitable Sonic image for this thread. It'll suffice. 

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  10. Klonoa%20-%20Door%20to%20Phantomile%20%5


    Klonoa is one of the best side-scrollers ever. It pains me to see it so over looked simply because of it's rather unusual name and overly cute exterior. It's truly an amazing game. Plus... I mean... -Cough- NAMCO MADE IT -Cough- He even has PAC-MAN on his hat. HE HAS A HAT! 10/10 game already. 

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  11. My favorite bad games are Sonic 06... A little known "classic" for the PS2 called Neopet's the Darkest Faerie, Ride to Hell, and Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. 




    Shadow is the best sonic game, fite me. 


    Nah m8. Sonic R is the best Sonic game. 


    Can you feel the sunshine~ Does it brighten up your day~



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  12. I've heard a lot of rumors about them working on a Fallout MMO, which I hope isn't true because the Elder Scrolls MMO was so god awful. But I'm pretty sure it's not true. Thankfully <3


    However I think if they were making Fallout 4 they'd announce it well in advance so that the hype could build up and all. In fact, Todd Howard even said that it'll be a while before they announce a new game. (Source: http://www.vg247.com/2014/02/19/bethesdas-next-game-reveal-is-gonna-be-a-while-says-howard/


    Needless to say... I'd much rather have another single player Fallout game than an MMO. BUT having co-op fallout. NOW THAT! THAT I can get behind. 

  13. I'm not really one for this shipping stuff. Unless it's Vinyl Scratch x Octavia but this isn't what that thread is about. SO INSTEAD I'm going to post some of my... well.. "favorite" ships I've seen on the internet... well.. most of them were on tumblr pages. -_- 


    DISCLAIMER: I am not liable for any ruined images of your favorite characters and or people. Also, I am in none of these fandoms. The only fandoms I belong to are the Mass Effect, Walking Dead, and MLP fandoms. 





    Bioshock Infinite

    Handyman and Songbird

    Patriot and Songbird

    Comstock and Handyman


    Left 4 Dead

    Zoey and The Witch


    The Avengers (This fandom is weird)

    Thor and Loki 

    Loki and the writer / drawer of fanfic or fan art


    Captain America and Iron mans Suit (Not Tony Stark in the suit, just the suit.)

    Tony Stark and himself (His ego is so big he probably would if he could, lets be honest.)


    Real Life (Whatever that is)

    Michael Phelps and Jesus (Cannot be unseen)

    Hitler and Stalin (There's actually a lot of those)


    Harry Potter

    Harry and Draco (So over used) 

    Draco and Illusion of Draco

    Draco and Snape (eww)

    Dumbledore and Hagrid (Cannot be unseen)


    Gears of War

    Marcus and Dom

    Marcus and Cole

    Marcus and Baird 

    Marcus and Tai

    Marcus and Carmines A, B, and C. 

    Marcus and Locus Queen

    Marcus and Marcus

    Look, according to the internet, every GoW character has kissed every other GoW character.


    I could go on but I've probably left enough evidence to show that I need to get out of my house some day and get a life or something. -_-


    enjoy your nightmares. <3

  14. Holy hell yes, RE4 is the hypest shit o_o

    You know what else was pretty hype back in the day?


    The "Army Men RTS" (The games name was Army Men R-T-S. 10/10 name) game for the gamecube. I doubt you've heard of it but lemme tell you. It was pretty great. I played the hell outta that game when I was little. 

  15. So recently I was looking through my old video games and I found a game I used to play a lot when I was younger. It's called Kessen. It's a strategy game for the PS2. I just started to play it again now and I thought I'd make this thread.


    Which games do you remember from your childhood? Whether they're just nostalgic, really fun, or just downright bad and ruined your whole life. Just kidding on the last one, Ha ha. 

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