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  1. Wow, a lot happened! Sadly, I'm getting the feeling that I wont be able to accept everyone for fear of not being able to pace the RP properly. Ive played with an 'accept everyone' policy before and it... wasn't fun. Too much pressure.


    Nows the bit where I sound really arrogant/rude/generally not nice. Yeah, I dont like being the bad guy here - honest!


    So, let me start working through a few of these...



    Another Accepted! I have added your preferred character to the list - dont fret about gender balance and so on.



    I've added a shield as an item, at two points. Details are in the OP.



    Small problem in that the world is based on a medievil style fantasy, and a pretty gritty one at that. Contact lenses, gummi bears, modern clothing and such simply wouldnt exist in the setting. She just needs to fit the setting better.



    Sorry, but I suspect that this character wouldn't work well in the context of the RP. I just cant think of a way that a 'crybaby' with no control of his emotions would ever join or stay with an organisation founded on the completely opposite principles.



    I like Masquerade and I like the dynamic that someone with his talents would bring - after all, its all good and well trying to fight mages if you cant even investigate them - but after reading over the application there are a few things I'd ask to be changed / clarified.


    Firstly, an insane character can quite frankly be a pain for a DM, so just please keep that toned down. Doesnt need taking away completely, but kept to a level that wouldnt have appeared dangerous to the trainers over over many years.


    The second part is his equiptment

    equiptment. For the sake of avoiding complications... to take more than one of an object will mean that it costs that many lots of points: thus two daggers would cost two points, two pistols would cost four points and so on. He could bring a pistol, a crossbow and a dagger, but you used plurals in your description.




    Don't worry, the insanity isn't very noticeable, though it is clearly there considering he might lash out at himself on rare occasions, aside from that he acts just as normal as anyone else. 


    For the equipment thing, I apologize for using plurals. That's my bad. I meant to use singulars. Pardon that, just make it so that he brings one of them, it's fine. 


    Hopefully I can still be accepted, if not it's cool, but I'd be so down to do this, haha. Thanks again! 

  2. All I had to read was the part mentioning this would be dark and grim and I knew I'd sign up. ^_^


    Name: Joel (Though he goes by the nickname Masquerade)


    Gender: Male


    Age: 20


    Appearance: A quite tall young adult. He has a very slender build and has bright blonde hair. His eyes are red and he wears a white mask that covers up the left side of his face in order to cover up a scar he was inflicted with a few years prior. Aside from this he has no other real notable traits. He wears a black trench coat over a white undershirt. His pants, also black, made of faux leather. He also wears a black fedora with a bright red stripe rounded around it.   


    Personality: Alright, so, I'm using my OC, Masquerade, only in this he will be a HUMAN, not a pony. So, for personality please refer to the link to Masquerade in my signature if you would. I'm just too lazy to type up a short summary of the whole thing so if you wouldn't mind, haha. Again, he'll be human.


    Equipment: No armor, Pistols, Crossbow, Daggers


    - Talents -

    Strength: 1

    Fitness: 1

    Charisma: 5

    Intellect: 4

    Faith: 4




    Hopefully this works out well enough. 


    Again, for personality, please refer to the OC in my signature, Masquerade. He'll be human, but his personality will be the same to my OC's. Thanks <3

  3. (Sorry for this delayed response. I fell dreadfully ill, and didn't really feel like doing much. I apologize.)


    Bittersweet followed the invisible trail left by the leading Red Cask. Subtly admiring the architecture of the manor as we entered. Bitter didn't need to take too much notice to the ponies warning about wandering off, she already had no intention of straying from the group, at least not yet. The large staircases were behemoths compared to any other staircases that the pink pony had seen in the past. The large chandelier made of shimmering crystals caused Bitter's gaze to focus on it for a moment, almost mesmerized by it's shine.


    Then, before long they arrived at the library. Books lined the walls like they were the walls themselves. These chronicles of knowledge could overload the mind with information, both fact and fiction. Bitter's eyes almost shimmered as she quivered with excitement, though a few deep breaths and she quickly collected herself. It was unlike anything she had ever seen before. Just the thought of what kind of books on alchemy that could exist in this treasure trove of knowledge nearly caused salivation behind the quivering lips of Bittersweet. 


    "So many books... so... many... books..." She chanted in her thoughts like some kind of mantra. Though Bittersweet quickly realized she probably looked like some kind of crazy psycho pony, so she violently shook her head side to side to try to erase the euphoric thoughts from her mind. 




    Though as Bitter snapped back into reality she heard the eager stallion inquire to know about her medical talents. Bitter thought for a moment about what area she wanted to focus on. When an idea struck her she immediately spoke up. "I concoct almost any kind of remedy or elixir you can think of, really." She paused as she thought of how to word her next statement, putting a hoof to her chin as she pondered for the second. "Though if I had to pick a favorite I'd probably go with the rather unorthodox recipes simply because of how fun they are to craft." 




    Speaking of alchemy it reminded her of why she came here, or at least the only reason she could remember. Turning to Red Cask she asked with as much calmness as she could muster, "Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to have any books on botany, or alchemy, or the local flora and fauna, would you?" She questioned with a smile. 

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  4. @@FortyTwo42,


    Bitter was taken a tad bit off guard at the stallions intense interest in alchemy, though when she took a gander at his cutie mark she could see why. The bright green stallion did have a rather nerdy aura about him. Bitter smiled softly at the thought of being able to talk about her work to somepony a bit more. 


    "Well there's a lot to talk about when it comes to alchemy." Bittersweet informed the glasses wearing pony. "Is there anything specifically you'd like to know about?" She asked, looking at the pony with a curious gaze. 


    (Pardon the short post. I'm in the middle of class but I felt the need to post something. Haha.)

  5. I like it, though the edges are a bit rough. You might want to go back and smooth them out a bit so it adds to the minimalistic style it has going for it. 


    Other than that it looks pretty cool

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  6. @@Midnight Scribbler,




    "Perhaps I should've gone with Scribble..." The pink mare questioned her choice. "Don't doubt yourself, Bitter. You made a choice, now stick with it! You'll probably see him later anyway and you can apologize then." She assured herself. "For now, let's focus on the ponies here now." 


    Bitter took a moment to look at the ponies who were going to accompany her on this little trek to the library. Aside from the stunningly beautiful Emerald Gaze there was also the crimson coat Sunset Glow, and a stallion that Bittersweet hadn't been introduced to yet. The timid mare probably would have introduced herself to the bright green Pegasus, though seeing as her last attempt at saying hello went as poorly as it did, she decided to wait until he engaged in conversation, if he ever did. 


    Looking at the gang around her, Bittersweet tended to stick closer to Emerald, seeing as she was the mare that Bitter had conversed with the most out of the three. Though she listened carefully to the conversation, looking for a chance to jump into it without looking like a fool. Though thankfully she didn't have to wait long as the conversation shifted from sharing rooms to the subject of snakes. 


    "I'm okay with snakes, to be honest." She said softly and with a bit of confidence in her voice. "I have to be, really. Some of them give really good ingredients for alchemy and such. Especially the poisonous ones." Bitter took a brief pause to think of how she'd follow this up. Then, a spark of genius struck her. "Perhaps if I tell a joke or something it'd break the ice a bit better..ish." She told herself before saying in a semi-serious tone, though still with her typical soft-spoken tone. "With this snake poison you can make some really... killer medicine." Bitter said with a sheepishly confident smirk. She took another second of silence to let what she thought was a pretty great pun sink in before continuing. "Like, literally, it can kill you if used wrong..." She smiled nervously at the gang of three. "Bittersweet, that was really bad." She scolded herself with shame. 

  7. I'm interested



    What tech era will it be in?

      Show?              Modern?


    What type of zombies?

      Infected?      Fungi?


    Probably based on the tech era in the show. And as for the type of zombie... Not 100% sure yet....



    yes I would like some back story to it as well

    Well I just posted this to see if anyone would be down for the whole idea and all. Not to actually start getting people to sign up and all. I didn't want to make an entire story just to have no one be interested and all. 

    I like the idea of a zombie apocalypse RP, but it oughta be more refined than just 'there's a zombie apocalypse'

    Well I just posted this to see if anyone would be down for the whole idea and all. Not to actually start getting people to sign up and all. I didn't want to make an entire story just to have no one be interested and all.



    I want to join as my OC Clockwork. She is my profile pic.

    Not really looking for sign ups yet. I was just curious if anyone would be interested in the idea. 

    I would love to join if I could. I'd like to use Little Wind. He should be in my signature.

    Not really looking for sign ups yet. Just curious if people would be down for the whole thing. 

  8. Alright, I'm gonna supply you with some of the greatest names for a cat. 


    1. Dr Evil

    2. Dog

    3. Cat


    5. Snoop Catt

    6. Purrfect

    7. Kit-Kat

    8. Conseula

    9. Bill

    10. Catnip

    11. Catnis (Even though I hate the Hunger Games)

    12. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner based on preference 

    13. Any number. (e.g. 34, 45, 2.534)

    14. C47


    That is all I can think of right now. You'll probably not even take any of these into consideration but I'm still gonna post this. 

  9. Ah being a happy bunny is just something we bullfrogs say. Although you should keep in mind that this is the Internet! I could be anything or anyone! Even a llama!

    Coach.. I've followed you into many games.. but... I don't know if I can trust you with anything anymore... Even if it's just a saying... You broke my heart is just a saying BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT ANY LESS TRUE! T_T

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  10. First... I'd questioned how she somehow became a living, breathing creature in our world...


    Second... I'd question how she found me...


    Third... I'd question why she kissed me...


    Fourth... I'd see if anyone was watching


    Fifth (If someone is watching)... continue to be extremely confused

    Fifth (If someone isn't watching) Kiss back. 

    Hmm well, if I was a pony I'm should if rainbow dash kissed me I'd be a pretty happy bunny! I would probably just get all nervous and excited though :P

    But, Coach! You're a bullfrog, not a bunny! I'm so confused now! 

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  11. Bittersweet nodded as Red Cask answered her question. "Alright. Thank you." She said with gratitude.


    Bittersweet took a pause as she pondered what she was going to do. There were so many options to choose from. "I sort of want to go and set up my alchemy set in that kitchen the steward told me about. But I could tag along with Scribble to the theater and see that magician... or I could go to the library here with Emerald. Perhaps they have some books on herbalism here that I haven't already read." The pony contemplated the possible choices to herself, putting her hoof on her chin while doing so. 


    "Though I do rather enjoy magic, and I would love to do some alchemy, I think I'd rather check the library first off.... maybe. I mean, I'd like to meet that magician mare. Maybe she's cute." BThe pink mare violently shook her head back and forth for a second in an attempt to erase the thought of the magician being cute. "Bitter. The time for ogling cute mare's will come later. For now, you should probably get accustomed to this place." She scolded herself. Though, upon looking at the crowd her eyes caught the eyes of Emerald looking right at her. Though she looked at everyone Bitter noticed she looked at her for what seemed like only a fraction of a second longer. 




    "Does she want me to go with her?" Bittersweet questioned. "She did look at me a bit longer. Though she might've done that with other ponies too. Though it'd be rude if I didn't go with her if she actually does want me to go with her." The bright blue maned pony speculated in her head. "Yeah, I'll go with her. She's nice after all. Plus they might have some books on the local flora here. That'd be pretty neat." 


    "Her Em-Emerald. I'll tag along with you to the library." Bitter informed the black coated mare as she trotted up next to her and smiled shyly. 




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  12. What's up, everypony. I'm FirstPonySpectre and, well, I'm gonna admit. I'm a HUGE Walking Dead fan. It's my favorite thing ever, really. And well, I was thinkin'. "What if there was a Zombie Apocalypse roleplay set in Equestria?" and now I'm making this thread.


    I'm aware this had probably already been done or is being done or whatever but I DON'T CARE I'm posting this anyway. <3 


    I have a general idea how I'd want this RP to work but I'd like to know if anyone else would be down to do this Roleplay. So if you'd be interested or think it'd be a fun idea post below and stuff! 

  13. That's so cute. :3


    But as for a name... The first name I thought of was Lemon Lime because of the color scheme but that doesn't even make any sense. Haha. 




    You're a blank flank.. but this pony has a flank.. 

    Illuminati confirmed?

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