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    2. Silleh


      Hmm, I see :(. I get how that would be very upsetting for you; waiting for people only for them not to appear can be pretty demoralizing, especially when you've not got anything to preoccupy yourself with in the meantime. Having gotten fairly stressed out in the past over stuff like this, I've noticed that it helps to make other activities the main focus of the day and let meetings with friends be more of an option if the opportunity presents itself; with friends that are frequently available on a consistent schedule, it's fine to orientate the day around being with them, but otherwise it can just be more stress than good :o.

    3. Mickey Adaptus

      Mickey Adaptus

      True, its just that am always rather happy when he is around (even when I am really really sad or having an anxiety attack I still have this happy feeling deep inside in the moments when he is there.)

      And he is online alot during these times, i guess i am also just really sad since the exact thing happend yesterday, tuogh he was still there before i wen't to sleep, i just really hate the time zone diffrences:(

      (I have to sleep now sadly :C)

    4. Silleh


      Aww, he sounds like he must be a pretty great friend to cause that kind of reaction in you ^^ Here's hoping he'll be able to come online in time tomorrow and from here onwards, I bet he should be able to since the weekend's drawing near :)

      And if you're heading to bed now, I hope you have a very nice rest and pleasant dreams! ^_^. *hugs*

  2. ugh, my boredom is just beyond the roof now.

  3. Jack jumped away from incoming attack from one of the creatures. He then levitated one of the crystals from the wall and smashed it against the rocks, creating a sharp end. He then levitated the thing and stabbed at one of the creature's neck with a strong force. But during his attack, one of the creatures smacked Jack with its tail, sending him straight into the rock walls.
  4. Lets hope it doesn't become another failure like the Atari 5200
  5. Elyssios seemed to have spotted something in the distance. He walked towards it and he spotted Techno from a distance on his Auspex scanner. But because of Techno's features, he did not reconize him as one of the pony races he saw earlier. He pushed Techno to the ground and Gently put a boot on his form, to make sure he would not squirm. "Techmarine, i think i have found what you saw earlier, tough you might want to take a look at this thing from up close. It seems to be have some sort of cybernametic enhancements that you would mostly see used by the Adaptus Mechanicus." Elyssios said to Hasdiel over his vox.
  6. Jack tried to scream back about his location but he was interrupted by one of the creatures who slashed at him. He performed a strong spell with a force that blew the creature trough several walls. Tough he had no chance of winning againts 4 other creatures who where pushing him back all at the same time.
  7. Jack been silent the entire time, he was very cautious, trying to listen what was happening around him, yet he heard nothing. Suddely a black tentacle shot out out of the ground and wrapped around his left backhoof. It was dragging him away as he tried to resist, he quickly fired an spell at the tentacle, destroying it. But 5 creatures had formed around him, all looking rather weird. "Damn it." he cursed as he backed up to all, his horn glowing. He then started firing spells at his enemies, tough the spells din't really seem to affect them.
  8. "You will so in due time." ---------------------------------------------------------------- Jack had for some reason been seperated from the group, he stood there looking around with an scared expression. 'What is going on here..' he tought to himself as he kept looking around.
  9. "Then how about a game?" "Perhaps that will increase your *interest*." Suddenly the entire dream started to shake and reform. There was a bright flash, but what followed was something rather unexpected. Jack's entire dream space had been turned into some sort of space that resembled a lot like the depths of Apogropha. Everyone was separated from each other, all in a different position in a massive maze of tunnels. Jack looked at him with a scared look on his face. "Let the fun begin Children."
  10. While only a part of the black void had escaped to Equestria, the rest of it had stayed behind in Jack's dream, it had the same appearance as before. Its countless of eyes staring at the group as the dark void seemed to swirl around and increase in size slowly. "What is this? More ponies.... You should visit with me, I have gifts for one and all." The void seemed to speak at a similar volume as when Maple first met him in Apographa.
  11. Elyssios was a bit surprised at Maple's question, as an Astartes, he was never used to having conversation with Xeno's in the first place, most Xeno's he would in contact with would either try to murder him or trick him into fighting someone else's battle. "All Space Marines are at this strength or beyond, it is necessary for the survival of Mankind, that way we slay the aliens, mutants and heretics in the name of the God Emperor." "But to answer your second question, I am a Veteran of a thousand crusades and a battle-brother who gives guidance to his fellow astartes in the dire situations." "But even our Chapter Master could not resist the temptations of Chaos, that path lies to damnation and only the purest of Mankind will emerge victories against those who bear the mark of the 8 pointed star." Elyssios said grimly.
  12. Jack nodded. "Hey Maple, it is really good to see you." he said with a smile. "I also thank you for saving me in the first place, tough things are looking rather hectic at the moment," he said During their conversation, the black void started to grow a bit again. And with a very fast move, a dark transparent shadow speeded straight past them. It speeded straight trough the door and slammed it shut.
  13. @Maple Bat Elyssios saw what was going on. He drew his chainsword, he pressed the Mechanism on the weapon as the Chainsword roared to life. Elyssios started sprinting at the Hydra that had attacked Maple and with a single strike, his chainsword went trough the Hydra's neck almost like paper. But even with the head cut off from the body, he was not satisfied. He lifted his right foot and then Crushed the head of the Hydra under the massive weight of his boot.
  14. I just cannot believe what had transpired today, had an massive panick attack when my stress level just went so much to my head, have been acting incredibly weird for 6 hours long....

    But then again i can't really blame myself for being so stressed after the news i received today..

    1. Varrack


      Aw I'm sorry :/ hope you find peace

    2. Mickey Adaptus