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  1. The leader stumbled back from the hit, his mace flang out of his grip. "Does it hurt alien? Face it, you are going to tire out while I keep on fighting. And when that happens, I will destroy everyone dear to you, including these fools." The leader said with a devilish grin. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Jack nodded and stood ready as the creatures came charging at him.
  2. The leader snarled at Luna when the blade snarled at his armour from the back, while it did manage to damage him, the armour proved to be off to be very strong material. But he did a dirty move by performing by headbutting against Luna with the back of his head, only to follow up by an another strike from his mace. --------------------------------------------------------------- "No problem." Jack said but then he noticed Fluttershy trying to draw away the attention of the creatures. "Hold on, we had best strike them with reinforcements instead just the 2 of us, could you quickly fly back and gather some warriors? I will distract the creatures while you are gone, it is not better not to take a big risk." Jack said.
  3. The leader saw Luna's horn glowing and quickly reacted by quickly ducking, and following up by letting go of the struggle to dodge the second beam, but he turned in such a way that he let his mace gain momentum with the 180 rotation, intending on striking Luna with alot of force from the weapon itself. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- While Fluttershy was attacking the other ones, one of them was going to attack her from behind, Jack noticed this as he quickly shot a weak magical blast at the sneaking creature. The blast was not meant to do much damage but more to stun the creature for a few seconds, enough time for Jack to deliver a couple of blows towards the creature, the sword, however, had not yet penetrated the armour, but it did dealt considerable damage to it. The creature charged Jack again, only this time he was prepared, and made the creature tumble to the ground by intercepting its feet, only to strike straight at the creature's chest, this time the blade went right through it, killing the creature.
  4. The leader frowned as he suddenly saw the arrow coming straight towards him, he destroyed it with a fling of his mace. The enemy forces started to advance straight towards the Equestrian army, the infected charging towards them in massive hordes as the ranged soldiers kept a distance and starting shooting their weapons towards the Equestrians. The leader quickly parried Luna's blow with his mace, ending in a struggle between the weapons. "Protect? You have done a lousy job protecting it from how many I have murdered, I could hear them scream, waiting for their *princesses* to rescue them, only to be abandoned and left to die. How does it feel to be responsible for their deaths?" The leader said with a smirk. Jack was in a struggle against 3 of the elite creatures who were attacking him at the same time. He managed to hold his own for a while but was slowly starting to lose the struggle against 3 of such strong creatures at the very same time.
  5. Jack glared at the enemy leader. "Then you took your sweet time getting here, but it doesn't matter if you want me so badly, then you have another thing waiting!" Jack roared as he gripped the blade on the ground and made a backflip wich caused the blade to spin around straight into the creature behind Jack, which caused the other creatures to swarm him the very instant. "NOW!!!" Jack screamed as he as he slashed at the others creatures desperately.
  6. Jack nodded, he stuck his sword in the ground and started gathering magic in his hands, only to thrust said magic straight into the ground. It created a red mark on the ground that gave off a very red glow. After a few minutes, a massive portal suddenly appeared, and multiple creatures came swarming out of it, they looked like infected creatures, but they were wearing very rusted but strong armour, and they had runes all over their body that were burning with fire. They did not attack Jack, but rather surrounded him from every corner. Jack had a tense look on his face but flinched when he suddenly someone else appearing out of the portal. The enemy leader strode out of portal followed by many soldiers, who were taking up positions around all corners near the portal. The leader strode up to Jack with a disturbing look in his face, the right side of his mouth was no longer there, which gave his face a rather disturbing look. "Ah, I see... You decided to show yourself after all this time, hiding behind primitive aliens... How disgraceful. I had expected something bigger, but all I get is the sight of a snivelling coward... This little game is over, but I must thank you at the same time, you were the very key I needed to find this place." He said with a smirk
  7. Eventually, they all arrived at Ghastly Gorge, the terrain was very big. "This is a perfect place for an ambush." Jack said as he looked around. He wandered a bit off, and checked the surroundings, until he walked back to the others. "You guys should all find suitable places to hide and prepare for the ambush, i will do the rest concerning in luring that monster over to here." Jack said
  8. "Thanks, Woody, you best of luck too." He said with a smile. He then looked at the others. "We should probably go now, the sooner we killed that tyrant the better because his death will not only aid Equestria but many other lives as well." Jack said.
  9. 'You know, in times like these i am starting to get hope again, seeing such large armies is a lot more reassuring than the low numbers he usually had to fight as.' Jack thought. He then looked Celestia. "A quick question, how are we going to get there tough?" he asked
  10. "Indeed, we should go, time is of the essence, let's go, Celestia!" Jack said as he followed the others. "This is going to big battle to remember, though it can't be helped that i am acting as bait, i have done it multiple times in the past before, and the feeling never changes when you know the enemy can straight up shoot you where you stand." Jack said.
  11. "Alright guys, now that is handled, we need a location... How about ghastly gorge? It is a good place for an ambush, easy for the dragons to hide, and more specifically, its where I can easier lure the enemy to." Jack suggested
  12. "Fluttershy? Are you going to fight too? Wow, I didn't expect you wanting to fight, but the more the merrier." Jack said. "We had best setup that plan as soon as possible, it sound a bit weird to wanting to execute this plan so fast, but i have a feeling something is going to happen soon if we don't act, i have seen such tragedies happen so many times by now, it has almost become like an extra sense to me." He said
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    Wow that is good thanks :D!
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    Don't worry, i don't mind if the clothing is not included, i mostly cared for the actual appearance, trying to replicate the actual clothing from this character would very hard in the first place xD