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  1. We found her :D. By the way Fluttershy, since you really like animals, what do you think of this video? Its the cutest thing i have ever seen ^^
  2. Discord, if you are the god of disharmony and chaos, why do I have the sneaking suspicion that you and Tzeentch are one in the same O.o
  3. Do you like booping ponies?
  4. The colt was silent for a moment before answering. "Yes I am certainly interested, there is no way I can turn this down." But while he said those words something clicked in his mind. 'Why am I so scared right now? I haven't seen any pony following me. I hope... He was shaking on his hoofs, his heartbeat increasing at a fast rate.
  5. Dawn of War 3 campaign ending is amazing, 10/10.

  6. The element of fluffy hair
  7. Has a sweet profile 8/10
  8. I made the smartest move.
  9. Mega Thread

    10/10 Anything that comes from Narnia must be worshipped as a god!!
  10. 'dat's right! orks are ‘da strongest an meanest 'der iz! dose 'umiez betta prepare, for we are gunna do a waaaaagh!!! ummmm kould yer point us ta ‘da nearest 'umie settlement? our boss iz ta busy watch'n ma little gretch'n.
  11. It is a shame that Khorne doesn't allow any sort of magic under his followers, it is all about slaughter and combat. Tzeentch would be jealous. Lord Khorne wishes you to see your strength, give him the best of your ability. Daemon Primarch Angron will carry out the slaughter in his name!
  12. @Arid_Blitz Then you will be in big trouble my friend, Khorne despises any kind of sorcery, and all he is thirsting for is blood.
  13. @Kiri Khorne wishes to see your might, will you prove yourself worthy in the eyes of the blood god?