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  1. Mickey Adaptus

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    Dear @Princess Celestia Could you move the sun over to the Netherlands? We are trying to enjoy our summer over here, but it is being constantly interrupted by rain and clouded weather. In return, I will climb on the highest building and shout through a megaphone "Praise the sun!!"
  2. Mickey Adaptus

    We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    "If I know one thing Cadence, it is that in the end survival is the thing that matters, once the skies will be filled with drop ships and our homes being razed through the ground, they will realize that banding alone is a luxury that they cannot afford." "I hate to say it, but the time of luxury is over, if you want to hear my experience in this war, it is that many no longer have a house, they no longer have families, only friends who will die one day and never return," Caerson admitted. "The fact that all of you still can to some degree live your lives in homes and keep some parts of daily life going speaks volumes, but that won't last for much longer, which is why I brought this up, in order for Equestria to survive, we might have to reform things, and give everyone the freedom in which they want to partake in." "If everyone will do their part, then we can definitely maintain what we currently have, but not with Equestria in its current state, so what I am thinking about it is..." "We reforge Equestria, and turn it into a new empire, consisting of not just ponies, dragons, changelings, Griffons or the other races, we turn it into a resistance movement, and start things anew, let the people choose what they desire to partake in, and shape their own future's in the coming years," Caerson said with confidence. "I understand this is a sudden hard decision, throwing away some of the things that everypony had been used to for their entire lives, but what would you desire more, keep things the old way but at the expense of many people losing their lives because of not having enough soldiers, or throw away the things and focus everything on the priority of survival? My race and many other races had been asked the very same thing, and deep down we knew it was the only way for us to keep on living." "Luna and Celestia might not like it when they return, but they would definitely understand because are talking about the survival of your species." He admitted. He then turned around to look into her eyes. "If you agree with this, I will deal with doing most of the work that will come out of it, and start preparing things and do it the way that has worked for many, because even if you may not agree with what I say, you know deep down that things will get worse and worse, there has to be done something about this. Better do it fast before it comes at the expense of the very people we are sworn to protect." "Hence war council Cadence, we will all need to stick together in order to survive this war, because you wouldn't believe is what waiting on the other side of this galaxy, and I don't want to see another species be subjected to the state of stagnation." He then gave a deep sigh. "But if it will make it easier, I will contact the other leaders of Equestria myself. And convince them, if they refuse, then it is their funeral because, in the end, we can't force them to join us, only offer them the very thing that might insure them their survival." Caerson said, with a hint of deep grief in his voice, because he knew deep down that Equestria would not be an exception when it comes to the horrors that were waiting for all of them.
  3. Hello Everypony, I apologize for not being that active lately, I have been suffering from my sinus infection more than ever lately, I believe my pain is worse than normal because in combination with hay fever since it is this time of the season where it is pretty rampant.

    My mom thought this as well since yesterday I had an unbearable pain in my head and nose.

    But I will be staying strong, not just for myself, but for everyone so that I can be there for those that need me.

    Thank you all for understanding, i will still be around, but i will be less likely to approach someone myself, so if you want to talk to me or discuss anything, feel free to, i won't bite :P

  4. Mickey Adaptus

    We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    Caerson stared out of the window, and after a minute spoke again. "I have a plan, and it requires your help to succeed Cadence, a war council, we should host a war council. I wanted to ask if you could contact all of the other nation's leaders in Equestria, the Dragons, Changelings, Griffons, Hypogriffs, Minotaurs, any nations that are available, they will all become part of the war council, while you do that, I will get in contact with my race... Because the Terran Prince is respected by many of the other races, so she should be able to sway the other races like the Raukan, Eldritch and some other empires to join the war council as well." Caerson explained. "Equestria as of now will never be able to survive an invasion with its current strength, even when the other return, however... the point of the war council is, that between all the races there will be a pact formed, where each race will come to the aid of another, imagine the kind of defense Equestria could create when it has help outside of here as well? We will definitely be able to survive an invasion then. But in order for the war council to work, all the leaders of the empires must come together in a meeting, where we will discuss and sign the degree of this pact." "In approximately 3 months we should hold the meeting, by that time the other should have returned, that much I can guarantee. However, if any of the leaders you contact have questions or have complaints, direct them to me and I will explain it to them in person, which will likely be the case with some." "Moonshadow, could you bring me a detachment of soldiers right now?" He asked Moonshadow, as he had an extra plan in mind, but one thing was certain, he had asked Moonshadow in particular since he wanted him to join on his extra plan as well since he knew that he was experienced and reliable. He then turned back to Cadence. "How about it Cadence? Will Equestria remain standing? Or will it falter?" He asked her a question to inspire confidence
  5. Mickey Adaptus

    General Are you Introverted or Extroverted?

    I am definitely an introvert, as I like to be alone in real life, yet I want to be with people and friends online. Tough I don't really have much a choice in the matter due to my misophonia.
  6. Mickey Adaptus

    We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    Caerson turned around to look at the guard. "It is very important, tell her that she needs to come over here now since we don't time to waste," Caerson told the guard. "Also... contact all commanders that we have at all disposal, and tell them to stand by for further orders." He added in. While he was waiting for the guard to relay the messages, he was lost in a bit of thought. 'Things must be prepared, I have a feeling that the others who are now missing will return eventually, but even without them, we cannot stand idly by, especially with that strange mare still being around. And to note our other 2 visitors... Graystone seems like an alright fellow, his loyalty to his leader wouldn't automatically make him a dangerous person, but that Treasured, however... No, I don't trust that one, Volunteering to go alone like that already doesn't add up since he saw with his own eyes what that Mare was capable of doing.' 'I just hope for all our sakes that the others are not being so forgiven and trustful towards him.' He thought.
  7. Spyro gameplay looks great!

  8. Mickey Adaptus

    We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    Caerson is walking through the castle, a glaring look in his eyes as he eventually reached the room where he makes his projects, and more importantly, keep his belongings. He opened the door and then slammed it closed behind him, walking over to one of the mirror's, and threw his cloak off, revealing his body. Then He threw off the bionic in his left eye, revealing the burned part, the very eye that had been burned by Valtrek but had never healed, meaning he could no longer see through that one. As he looked at his own reflection, his glaring eyes then turned to that into a mix of sorrow and shame. "Old friend... What is happening to you? You carry the legacy of not just yourself, but billion's of lives, so why? Why do you keep accepting these abnormal changes to your body like they are a necessity? What are you trying to achieve Mick? You know the grim truth of what will happen to us yet you are withholding it, tell me... Why are you still trying to save us after what we did?" He asked himself, as he clenched his right fist, but then loosened. He gave a deep sigh, obviously not comfortable with what he was thinking, but he then remembered something. "I can fix this yet... But I need to speak to Cadence fast... Before it will too late.." He muttered to himself. "But first...." He walked over to the Radio and started working on the frequencies until he eventually found the channel. "Anyone? I repeat Anyone? This is Mandrake Caerson, Former Chief Engineer of the 5th Thundershock Detachment, I require immediate contact with General Silver, could anyone grant me communication with him?" He asked through the radio with urgency. "It has been a long time since I have heard that voice, far too long..." A voice said through the radio. "Silver! I am glad to speak with you! But there is an urgency going on, I need to speak to... You know who! Could you get him on the line?" Caerson asked with desperation. "No can do, we are facing a bit of a crisis at the moment, as he has to yet return with his retinue from a boarding attack, give us a matter of 3 hours and I will have him on the line, however, do not get your hopes up, things might get delayed due to his circumstances." The voice answered. "Of course, I will tell you right away that we have new allies, it turns out there are still alien empires out there than the one we already know, so I wanted to prepare a meeting, a very important meeting," Caerson explained. "We are already aware Caerson." The voice said, much to Caerson's surprise. "You all are? But surely such news couldn't have leaked all the way over there in such a short amount of time?" Caerson said with shock. "Under normal circumstances that would the case, but it looks like that some of those allies you mentioned have run into Valtrek himself quite some time ago, our intel sure confirms that after we had discovered new sources of DNA implanted into the conversion centre codes." The voice explained back. "That explains it... Anyway, I will be back on this radio channel within 3 hours, please do hurry, I have alot to discuss, not just with him, but the current council of our allies as well." Caerson said before turning the radio off. He then walked out of the room, not noticing Twilight, who would have heard everything that point. "Cadence! Where are you? We need to talk!" He called out through the castle.
  9. Mickey Adaptus

    Ask Nature Tune!

    Interesting, I am a horse rider as well (though not a very good gone yet xd) So how good are you at horse riding?
  10. Mickey Adaptus

    Ask Nature Tune!

    So what is your favourite animal?
  11. Hey, how is it going?

    1. ShadOBabe


      Pretty good. Just chilling out after work.

  12. Mickey Adaptus

    How famous do you think you are on the forums?

    I guess I am.... semi-popular? While I am not that much activity lately, many people would still remember me somewhat well (if you exclude the newest people)
  13. Mickey Adaptus

    We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    "Twilight...." Caerson said as he was a bit caught off-guard by her sudden suggestion. " You are talking about the murder of an innocent man, a great hero at that... Doing such an action would be downright barbaric... Do you know what he did for us?" Caerson said with asked with shock. "You might not know of this yet, but he is the reason Equestria hasn't been destroyed yet, or any of our neighbouring allies, The Raukan, The Eldritch, any that are located in the sector of the galaxy that we live in. I have known him personally, fought alongside him like a good friend, and I can tell you from personal experience, that my race would crumble without him, no one can come close to the leadership and amount of inspiration of hope that he has been able to muster. If he is gone... who will be keeping our enemies at bay? Equestria has faced an invasion fleet, but that one was not that big compared to what you will face once Valtrek decides to muster a full-scale assault on Equestria." Caerson explained. "Not to mention that... Equestria would most likely have new enemies instead of allies once they realise that one of their biggest allies has been murdered by the very ally that they deemed to be a good hope. Karthspire is not nearly the only person who will be furious...." He then walked over to Twilight and put a hand on her back. "Listen... You may not know him personally, but if you ever get to meet him, you will understand why many see him as the hero that we need, He has an extraordinary Charisma, imagine if your old Mentor Celestia or your old friend Luna where to get murdered, the entire population would be devastated, and most likely go in denial and lose hope when they realised that one of the leaders of Equestria has managed to perish just like that." "Just think about what such a death can do againts the population of the Terrans, which number in incredibly numbers... You would be wishing the death of a race with this suggestion, because without his leadership, who will ever be able to mount that same type of leadership that he has provided us with for 3 centuries?" "Besides... There is no real guarantee that the infected will really start to decay and starve out, He is connected to them due to the monster that is trapped in his body, but he is not the *true* hivemind, that Valtrek, He is more like a....." Caerson said as he didn't know how to word this one correctly. "Let's just say that he is a type of prophet that could potentially be the answer to end this war for good, but at the same time being a....." Caerson words died in his throat as he had a look of slight horror on his face thinking back, but he quickly hid that. "Anyway.. just think about what I said, I need to go now.." Caerson said as he quickly walked off, leaving Twilight to her thoughts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Strong words, but in the end, we will have to justify those in actions." Meriel agreed. "Now... I am going to connect to your mind, don't try to resist, else I might make an unfortunate mistake, which could damage your brain." She warned as magic came from the Stone that connected itself to his mind. At first, it would feel good but later would create a feeling that felt like a sense of insecurity. "I am not fond of distributing my knowledge to those I do not deem trustworthy for it, but you shall suffice for now." She told as the link grew stronger. She then started to increase her magic drastically, which would result in a headache, from the sheer amount of magic that was forming from Treasured and Meriel. "You shall see what I see, and you shall gain a vision of where she might be, but take this with scepticism, because these visions are clouded with mystery and uncertainty." There was then a vision of woods, the Everfree forest, but there was something off, the animals and plants in the forest had started to change by some form of magic, animals where turned into terrifying creatures, some growing 10 eyes or getting additional limbs, while others where fusing together to form even bigger monsters. It was no longer the Everfree, but something you would see in a nightmare. In the forest walked the Girl, a look of scepticism on her face, as if she was looking at someone, which turned out to be correct, as there was somebody else with her, but the other person seemed to not have a physical appearance, but was a bunch of purple mist, that seemed to communicate her via a strange form of telepathy but they where incredibly far off, not at a place that one would be able to remember from such a vision. Then the vision was suddenly cut off as Meriel disconnected her magic from Treasured, creating a painful effect. "I presume you saw that? Not only does the area around her seem to be cursed by her foul magic, but she is NOT alone. Tell me..." "Who do you presume is with her? Think real good..." She asked.
  14. My activity here might either increase or decrease more, it will depend on how far my problems are going to hold me back.