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  1. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    +What are you still doing up there? That machine is about to fire!+ Kiran warned Maple, not understanding why she was still trying to stand on his mech despite the Warmachine had already started to locate him, so Kiran made a last-second decision and moved his mech to such a degree where he threw Maple straight off the roof towards the drones, he just didn't have time to move closer to them, not with how he was about to be bombarded by the machine's ordinance. He then started to move the mech quickly behind the rock, just in time, because a rainstorm of ordinance started impacting close to him. But he knew how he was going to handle this war machine, as even with the strong armour of his mech, it wouldn't last long againts such ordinance, meaning he was going to play a bit of a cat and mouse game, using the rock to constantly get out of the war machines sight and appear on the other side of the rock, firing back, hence and repeat, because this worked ideal againts the slow rotation of the war machines head. The other looked a bit confused when Ember mentioned the name Kiran, but nonetheless, they got a vigour of their own as well. "For the future of the universe! For Raukan!" Some of them shouted with glory, as they started following her head on into battle. As the battle was raging on, the enemy soldiers where almost all killed in where Ember and the others were at.
  2. Commissar Holt is an expert when it comes to dealing with incompetent and lazy planetary governer's.


  3. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    The group was in a bit of disarray as they were now spread out, fighting back againts those soldiers who were attacking them. +Contact! Left side!+ Someone shouted through the radio, as the enemies were fighting back with all they had, however, that wasn't stopping the group itself from doing the time same. +One more push, and then we got them! One final Push!+ Someone else shouted through the radio with vigour. Kiran himself, however, wasn't engaging much of the soldiers around him, he was instead making straight a b-line for the war machine. "Here we go again..." He muttered to himself, but he suddenly ceased his movements and then started firing, specifically at the left leg of the war machine, causing the machine itself to turn around and trying to locate its attacker, Kiran used this opportunity to make the mech move towards one of the very big desert rocks and moved closer to it, and then started firing with a combination Gatling gun fire and missiles at the same spot again, but one thing was for sure, he din't want anyone to interfere, as he couldn't afford to take the risk of having to save somebody midways who would attempt to attack the war machine's themselves.
  4. How to attract players to an RP?

    I think it more has to do what each person prefers, everybody everypony has a different preference for what they like, from what I know of experience, the title alone doesn't justify the means in someone wanting to join the RP so to say. It is really all about the topic and hence why many people view it. They will want to join if they feel like joining the RP, and if they don't like it, then they don't join. Though there is one thing you should know, don't try to *perfectionize* your RP in the hopes that people will join faster because, in the end, you will only end up creating the thing that you might not like yourself. Personally what I recommend, only create an RP that YOU like yourself, and let other people decide if they feel like joining to, it might sound weird at first, but I know from firsthand experience that you don't want to be playing an RP that you don't want to be in. And lastly, sometimes people do join the RP's of a specific person alot, but that is because said person would be known for his type of RP style and writing, and many other things like character design, story buildup etc. People would feel like joining that person because they like the way he writes his reply's and other things, every person has a different way that makes their rp's compelling. But don't get me wrong though, there is always room to improve, just don't try to overdo it with the whole wanting to make it more appealing thing. I have always, for example, liked the way @Raven Rawne writes his rp's, because he really gives you that immersive feeling, something you would read in a very detailed fanfic or book. But if gathering people for your rp doesn't work out well for you, you could always just start 1x1 rp's with people as well, just ask someone via pm, i am very comfortable with that method myself
  5. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    +Right, we will follow your six, engaging now!+ Sounded trough the radio as those who had followed Ember where now shooting, a big firefight ensued, but despite the enemy having more in number, the soldiers of Karthspire's army were well trained, that seemed for sure as they were killing more enemies then that they were taking losses. But things got hectic, one of the enemy soldiers threw a grenade straight at the group, and it landed near them. +Grenade! Take cover!+ Someone screamed on the radio as the others tried to jump out of the way before it exploded, but this gave the enemy soldiers a chance to advance. "That's right! Cry for help!" Kiran taunted towards the enemies. The mech was stomping through the enemy lines like a bulldozer, it was convenient that so far they hadn't encountered any enemies with anti-tank weaponry, considering it was assumed that the war machine would take care of any vehicles that would get close, but so far it hadn't spotted them yet, it was still moving forward. The mech itself shot a rocket that killed a cluster of enemy soldiers, killing around 6 of them. But while the mech was holding a steady advance, the other drones started shooting at Maple, noticing that one of their fellow drones had gotten under attack, and said attacked drone was now falling to the ground as it had been destroyed. The Gatling guns were roaring at a fast rate, showering at her with bullets, tough at the same time it was only 2 drones, which was better than 5.
  6. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    +It isn't exactly easy to make a plan if you have little to no information of what you will be up againts except for some vague details...+ Merra muttered. +No kidding, too many topics that we had no way of covering regarding this situation in such a short amount of time? Be glad that we are able to somewhat coordinate even without this *plan*. But enough talk about this, we have got a job to do, And I for one, am going to do mine.+ Enoch said. +Right, I will be covering Ember from down here, what about you Illiana?+ Merra asked +I am going, to be honest, here, you guys are all going to screw up soon with how is being reacted to this situation, we are in a desperate battle that could mean our deaths and you guys are debating while you could get killed any given moment?+ IlIana said with a sigh. +She is not wrong you know, from where I came from, you would get a big scolding if you pulled this stunt during battle, but then again, I can still talk without any worries, given where I am at right now.+ Enoch said in a rather humoristic manner, which was funny coming from a guy who has been very serious and negative this entire time. +Bunch of amateurs. The rest of you should follow the example of Maple, atleast she is taking initiative to advance while the lot of you are blabbering about nonsense that should be discussed AFTER the battle!+ Martin declared as he wasn't going to waste the precious time that they still had. The mech itself started to march straight towards the War machine, even when the enemies got closed, the mech seemed to not even bother to stand still and fire at the enemy soldiers, which was probably the case that the pilot of the mech was expecting the others to clear the soldiers so that he could focus on the Warmachine without interference. +Maple, this is Kiran by the way, keep those wankers off me, would you? Because I will have to take my time with that massive can of wires.+ Kiran said trough com as he was walking through a big group of enemy soldiers who were shooting at his mech, but it the armour tanked the bullets with ease. It got to such a point where the enemy soldiers had to dive out of the way before they would get crushed under the feet of the mech. There where however 3 drones flying above the area, they were shooting from above at the top of the Mech, even if all these bullets didn't do much damage, it couldn't be denied that it could prove dangerous.
  7. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    +We need to stick together and create a strong defe-+ The leader was however interrupted. +A bunch of baloney if you ask me.+ The voice from the mech said through the radio. +You got a better plan, Sherlock?+ The leader said with a hint of anger. +Instead of treating your group like a bunch of glorified shepherds, you should ask them yourself, whether they want to attack or retreat is up to them, but it is not my job to stop them from wanting a life or death treatment, and neither is yours.+ The voice said back. +Then why don't you go and attack first if you think you are so smart? I am sure they like a loudmouth such as you.+ The leader taunted +I am not part of your army, I am not part of your race, you hold no authority over me, I could punch you in the face or even outright shoot at you and I would receive no repercussions because there are no laws in place, and never will be. But that is the fun of living in this apocalypse, isn't it? No one can tell you what to do, and fight this war your own way in how you see fit, and that is exactly what I am going to do. Now keep quiet, savvy?+ the voice countered back. +Loud and clear numbskull.+ The leader muttered through the radio. +You all heard the man over there, do as you please!" The voice said in a smug tone before turning off his radio completely. The Scorpion creatures where mostly dealt with by now, around 15 remained from the combined attacks and were now scattered and running around. Tough the mech itself started to head towards the further enemies, close to where the war machine was located, but it was obvious who was piloting the mech at this point. The others of the group were a bit uncertain what to do now after that conversation, and the leader wasn't responding, probably out of Embarrassment. +I guess we should just move out?+ Merra asked through the radio. +Yeah, we have a much better chance if we just attack head on now, but continue to focus on the enemy troops, ignore the war machine for now. That is my advice, but like the conversation confirmed, do as you please.+ The vernomian said trough the radio, even he couldn't help but enjoy the outcome of what happenend there. Any other person doing that their superior would be unacceptable, but in this case, there was no superior.
  8. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    +You will be thanking me big time after I am done with what I am about to do.+ The voice said to Maple through the radio. As around 20 soldiers were getting closer towards Haymaker, suddenly something happenend... A rocket impacted straight into the middle of the enemy group, 5 getting killed from the rocket explosion, the 15 other ones tried to locate the source, but they didn't have enough time to find it yet, as most of the soldiers got riddled with a hailstorm of bullets. Upon on one of the far sandhills stood a Mech, it was an enemy mech, but it wasn't piloted by an enemy, but somebody else. The remaining enemy soldiers tried to shoot at the mech, but their bullets didn't have any effect againts its armour. And they grew more desperate as the mech kept approaching them while tanking all those bullets, but not even using its gun to fire back, which obviously was used as a humiliation tactic. The nearest soldier tried to run away, but it got crushed under the Mech's mechanical leg that stepped on the enemy and then finished off the last remaining for with its Gatling gun. It then started to attack the scorpion creatures with a combination of using its Gatling gun and using its mechanical feet to crush them under it. But the drones had no good way of damaging the Mech either due to its armour, where the drones were only equipped with anti-infantry weaponry. +D-did that Mech just help us?+ Amriel said trough the radio with disbelief. +It seems like it, but I can't seem to really figure out who is inside of it...+ The Vernomian said trough the radio. "Just keep firing at the drones, but if you feel that you are losing focus, stop firing, there is no use in firing when your focus would end up sloppy and would miss most of your rounds, wasting the precious ammo that is already hard to find nowadays," Enoch advised to Festus. "But also make sure to stay in cover."
  9. Cat Lover Award!

  10. Stress... so much stress.. it is getting to me...

  11. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    As they were shooting at the drones, it seemed Enoch has managed to destroy one with his sniper, and the other one was already damaged by Festus his shots, so it didn't take much for his sniper to destroy the damaged drone. "I noticed your way of firing from afar, but I will give you some good advice when in such a position, aim with 2 hands, look down the iron sight and fire in short burst, that will have more effect if you do that from longer ranges, your current method works better at close quarters," Amriel told Festus with a smile, as he then turned back to firing short burst at the enemy from afar with his rifle. All the while Maple was attacking the drone that was getting destroyed by her claws. +Martyrdom and Haymaker, try to wrap up things there fast, multiple individuals are inbound soon and you don't be caught in the open like that when they arrive.+ The leader said trough the radio, +Sir, you might want to pull them back, NOW.+ Enoch said to the radio with urgency. +Why? What is going, Enoch?+ The leader said replied back. +Those inbound individuals that you mentioned aren't just a few, but a good amount of them, Haymaker and Martyrdom shouldn't attack that one with the formation that they currently have.+ Enoch said back. +So do you have a better idea, Enoch? You better spill it out now.+ The leader demanded. +Pull them back, and get everyone together, give us a proper formation in which we can attack all at once from range with a mixture of melee in front. The way that we are attacking now is too uncoordinated, some of us are shooting, some of us are fighting melee and are at different spots altogether, that isn't going to mix well in this situation. Not to mention that the newcomers aren't us their radio's, which could risk them to fall apart from our strategy.+ Enoch warned. +Right, Haymaker and Martyrdom, kill what you can and then pull back asap, we are merging squads into one big group again, this isn't going to work out, while some of you are working together, it isn't going to work out well if this teamwork is only shared among some individuals, instead of an entire team like it should be.+ The leader said with a sigh. +Regroup back at the hill, we are going to work as a big group again from that point on forward.+ He said. +The calvary has arrived!+ Suddenly sounded through the radio channels. +Who said that?+ The leader asked with confusion.
  12. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    The group of Haymaker was opening fire upon the scorpion creatures, while at the same type slowly advancing a bit back in order to keep distance. But these scorpion creatures where with alot, around 60, which would apparently be fatal to meet in close combat as the moment you would try to attack the others one could swarm you at that very same time, hence why Haymaker was trying to keep their distance. +Haymaker, back up! Keep your distance from those things.+ The leader said trough the radio. +Martyrdom, status, what of the Chameleons?+ He asked. +They are still around sir, But Ember managed to kill one, and Enoch had managed to kill another, but there are still 2 or more around.+ Merra said trough the radio. But things suddenly turned for a worse, Haymaker suddenly got under fire by enemy forces who had managed to approach without much problems since the scorpion creatures already have Haymaker busy. +Under fire!+ Arkan shouted through the radio channel. +Haymaker, keep advancing back, but keep on slaying those scorpion things! Martyrdom, forget about the Chameleon's for now, engage those enemy soldiers at once, or else Haymaker will be wiped out! Razor Edge, provide fire support for Haymaker and Martyrdom!+ The leader ordered through the radio. Some of the Scorpion creatures tried to attack Maple, 3 from behind where trying to climb on her back to reach her wiring. While 8 scorpion creatures in front of her were heading towards her. What made this an impressive feat was for the fact that while these creatures were acting very much like animals, they did have some remarkable instincts, as these scorpion creatures where specifically seeking out Maple's wiring. Tough this instinct was probably meant to instead to be used againts vehicles instead. 4 drones, armed with Gatling guns appeared above the battlefield, not that high in the air but still high enough to get a decent view of seeing who to attack. And attacking they did, as they started splitting up, where 2 drones started to attack Martyrdom, attacking members of that group including Ember, but even though they where drones, they where not nearly as durable as vehicles such as Mech's or the more advanced drones, these ones could be destroyed by bullets or melee weapons just fine, but would still require some good effort. Enoch was looking scope, as he then started firing at the drones that were heading towards him.
  13. For me, it is constantly warm, cold, warm, cold. Tough I heard this week it might become -10 degrees. So pretty cold soon.
  14. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    Everyone has taken positions and they were now waiting for the enemy to come closer. +Alright, we are in position, now sound off.+ The leader said trough the radio. +Haymaker ready.+ Was heard on the radio. +Martyrdom ready.+ +Razor Edge ready and with full focus." +Right, now we wait for them to arrive, I will give the orders trough.+ The leader said. After 5 minutes of waiting for only a small outline of the war machine could be seen in the distance, and even from far away it looked massive, but the enemy vanguards seemed to move further ahead then the machine itself. +Toshkin, how close are they now?+ The leader asked. +They are getting close sir, only-+ He wasn't able to finish his sentence and let out some sort of dead gasp before going silent completely. +Toshkin? Toshkin come in! What happenend to him?+ The leader asked with anger. +He is gone sir, they seem to have sent out cloaked units, Aka Chameleons and trough my scope I only notice some vague outlines before the creature managed to get away.+ Enoch said. +Right, Haymaker, be on guard and check your surroundings. Martyrdom, take cover and wait for my mark, but be on guard as well.+ The leader ordered. But something was going on... And it became apparent real fast, Haymaker squad had to get into fast action, as infected scorpion creatures where swarming towards that group with a good amount of them. But Haymaker wasn't the only one who was under attack, Martyrdom had been targetted as well, but not by those scorpion things, but rather those cloaked enemies wich where referred to as *Chameleons*, which seemed to have been a smart move by the enemy, as some of those creatures had managed to track down the hiding squad without being seen due to their invisibility. 3 Chameleons suddenly charged straight into the squad, only vague outlines of their body where visible when they where really close, but one thing was for certain, the weapons they had where very deadly, as they seemed extremely similar to Maple's Lighting Claws, it could have even been where Maple's claws had come from when Caerson had built her that body. But Razor Edge wasn't that lucky either, because one of the other chameleons had managed to sneak up to the place where Razor Edge was at, and at a sudden move, the Chameleon tackled Festus from the behind, making the 2 of them tumble down a sandhill, only for the chameleon to jump on Festus and Roar in his face, even though the outlines where only visible, the sight of that alone gave it a very menacing appearance, and it didn't help that the breath of the creature was very foul. It was about to strike Festus in the face when suddenly it got blown off him, and a very loud shot rang across the area. Enoch had seen it happen and had shot through the creature's skull with his sniper, saving Festus his life at the very last moment. "You alright there kid?" He asked Festus as he called out from where he was as he got back in looking through his scope, aiming at the enemies from afar. One thing could be gathered from this, these creatures had noticed Festus his fear, and acted out on its instinct, attacking those with fear seemed to be an easier prey then attacking someone who had no fear at all.
  15. Going to play some Eternal Crusade with @Snow


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