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  1. This is a blurb I wrote of a scene completely (and shamelessly) lifted off and ripped off of this: ... ... ... “Stop right there!” Ambrose turned to the direction of shouting voice and saw that it came from Sunset Shimmer. With an ornate wooden box under her arm she is standing by both versions of Twlight Sparkle. With them are their five other human friends, and they all stood at the head of the assembled student body of Canterlot High. “Sunset Shimmer!” the lich cried in acknowledgement. “I was just thinking how great it would be to have an audience and here you all are. You have granted my wish. Good day to you, children.” Sunset stared hard at Ambrose. Holding out the box, she opened it and slowly withdrew its contents. Everyone is gasp in total shock at what they saw she was holding; the tiara holding the one of the elements of harmony. The element of magic! Sunset’s friends are shocked and shakened to their core. Twilight is taken aback, not knowing how to react. She didn’t even know the element was gone in the first place, let alone that Sunset Shimmer had stolen it once again, and she is afraid to wonder what she intends to do with it. The only ones not gawking at Sunset and the Element of Magic in disbelief was the corpse and his retinue. Sunset said sternly and grimly, “Unless your wish is for me to turn into a demon and for you and your gang to turn into charcoal, I suggest you drop that book!” “In this, my greatest hour, I do have another wish. But it’s not that,” Ambrose replied rather jovially, holding up the ancient codex for all to see. “It’s to have a happy reconciliation with the unicorn-girl that gave me purpose. After all, I wouldn’t be the lich I am today if it weren’t for you.” “Your purpose is interdimensional conquest!” Sunset shouted back. “And don’t you blame me for what happened to you!” “I’m merely expressing gratitude.” Sunset eyes narrowed at Ambrose. “I think you should express an apology.” Ambrose laughed. “Oh no, she didn’t. Apologize to you? Pardon me if I say poppycock!” “Then say it!” “Poppycock.” She only narrowed her eyes again, still looking at the standing corpse venomously. “You let us down. You let both our worlds down.” “You let ME down, you hypocrite!” Ambrose shot back with irritation in his voice. “You, who had once complained about not getting desert before dinner, went on and on about how sweet the candy was, then told me to NEVER put it in my mouth and got mad at me when I did!” “If by ‘candy’ you mean ancient forbidden evil, then YES, I told you not to put it in your mouth!” Princess Twilight’s eyebrows furrowed when she at last muster the courage to enter the verbal exchange. “She’s right,” She spoke to the Lich. “It’s like you said. Sunset’s crime was being impatient, but she just wanted to learn things she is just not ready for yet. What you want were dark powers that no one should ever have.” “That may be so, pony princess,” Ambrose replied back to Twilight, “but that doesn’t stop me from wanting it, so...” His skeletal hands begin to undo the bindings of the ancient tome, prompting Sunset raise the purple jeweled tiara over her head. “Don’t move or I’ll incinerate all of you!” “Is that so? I would like to see you try after THIS!” ... ... ... Feed back and criticism is much appreciated.
  2. I have ideas for humans native to Equestria, and they would be humanoid fantasy races. There are the Elves, Pixies and Fairies. Their homelands are the plains and forest regions and they all have the greatest affinity towards magic out of all the humanoid races. Elves are generally tall and lithe, and are divided in number of distinct cultures. The most prominent is the medieval Sidhe, who are powerful magic users and have a warrior culture based around hierarchy and their chivalric code. The other prominent elven culture is the Drow, known for having have no inhibitions towards dark magic. Other cultures are the forest dwelling nymphs and the female dominated Amazons. The petite pixies live under the Sidhe, and the winged fairies live in kingdoms in the forests. There are the Gnomes, short and hairy beings and mostly live in cities in and around the mountains. They have a industrial civilization, known for their mines and forges and are famous craftsmen. Some gnomish city-states have a militaristic culture. There are the Goblins and Hobgoblins. Corse and gnarled beings, Goblins lived deep in the mountains and are often in rivalry with the gnomes. They are regarded as crafty and subtle, and are famous for their shrewd merchants and infamous for their raiders, air-pirates and privateers. The hobgoblins are their smaller cousins. There are the Ogres, giants who also dwell in the mountains if not in the forests. Often allies with goblins, they organize themselves into war bands and citadels and would tend to raid other kingdoms. These races would probably live in a continent on the other side of Equestria, and they may or may not worship Celestia and Luna as goddesses.
  3. The same principle can apply to the Sirens or Twilight. But when Twilight gets involved, it brings up infinite different versions of Equestria.
  4. Imagine if Sunset Shimmer, instead of ending up in Canterlot High, arrived in another universe. Say she appeared in a world where the Cold War has yet to end, and she is recruited by the government (either American or Soviet) to head their "Special Projects Unit" where she spearheaded the development and application of the Occult sciences. This is a universe where her single-mined pursuit of knowledge and power is encouraged, driving her deeper and deeper into the darkest secrets of magic, to the point where she is consorting with malevolent demons and capricious deities. Now imagine our reformed Sunset and her friends encounter this thoroughly corrupted version of herself. Then imagine that there are a infinite number of Sunset Shimmers, appearing in an infinite amount of realities, one where she's involved in the French Revolution, one where she tries to overthrow a victorious Third Reich, one where she back stabs Saruman, one where she works for the Fire Nation, one where she joins the Sith. You can see how the Schrödinger's Cat principle can lead to countless story-telling possibility... What do you think? What stories can you guys come up with?
  5. I'm thinking about building a space opera setting for MLP:FiM and/or Equestria Girls. It's a universe where high magic and high technology co-exist, where optimism clash with cynicism, where galactic powers battle each other for their place in the stars. First I need to figure about the factions involved, and I have some ideas to work out from: There are two main warring factions: Solar Imperium - The Empire. It can either be ruled by a mad despot (like in StarCrafts' Terran Dominion), or be founded by a benevolent monarch but now controlled by a corrupt cabal of aristocrats and politicians (an expy for Warhammer 40K's Imperium). New Stellar Republic - The republic founded by rebels. I have a clearer idea for this faction, as while the idea behind the Republic is noble and just, there is the danger of degrading into a paranoid militaristic police state, similar to what happened in the French Revolution under Robespierre. And there's other factions: Crystal Empire (Princess Cadance) - A star nation recovering from a brutal magical dictatorship. I imagine it being based on the Spanish Empire, with an Latin American baroque aesthetic. Another idea is that the Imperium "liberated" the Crystal Empire only to rule over it as a feudal overlord. Bifrost Federation (Twilight's Kingdom) - A magocratic monarchy, recently freed from Imperial rule. Another idea would be a principality under a feudal vassalage to the Imperium. Sky Nation (Buffalos) - A collective of technologically in advanced (compared to the great galactic powers), yet proud and fierce tribes that resist encroachment by the Imperium and the Republic. They may be nomads that hop around planets without using them up. Everfree Territories (The Deers from the new IDW comic) - Like the Sky Nation, the territories resists the expansion of the other powers. But they are famously masters of genetic engineering, constructing great Dyson trees and bio-ships. Kingdom of Griffon (Griffins) - Another potentially militaristic power. I feel this would be like space Prussia. Changeling Hives (Chrysalis) - Swarm of chameleon-like insectoid aliens bent on conquering the universe for it's resources. Or it could be a rogue, cybernetic-hive-mind faction that excels in infiltration and subterfuge. Diamond Dogs - The most infamous of the great pirate bands that plague the known universe, so called for their affinity for gemstones. Discord - A very power mischief maker. He could be called a cosmic anarchist, but he really more like a guy with magic powers in a Guy Faux mask that just screwing with the waring nations of known space. Sol - Colonial empires and megacorporations, all more or less centered on humanity's home system. ... ... ... The story could be that the interstellar empires "cracked-open" the pocket dimension containing Equestria, pulling Ponies and other species into their star-flung conflicts. The ponies would venture out of their universe and colonize the star around the dimensional breach, making new friends while fighting new enemies. Another idea is that Sunset Shimmer and other Canterlot High Students getting "sucked into" this war-torn galaxy where they have to struggle for survival. I can't help but picture Sunset as Kerrigan from StarCraft, embracing her demon-form in her pursuit of vengeance against the tyrants that used and betrayed her and her friends.
  6. I have some ideas for EG villains: A crazed and power-hungry sorcerer who sees Equestria as a new source of magic. It would represent to Sunset a version of herself that had gone too far to be redeemed. Twilight and her friends might try to change him, but they would then realize that some people just can't be changed for the better. Elves and fairies that are closer to their original, darker mythology. They would be kidnapping students from the school, or even the main characters, and replacing them with changelings. Sunset Shimmer. Not the Sunset we all know and come to love, but another one that landed in different version of the human world, maybe with a victorious Napoleon or a longer lasting Roman Empire, where she is encouraged to dig deeper into the darkest secrets of the occult.
  7. Hypothetically, my reaction would be to grab the pony, take it to the nearest person I can find and ask him/her if he/she too see said pony.
  8. Since ponies in Equestria have human counterparts in Equestria Girls, and we saw ponified cameo of The Big Lebowski characters in The Cutie Pox, which means a pastel colored version of The Big Lebowski exists in the same universe as Equestria Girls. So chances are that Canterlot High is in Los Angeles and Sunset Shimmer and the Humane 5 might run into our favorite bowling stoner and Vietnam veteran.
  9. Not really fan made, but I love egophiliac's older Pound and Pumpkin Cake and his rendition of the g3 ponies. Hasbro, give this guy a job!
  10. So far, based on what I found on the Internet, there are up to six other factions outside the main two Twilight's Friendship Federation The Crystal Empire The Griffins The Changelings Discord Fluttershy's Peace Corps. Knowing Twilight, she would either ally with Celestia or join Cadence and Fluttershy into a third neutral party in an attempt to end the conflict. And I do see the Crystal Empire sitting this battle out rather than just join the Solar Empire. And Discord, after season four, would probably be neutral as well, watching from the sidelines with a bowl of popcorn.
  11. I think the question I want to ask is if factions like Crystal Empire and Friendship Federation are a thing in SE vs. NLR. Is it each alicorn their own faction or what?
  12. Me: "Sunny, I think I speak for all of your fan community (I think) when I say...I think you need better friends." Seriously, though, I hope that Sunset's redemption is not going to keep being a thing, because what more do they want from her? If see is confronted with reminders of her past in, say another power-hungry magic user, than that's great, but I think the Human 5 should be trusting her more by now. At least there's still Vinyl.
  13. There's the popular Solar Empire vs. New Lunar Republic, but are there any other factions now after these four seasons? I seen the Crystal Empire, Twilight's Friendship Federation, the Griffins and the Changelings thrown in the mix.
  14. Thank you for the warm welcome. I hope to have fun, make friends and have interesting conversations here as well. And also... HAPPY 2015!
  15. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rarity How did you find MLP Forums?: I search for MLP forums on google and this seems to be the most prominent one. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: All it took was just getting sucked in through youtube. Believe it or not, I first heard about the whole thing on the radio show "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" And I have been a casual fan ever since. Greetings everyone, everybody, everypony. Das Grunkle at your service.