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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. One of the things I remembered most about BronyCon was this silly mirror in the cosplay lounge. It was always by the door for a last minute check of your costume before heading back into the con. Over the years, it was signed by attendees and has quite a few signatures. I tagged it, too. But, every year, there it was. It was one thing I looked forward to finding each year. With the end of the con, the future of it was uncertain. The staff didn't want to waste their time dealing with it (it was cheap and was donated for that use) to end up trashing it. I went to the BronyCon PTB and was able to buy it. I have it in my MLP collection now and it provides me with memories of my years at BronyCon. Now, is it me or does it resemble the portal mirror? If it is, when it opens, I'm outta here!
  3. Besides running into about every Brony I know, my memory takeaways are: Missing the Gala (I thought it was Saturday) but, right after, I did dance on stage in Octavia fursuit at Bronypalooza in her purple Gala gown! Being in fursuit as Octavia and getting hugged by about half the attendees. Having about a thousand photos of Octavia with the other half of the attendees. Adding one of Octavia's treble clef (&) buttons to the BronyCon memorial. Getting tons of positive comments about Octavia's chain mail bikini. It's sad to see the magic end but the memories will last a lifetime. I came into BronyCon five years ago with 10,011 happy ponies and left it with 10,250 mostly happy ponies.
  4. As a bit of an update: I kinda forgot about this site. That's why I haven't been active. In Feb of 2017, I took GreyPon3 as my name. Went to court and had it changed. Dingo_dash, the vehicle in question is a grey 2003 Chevy Suburban. She's still my Little Grey Pony. I finally started publishing stories on FIMfic. I have an eight page short story with Cadence and Chrysalis. I have a Trixlight story that I'm up to the 5th chapter but haven't updated in a while. I've been going to furry and Brony conventions since 2015 and am enjoying the heck out of it. I have an Octavia fursuit that I wear to both. GreyPon3
  5. Octavia is the most beautiful and classy pony in Equestria. GreyPon3
  6. Thanks, but what I am looking for would look more like: S04E16 Unnamed Earth Pony Stallion #2. This was the blue pony in the band at the foal's birthday party that cursed Rarity replaced with Octavia. Octavia's number would be more like: S01E26 Unnamed Earth Pony Mare #X. Now that she has a name, they probably go by that. But she should still have a number for her. GreyPon3
  7. IIRC, the ponies have a number the artsts can use to look up the ponies with. Does anypony know what Octavia's background pony number was before she was named? Also, What was Vinyl Scratch's BGP number? TIA, GreyPon3
  8. Before Octavia Melody had an official name, she was known by a background pony number. Does anypony know what it was or where to find it? GreyPon3
  9. Tavi and Vinyl are my favourite ponies. I don't see them as rivals or musical snobs. They are both professional musicians that play different genres. Octavia prefers classical music and does not decry Vinyl for liking EDM. There are some songs Vinyl has played and written that Octavia likes. Vinyl likes clubs and electronic music but does Octavia the favour of listening to some of what she plays. There have times Vinyl has had Octavia play on one of her recordings. I do like to see them shipped as a forever couple. The first story I read about them was a very tender love story. Since then, I like to see them together. I cannot stand it when they break up in a story. I get really sad if one of them gets hurt. In an Instant just pulls my heart strings and even thinking about With all my Heart makes me cry.
  10. That is really great for a first grader. Must be a real fan of MLP.
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome, everypony! This is what sets the fans of MLP apart. Like the little guys on the show, the fandom is one of the most accepting groups on the web. I feel that the world could use a big dose of ponydom to cure a lot of its ills. I know that it is helping me. I had my first bout serious of depression at the begining of December and watching the show helps to keep it (somewhat) in check. I also find that writing about mt favourite characters (Octavia and Vinyl) helps. I hope to publish these stories on one of the fan web sites, one day.
  12. GreyPon3

    Vinyl art

    Looks like Vinyl is having a blast at that gig! She so gets into her work. A wonderful picture of Vinyl doing her thing.
  13. Got hit with the edge. We got about 5 inches. Since then, the temps. have ranged from -12f to +51f. Not much of a melt off but the roads are clear. Good luck with you ponies that got hammered.
  14. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: Through a Yahoo search on Octavia. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I was looking for a grey pony toy to use as a spirit pony for my vehicle. I call her My Grey Pony. The registration plate reads GRYPON3. The grey pony I found was Octavia. I found stories about Octavia and Vinyl. They are my favourite ship. I began watching the show not long after season season 4 ended. I work for a large corporation and am now in middle management. Six years until I retire! I became a fan (is there a term other than Pegasister or Brony that is more gender neutral?) of the show late in 2014. I am currently writing some OctaviaxVinyl stories I would like to get online, one day. I like reading the more upbeat O&V stories. I'm not a fan of the sad ones. I do NOT like stories where any ponies get hurt or killed.