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  1. Well I guess I was just unlucky to have found this RP so late Primordus. However on Ice Blizzard's subject yes you would all be like A.K. Yearling probably even better.
  2. Hi now I know it's too late to join but I have read all the rp and it is awesome it's like reading the most epic book ever so well done you guys should consider making this into a book.lol
  3. I feel that we can all mostly agree that it will depend what direction the show goes in, and even if it's bad we can still all talk about how F*$#ING C%^& it was.
  4. Well first I would let Discord cause total chaos then I would trap him become I feared force then expand across the hole world until I ruled over a vast empire and anypony who gets in my way will be made an extremely humiliating example of swiftly followed by them being publicly destroyed with extreme prejudice. So that I now rule the world with an iron hoof and everypony else will be to scared to fight back. Muhahahahahahahahahahaha :sneer: :sneer: :sneer:
  5. Greeting I hope you have a good time here. Also Herd is the correct term but we are all more like friends or family.
  6. Here time great a have you hope I. pinkie pie welcome. COMPLETLY BACKWARDS BEAT THAT. B)
  7. This is defiantly one of the most AWESOME PONIES EVER!!!!
  8. Name: Ticktock Starblast Age: 21 appearance: can find profile at: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/ticktock-starblast-r8126 Species: Unicorn
  9. I have noticed a floor in the backstory which is that it states he is less magically powerful then Trixie however he can beat ursa's however Trixie was never able too.
  10. Steel Accord that is exactly what I was getting at and I agree in would have made the central message stronger.
  11. I think the only noticeable thing Flash had a hand in was the first film when he told vice-principle Luna that the photos were forged and to be honest that roll could have been done by anyone.
  12. Well in my opinion it is hard to tell whether it is headcannon or not I think the only way to really be sure is either to ask the creaters themselves or to see whether it ever has any impact on the show.
  13. Yes many thanks to you all.
  14. My new catchphrase: Stay pony my friends.

  15. Help! Well first off I have not seen the answer I was looking for anywhere, so if it has been answered already please don't give me hate. My problem is I am not sure how to change my blank flank status all I know is it has something to do with posts so is it how many active posts I have made or just posts generally any help would be most appreciated. Many Thank, Nexus And as always: Stay pony my friends.
  16. Skylord Nexus

    Hello Everypony

    Greeting I hope you have a great time here friend.
  17. Skylord Nexus


    Thanks I will remember the kindness I have been shown here always.
  18. Hi pinkie fan welcome. personally I feel I am I little like pinkie because I am crazy ,unpredictable and love to party. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Skylord Nexus

    hi im new

    Hi Bryce and welcome to the forum. enjoy your self just don't party so hard you crash the forum because that's what pinkie would probably do. :lol: ^_^
  20. Skylord Nexus

    I'm new here

    Hi welcome to the forums Applejack lover and have a good time and enjoy your stay.
  21. Skylord Nexus


    :DWell gees thank you everyone for giving me such a warm reception Thank you soooooooooooo much.
  22. Skylord Nexus


    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash How did you find MLP Forums?: Google Search How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Well at first I watched an episode as a joke but actually found it pretty cool awesome in fact and I have been a fan ever since. Hi Well for one I am a Brony and I am a very nervous person. I am a secret Brony and I am afraid to say it to people because I will get bullied for it so I have joined this forum to talk to more amazing people that are into MLP as much as I am. So until I next speak again: Keep pony my friends. :)
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