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  3. I was surprised that there was snow Equestrian magic problem to solve for once. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed this comedic collection of stories with separate narratives. It was interesting to see the human world's equivalent of Hearth's Warming and the Humane 7 dealing with normal friendship stuff like a typical MLP episode. All of the heist, Apple Bloom's pet worm montage and Zephyr Breeze actually being helpful were my favorite parts.
  4. How appropriate that my 100th post is on the third and conclusive part of the series finale! This was a decent episode, but I feel like it didn't leave much to the imagination. Presumably set about 20 years in to the future, it feels detached from everything I've come to know about this world and its characters. We've already seen Twilight get her wings and Spike get his wings. Rainbow Dash is a Wonderbolt, Fluttershy has the sanctuary, Rarity has the boutique, Starlight is the headmare.... oh yeah, and AJ still has her hat. With all this change throughout the series, was such a drastic time skip necessary? R.I.P. Granny Smith? Damn, that's sad. Realistic, but sad. It's totally plausible that Pinkie and Cheese could have developed romantic feelings for each other during the time skip, but I can't just invest in a ship without seeing its foundation or having an existing bias towards it, which I didn't. Manly Spike's "WHAT?!" sounded weird. I guess Cathy isn't accustomed to his deeper voice. It was a good effort though. So many years of character development and none of us get to see it. I get what the moral was going for, that change is both inevitable and a part of life. The end of MLP is definitely a big change for us bronies. I was 12 years old when Season 1 started. I have watched this show loyally for almost half of my current life span. From Season 1 to 9, we've seen these characters learn so much about friendship and at the end of last episode, they're the characters in whom I'm invested. Change happens, whether it's good or bad, but it happens gradually. The start and the end aren't as important as everything that happens in between. That said, as far as gratuitous time skip finales go, this wasn't terrible. The flashbacks to Twilight's coronation were just what I needed to stay invested in the plot. Even in the unfamiliar future, the song was a great emotional way to end the series. Middle-aged Rarity has a grey streak in her mane. Hmmm, I wonder if that means she's the oldest of the Mane 6? My Little Pony may have reached its end, but My Little Human isn't quite over. I'm definitely tuning in for more Equestria Girls next week! I also found out today about the upcoming sequel to the MLP movie, which I hope can provide the closure this series deserves. So there's definitely more exciting content to look forward to! A lot of shows have a focus on the subject of friendship, but none that go as deep as MLP. Friendship is such an elaborate and wonderful thing. To paraphrase Twilight, there will always be darkness. There will always be sadism and prejudice in our hearts. But with generosity, kindness, laughter, honesty, loyalty and magic, we can overcome our vices and change for the better. The show will live on in us and the morals we have learned.
  5. This was an epic finale with a lot of surprising plot twists. From the start, there's the reveal that Grogar, the intimidating and cunning villain who was supposed to be the final boss, is actually Discord in disguise. I didn't see that coming! In retrospection, his involvement in the season premiere and episode 17 was definitely foreshadowing but it was so subtle that I couldn't figure it out. I guess his plan was that he would use the bell as a failsafe, let the triumvirate run loose and only intervene if the Mane 6 couldn't handle them. Too bad he didn't foresee them using the bell against him. I wonder if there was more to his motive than just initiating Twilight as ruler of Equestria, like maybe he thought that uniting such likeminded villains, they would reform on their own through the magic of friendship. In episode 8, that almost happened. I predicted that was foreshadowing for their redemption in the finale but it could have been their last chance, rejected. Ironically, Cozy's and Chrysalis' acknowledgement of the magic of friendship, as shown in Season 8 episode 13 and Cozy's whole arc, may have made them more resistant to redemption. Past villains, after exposure to the magic of friendship, see the error in their ways and pursue friendship as an alternative to evil. Cozy and Chrysalis pursued friendship as means to commit greater evil, although Chrysalis didn't really care about friendship like Cozy did. Tirek naturally became more susceptible to friendship as the result of Cozy's influence on him and it's ultimately Chrysalis' fault that they didn't get redeemed, saying crazy things like how the magic of friendship is "corrupt" to deter them. Their betrayal of Grogar reminded me of the Mean 6's betrayal of Chrysalis. Starlight as a villain was pro-friendship as well. However, in her case she just misunderstood it and in the Season 5 finale, she turned her back on it after blaming it for Sunburst's abandonment of her as a filly. She was more of an antivillain than a kind of villain who does evil for evil's sake. So her redemption was inevitable and 4 seasons later, she's the successor to Twilight as headmare of the School of Friendship. Her fight with Chrysalis in the tundra was awesome and shows that even though prodigal ponies like Starswirl and Twilight are more adept in the utility of magic, Starlight is the best magic fighter! I believe that she could have easily won that fight if she hadn't let her guard down at the end. It makes sense that Cozy can't control Discord's chaos magic. Chaos by nature isn't typically something that can be controlled so somepony calling herself the Empress of Friendship isn't going to get it. Discord is the spirit of chaos, his magic is the product of his own imagination and it's cool how Pinkie is chaotic enough to use it, albeit not without going crazy. I was glad to see the return of the chocolate rain from the Season 2 premiere. I expected Grogar to revive Sombra to collect on their pact but obviously that didn't happen since Grogar is Discord and the situation was bad enough without adding another dangerous villain. What I predicted to be a finale with Grogar and Sombra as the final bosses with the triumvirate joining the Mane 6 was totally wrong and that's awesome! It wasn't cliche and it wasn't contrived either. It was cool to see all the cameos like Tempest when all the ponies, yaks, griffons and other creatures showed up in the climax to give their support to the Mane 6. For not just the finale to the season but rather to the whole series, it was appropriate and symbolic for all of these characters uniting around them to show that the magic of friendship wasn't just something shared by the Mane 6. Their friendship spread "like a contagious disease" as Chrysalis put it, through Ponyville, Equestria and beyond. Despite the fitting analogy, their friendship was the cure, not the disease. It gave them the strength they needed to triumph. Chrysalis now knows a more ailing disease and it's called petrification! Who knows how long they will be entombed in stone? To Be Continued in the Episode 26 discussion thread....
  6. This was a sweet romantic Big Mac and Sugar Belle focus episode that concludes their story arc with their wedding, the ultimate expression of true love between ponies. Discord's presence is welcome as always. The part where Apple Bloom leaned was a humorous reference to the bar scene in Season 8 Episode 10. I guess Big Mac taught her about that. I appreciated the symbolism of Big Mac's and Sugar Belle's dual proposal under the Apple and Pear family trees. Hopefully, their marriage will be long and happy! In case further implication of their homosexuality was needed, this episode also features the secondary dual proposal of Lyra and Bonbon. Their relationship has escalated a lot since their platonic friendship portrayed in Episode 100. Definitely happy for them and especially Big Mac and Sugar Belle. It was a good decision to focus on them for the last non-apocalyptic episode. Which means next episode (and it's a 3-part arc, wow!) is that time.
  7. This was an entertaining Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Daring Do focus episode. Caballeron published a book under the alias Q.Q. Martingale to libel Daring Do who was always portrayed heroically in A.K.'s books. Despite his lack of credibility, his claims of Daring Do's less heroic characteristics were partially true. A.K. Yearling and Daring Do are the same pony so I guess she tried to cover it up to make her books sell better. Out of kindness, Fluttershy decided to give Caballeron the benefit of the doubt (hence the title) and accompany his crew on an expedition to retrieve the Truth Talisman. They would surely have been cat food without her as her talent for taming animals proved to be vital to their survival. Rainbow Dash and Daring Do pursued them to warn Fluttershy about Caballeron's hidden motive. They were briefly snared by Ahuizotl who assumed they evaded his cats which they never saw thanks to Fluttershy. Caballeron's crew reached the chamber with the talisman and Caballeron pretended to lament their need for a pegasus to retrieve it. Presuming the talisman was affected by an anti-magic aura to stop unicorns, I guess any winged creature could have taken it. This was his original reason for letting Fluttershy tag along but after repaying the favor for saving them earlier and retrieving the talisman, Rainbow Dash and Daring Do arrived and demanded the truth. Under its influence, he couldn't resist and admitted lying to Fluttershy but also that he had grown to value her kindness. Ahuizotl caught up with them and forced them in to a corner. Once more, Fluttershy, the clear MVP of the episode, attempted the friendship approach by asking him why he was chasing them. We get some interesting backstory about him which wasn't covered in Daring Do's books, which instead portrayed him as a simple evil bad guy. He may have been ruthless in his actions, but he was merely protecting his property and from his perspective, Daring Do and Caballeron were both villains. Whether they sought the artifacts for prizes, money or fame, they had no right to take them. This wasn't a derelict tomb full of skeletons, this was Ahuizotl's domain. He was very much alive and he was justified in trying to protect it. Overall, this was a great episode with an important moral that facts can be warped in fiction depending on the writer. It takes a third person perspective to see a character more objectively but since Daring Do was a self-insert, A.K. may have twisted it a little. The conclusion was gratifying with Daring Do, Caballeron and Ahuizotl all selling their own takes on the story so the readers can judge them from all sides. They're all on the same page now (haha, get it?) and any adventures they have in the future should hopefully be in abandoned sites.
  8. This was an excellent Starlight, Trixie and Phyllis focus episode. Sure, Trixie was one of the worst possible candidates for headmare, save for Spoiled who has no friendship qualities, but I don't blame her for calling out Grandpa Gruff. He's a terrible guardian and Gallus deserves better. I believe that if Trixie had conferenced with one of the other families, she may have passed Stage 2 on her merit since conferencing is similar to counselling. Her "great and powerfulness" would make her a great match for dragons. I enjoyed Starlight scolding Trixie after the flash bees since everything she said was justified which is often the case when Trixie goes too far with her magic. However, Starlight doubted Trixie's competency from the start so she should have been straight with her as Twilight points out. Hiring a vice headmare was inspired by Trixie so it makes sense that she would assume Starlight made the position for her. Every interaction between Starlight and Phyllis was great comedy! Imagine if Trixie threw Boulder in the trash can. She wouldn't be a headmare, since Maud would make her.... a deadmare! BTW, Maud should totally be a teacher, she has a rocktorate. Fortunately, Starlight repaired Phyllis' vase once already, so she can do it again. Overall, a humorous episode with an important moral about making unbiased judgements.
  9. Okay so I've been preoccupied with video game problems recently but I had to say something about this episode as a Spike/Rarity shipper. Objectively, I can't find much fault in this story and I'll elaborate on that later so my personal issue with this is the way it seems to undo the progress made in Best Gift Ever. I could relate to Rarity as Spike stopped giving her attention and while he had no obligation to hang out with her, he should have acknowledged her at least. Rarity was also wrong when she persuaded him not to hang out with Gabby. However, the way Gabby reacted was no better since Spike has no obligation to hang out with her either. The whole point of Season 3 episode 3 was that friends don't have to hang out all the time so a lot of this episode was Rarity and Gabby getting jealous over Spike. Overall, I don't think it's a bad episode, but not good. I'm conflicted. There were some humorous moments like Twilight's annoyance with Rarity misplacing her couch and Rarity's melodramatic apologies. Nopony does melodrama better than her. There were are few moments that reinforced Spike/Rarity such as the last scene but I think they were overshadowed by Spike's OOC indifference to Rarity. Nevertheless, it's an episode focused on my favorite pony and dragon and has a nice moral about sharing, so I can't regret watching it. I'd rather watch this than Season 5 episode 11 which remains my most disliked episode to this day. Y'know, that's cool, I actually thought the same thing!
  10. This was a decent Fluttershy and Angel focus episode, probably the first Angel focus episode in existence. It's the second time after Gummy's internal monologue in episode 100 that we get some insight in to what a domesticated animal is thinking, except Angel is able to express his thoughts through words, using Fluttershy's capacity for speech. Meanwhile, Fluttershy can now only communicate with Angel, leaving her feeling lonely and desperate to undo the swap. Seeing Angel speak through Fluttershy's voice was definitely surreal and humorous. The problem with juggling the sanctuary and the school is addressed. Fluttershy has little time to tend to Angel and this makes him feel jealous towards the other animals. When she becomes an adviser to Princess Twilight Sparkle, how will she have time for anything else? Overworking is bad for health. It seems like Zecora set the whole thing up since I'm sure she would understand the difference between a regular gecko and a fire lizard. How did she even know Fluttershy and Angel were having a friendship problem and why did she deem it her responsibility to deal with it? This is something I would expect more from Starlight, who has often used the most controversial solutions to disputes. Also, counseling is actually her career. Overall, an entertaining albeit slightly contrived episode. Considering Angel's bad publicity with fans, I think this did a good job at making him appear more sympathetic. And he ships Fluttershy/Discord, which is pretty humorous, especially for some shippers.
  11. This was an awesome and unexpected episode focused on both the Legion of Doom, as they sabotage the SSC to infiltrate Canterlot Castle and steal a book, and the Mane 6, as they attempt to restore order. It also progresses the season's story arc. Discord refrains from doing anything "Discordy" which is good since the Legion of Doom got that covered. The Mane 6 once more beg Discord to solve their problem but as their unofficial mentor, he declines and consequentially facilitates the moral. AJ, in what has now become a running gag, didn't need to learn anything. She already knew honesty was the solution and only went along with the plan since everypony else insisted that telling Twilight the truth was a bad idea. Honesty is underrated. Seriously, why is AJ not the Princess of Friendship? I appreciate the continuity with references to the Swanifying (I thought the swans were cute) and showing that Shining's security system has been put in effect, presumably with an additional measure to prevent inside threats as Luna proved was necessary. Nevertheless, the Legion of Doom, with their unique paradigm of abilities, are more effective at breaking and entering than the Mane 6. They also had the element of surprise. It was humorous how Cozy used a book with a key on its front to break the chain around the book they were looking for. Both sides are successful. The SSC wasn't ruined, Twilight displayed better control of the sun and moon amulet, declared a new holiday and the Legion of Doom pull off their heist without getting detected. According to Cozy, Tirek had to return the magic he stole from the Earth Ponies to avoid suspicion from Grogar. But isn't that something bad guys just do? Like, isn't it plausible for Tirek to sap some magic since he's evil and he felt like it? Or is staying incognito necessary for Grogar to maintain the element of surprise when he executes his revenge? Anyway, they now have the book they needed to understand how the bell works, which means everything is in place for the finale and I'm curious about Grogar's backup plan. Y'know, he may regret sending them to retrieve his bell when it becomes his own undoing.
  12. This was a humorous and novel Twilight and Pinkie focus episode. Pinkie was great. I really liked her comedic and optimistic portrayal in contrast to Twilight Twilighting over what should have been an innocuous game of general knowledge. Pinkie just wanted to try her best and have a good time regardless of the outcome and Twilight's obsession with perfection, streaks and winning ruined that for her. Everybody likes to win, but victory is hollow without the Element of Laughter. There was a question about apples and a question about Daring Do's hat and somehow, AJ the apple and hat enthusiast was unable to answer either of them. It's not surprising that Granny Smith's look of disappointment prompted her to hide in her hat in shame. Out of the Mane 6, Rarity is the only pony absent. Maybe they should have had a category about fashion. The interactive potential was cool with some of the questions being about stuff bronies may know and that allows us to participate in the game as well. I was impressed that some of the questions were kind of obscure like the inclusion of Scorpan in addition to the more notorious Tirek as a 2 part answer. I like how it rotated between a range of diverse categories instead of grounding itself in a single absurdly specialized category that expects ponies to know completely arbitrary and pointless details about random stuff. This was actually interesting and educational, especially for ponies who are a little rusty with the lore. After Sunburst immediately apologized for his failed attempt to get Twilight disqualified, Twilight realized she had been a hypocrite and a bad friend to Pinkie due to putting her own personal success above the happiness of her friend. Fortunately, they were able to work it out and rejoin the game from zero, a handicap that probably cost them the game. Twilight stopped Twilighting about her streak and let Pinkie play as she saw fit. We don't know who won but it's unlikely TwiPie made a comeback which is okay since the moral was about having a good time. Winning is just a bonus and it's important to remember why we play games at all, for the experience and the gratification that comes from giving it everything you got without trying to manipulate or cheat the system to artificially mitigate the difficulty.
  13. I haven't discussed Equestria Girls content before. However, I think this special and most of the other specials were really cool and necessary to expand on the lore and characters of the human realm following the first 4 movies. Sunset has been one of my favorite characters since her first appearance as a good guy in Rainbow Rocks and although Native Twilight seemed pointless in the last 2 movies, I appreciate these specials giving her some purpose and making her feel like part of the team. Native Spike is still just your average talking dog, unfortunately. That sensitive security guard is now one of my favorite background humans. So many problems can be solved with kittens. The plot with the temporal loop reminded me of Edge of Tomorrow and it was interesting to see how Sunset used her chances. She got to see Post Crush on her third attempt but it wasn't the perfect day she thought it was since she was a terrible friend to Pinkie, who didn't even know she would get them kicked out. I didn't expect the twist that Post Crush were resetting the day and not the Dazzlings. I liked the climactic scene with Sunset destroying the Time Twirler and convincing them that having fun is more important than perfection. I think the moral had better execution than Rollercoaster of Friendship since the villain wasn't just trying to be perfect, she was abducting people and had no respect for their free will. Sunset also learned her lesson as she finally got to see (and perform with) Post Crush with Pinkie like she planned, without actually following the plan. She humored Pinkie's distractions and they both got to enjoy their perfect "Day 1" together. Those crowbar churros look way more edible than they actually are though. Nice observation about Post Crush. I enjoyed their song. Like you and Twilight, I also thrive on order. Even Pinkie is a party planner. To live in chaos is to accept uncertainty which can be very difficult. But you're correct. That's why Pinkie always finds a way to make it work, she can plan and improvise. Sometimes, the shoot first, aim later approach just works. "Never let plans and schedules distract you from living." is profound and someday, I will learn to navigate the chaos. Thanks for the inspiration, dude.
  14. This was an intriguing Scootaloo focus episode which provides us with a revelation that many have been waiting for: Scootaloo's parents (and aunts). Snap Shutter's and Aunt Holiday's accent suggests that Scootaloo has lineage outside Equestria. This may explain the daredevil behavior of Scootaloo and her parents as the real life counterpart of Snap Shutter's birthplace is a country called Australia located in the southern hemisphere. Often considered the most dangerous country on Earth, it's inhabited by venomous and deadly creatures forcing settlers to the outskirts. Its government is also extremely anti-smoking as it was the first to introduce plain tobacco packaging as a deterrent to new smokers. As you can see, this country is not for the faint of heart or tobacco enthusiasts. Unfortunately, there's currently no name for its Equestrian equivalent. I noticed a lot of discussion regarding the aunts' sexuality and despite apparent confirmation, there's nothing really to imply their homosexuality. The Hearts and Hooves Day exchange between Lyra and Bonbon was more homosexual. I just presumed Lofty was Allgood's sister or Holiday's half sister. I mean, it's entirely possible for Lofty to be an aunt by marriage like Peter Parker's aunt but it's not something that I inferred. Unlike Maud and Mud, nopony acknowledges that they are together. Scootaloo mentions her father having a scar on his right cheek, but I didn't see it. The moral was simple but good. A Cutie Mark is a pony's destiny and their calling in life and it's not something they can just forsake. Scootaloo can't up and leave her fellow Crusaders to live with her parents, she must stay to continue helping other blank flanks find their special talent. That's what gives her life meaning. Likewise, her parents can't live in Ponyville with their daughter. They have important jobs as well. But no matter how far apart, their bonds won't be broken and it's interesting that Snap Shutter already understood half of the moral when he said the CMC would stay friends regardless of their parting. It just took the appreciation day to make him understand that it was he and Allgood who had to part from her. Overall, a gratifying climax to the CMC story arc.
  15. This was an enjoyable Starlight focus episode featuring Maud, my favorite background pony. It was nice to see Mud Briar again, he can always be depended on for his infallible sense of logic. We're reminded that the virtually expressionless Maud is a talented comedian as she delivers that unexpected search party joke and her reaction to her boyfriend getting turned to stone was amusing in a mildly disturbing kind of way. At least he turned out okay in the end. The moral was good. There's a time for work and a time for play. Starlight should give her all for the students during school hours but like anycreature, a counselor experiences problems as well and Starlight learned she needs to take care of herself and enjoy hanging out with her friends. Silverstream asking how to describe showers and towels was a nice throwback to the stairs fascination from the S8 premiere. There's still a lot of stuff hippogriffs need to relearn after spending so much time underwater. It's cool how Silverstream really appreciates these simple things that landlubbers like myself usually take for granted. Stairs are actually more useful than we give them credit for. They're not just means of gradual traversal, they're also much healthier and mentally enriching than standing idly on an escalator. Towels of course are a great way to absorb water to dry off faster. Although I think it would be more convenient if we could just steam clean like robots without needing to get wet. Maybe this could be a viable option for dragons, since their scales are heat resistant.