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  3. Sh Pie

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    This was a tolerable season finale, probably the least satisfying so far. It had a lot of problems. Like the S6 finale, the Mane 6 were useless and in the background. Even worse, their attempt to escape made it seem like they were still going to be important later, but after using the creatures' magic to unlock the door, Twilight immediately declares they failed. They could have been trapped in Tartarus and the climax wouldn't have changed. With magic restored, they would have escaped anyway and Twilight could just teleport everypony to the school. Their focus was meaningless. These are the protagonists we're talking about here, surely they should be in the foreground for these important end of the world plots. Even Starlight and the CMC were useless. The Student 6 shouldn't have been the heroes to save the day since they're essentially supporting characters like the CMC used to be and they haven't been around for longer than a season. I am left with more questions than answers. So Cozy Glow isn't Chrysalis or a relative of Neighsay, rather she's just a random filly who for some reason is on a power trip and tried to use friendship to conquer Equestria? Where is the backstory? Why is she evil? Unlike the S5 finale, which explained why Starlight was a villain, we don't actually learn anything about Cozy and her motivations. Also, doesn't locking her up in Tartarus: 1) Contradict the moral of the S7 finale that bad guys can be redeemed without banishment or imprisonment? 2) Reduce her chance of rehabilitation by putting her in a cell adjacent to one of the most evil bad guys ever? 3) Seem extreme considering she's just a poor misguided filly? After restraining the Student 6, Neighsay declares himself headstallion and that the school will be pony only "as nature intended". I'm not sure what he meant by this considering that creatures besides ponies do exist in nature. Perhaps he thought he was enforcing some kind of natural order of society by running the school according to the EEA's rules. Although, enforcing something doesn't really sound natural and sure enough, the students instantly mutinize him. He should choose his words more carefully. On an unrelated note, I thought Sandbar maybe could have gave his friends a wink wink gesture to let them know his bluff. At least Yona had faith in him. Overall, this finale has left me wanting more, not in a good way. Usually, a finale would end with an upbeat song about friendship or everypony being happy and closer together. Instead, it's almost like the show itself acknowledges how anticlimactic this all is, by Cozy taking the focus in the last scene before the credits. Whatever the writers may have in store for this character next season, I feel like I should have seen it already, like her arc is deliberately being stretched out when it could have been resolved more smoothly. Despite my heavy criticism of this finale, I did like Cozy's callback to Neighsay's line about using friendship as a weapon and that's exactly what happened. If only her plan was better executed.
  4. Sh Pie

    Spoiler S08:E23 - Sounds of Silence

    This was an entertaining Cutie Map episode focusing on AJ and Fluttershy and introducing a never before seen race of pony esque creatures, the kirin and its enraged form, nirik (which is actually kirin spelled backwards although others more experienced in Chinese folklore may have came to that observation before me). I can really relate to Autumn's feelings about how she was going crazy from being incapable of sound and having nopony to talk to. Overly long and unnatural silences are the worst! I don't mind not talking for a little while, when I'm alone or have nothing much to say, provided there is a source of sound elsewhere such as television or video games. Otherwise, it just makes me anxious and I rarely feel anxious. If I were in Autumn's place for all that time, I imagine it would have been so lonely and boring. That's probably what suppressed their feelings, losing their voices was the catalyst and the following silence eroded their minds until they just felt empty inside. Autumn's song was awesome, it's the kind of song that I would listen to like A Changeling Can Change or Smile. Overall, I appreciate the moral that was addressed in this episode since it's important that we don't shy away from conversation even if it means emotional distress since there are ways to mitigate or remedy such problems without resorting to drastic ineffective solutions like denying them the right to express their honest feelings. I think AJ was definitely the right pony for this mission. She would never stay quiet if she had something to say, she would just say it and accept the consequences.
  5. Sh Pie

    Spoiler S08:E22 - What Lies Beneath

    This was an interesting episode with lots of revelations and mysteries. The Student 6 being tested by the Tree of Harmony (which is now confirmed to be 100% sentient as I and others previously speculated) gave me vibes of Season 1 episode 2, where the Mane 6 were tested in their respective Elements. I should probably talk about Cozy Glow since I didn't post on either of the 2 episodes she appeared in excluding this episode. Others have strongly implied and predicted that she is secretly evil and I must concur. Even in her debut, her crying about how much she sucks at friendship conveniently outside the CMC's treehouse seemed fake, like she was only using the CMC for a hidden agenda. Then she deliberately fails the test resulting in the CMC's expulsion from the campus. In her next episode, while she doesn't actually do anything suspicious, her timely appearance in the last scene after Twilight wonders how Flim and Flam got her book must be foreshadowing. And now we have this episode with her "complimenting" the Student 6 and pleading them not to tell Twilight about the secret dungeon beneath the school. There's also Neighsay's line from an earlier episode about creatures using friendship as a weapon to which Twilight replied "How can friendship be used as a weapon?!" I think that sounds a lot like what Chrysalis tried to do in the mid season finale and possibly what Cozy is scheming to do next since she obviously has an ulterior motive for attending the School of Friendship and she has everycreature fooled by her innocent filly act. This leads me to 2 possible conclusions: Either she is Chrysalis in disguise after her first attempt to weaponize friendship failed, or Neighsay's daughter, sent as a double agent to sabotage the school. These are just my speculations and could be proven wrong but I think they're both very plausible explanations for Cozy's odd behavior. The Tree of Friendship won't be fooled by a bunch of discordant doppelgangers but maybe somepony who actually attends a school that specializes in teaching friendship could succeed. It's kind of scary, the concept of using a friendship as a weapon, I'm intrigued to find out how this plot will end.
  6. Sh Pie

    S08:E20 - The Washouts

    This was an amazing Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo focus episode. It blew my mind seeing Lightning Dust return, totally unexpected and bad*ss! I also enjoyed the comedic scene with Spitfire repeatedly yelling at Scootaloo in something akin to royal Canterlot voice, which was later humorously imitated by Lightning Dust. The moral was executed nicely as Rainbow Dash learned that keeping her honorary little sis out of harm is more important than getting all envious, maybe even a little jealous, about her idolizing anypony else. And Scootaloo learned a different kind of lesson, about the importance of safety. Sure, the Washouts' stunts are pretty cool, but they're trained bad*asses and Scootaloo is still just an inexperienced filly. My only minor disappointment was Lightning Dust not getting redeemed yet. Couldn't Rainbow Dash or Twilight have given her the friendship speech just before she rocketed away? However, Lightning Dust and Rainbow Dash declared themselves rivals for life in that moment, which gives me hope. Rivals are somewhere between enemies and frenemies, a relationship founded on mutual respect for each other's talents despite not liking each other very much. It would be cool if they became frenemies, that kind of dynamic hasn't really been tackled in this show. It's actually quite common in real life as well as other franchises. Overall, I think this episode is a highlight of the season so far.
  7. Sh Pie

    S08:E19 - Road to Friendship

    This was a great Starlight and Trixie focus episode, which has surprised me. For once, Trixie was the victim of somepony else and I actually felt bad for her when Starlight sold her wagon without consent, since that's not something a friend should do, especially after Trixie referring to her wagon as her best friend. It would be like Pinkie selling Boulder, she would never do that to Maud. Usually, Trixie is responsible for the problems. Not this time. I gain even more respect for her now after redeeming herself for her evil past. It was humorous how Starlight and Maud tried to parody Twilight's and Cadence's chant, which was a nice throwback to something that hasn't been seen in a while. I wouldn't be opposed to more episode like this provided Trixie is portrayed sympathetically as she was here and the comedy is good. Overall, an unexpectedly enjoyable episode.
  8. Sh Pie

    S08:E18 - Yakity-Sax

    This was a nice episode. The Yovidaphone is an exotic instrument that makes some very unusual music. I thought the moral of doing what you like even if you suck at it was similar to that CMC episode where they enjoyed doing activities while acknowledging they didn't have any talent for them and also the Rumble focus episode where he wanted a CM in flying so much that he dismissed the possibilities of trying new things. While I appreciated how Pinkie's friends accepted that playing the yovidaphone, however poorly, made her happy, I should add that her music was the cause of a lot of unintentional destruction and annoyance throughout Ponyville which wasn't really resolved in the ending. Perhaps in the future, Pinkie should consider how her actions affect everypony around her since she can sometimes be a little oblivious to stuff like that. It was humorous when Twilight was about to cast a spell to make Pinkie think she was good and AJ reminded her of what happened last time. AJ is always good at giving constructive advice. Friendship is magic, but magic isn't friendship, I guess.
  9. Sh Pie

    S08:E15 - The Hearth's Warming Club

    This was a good Hearth's Warming episode focusing on the Student 6 and their cultural holidays. It's like the difference between Christmas and Hanukkah in real life. I think that's a good analogy. Their holidays may be different but in spirit, they are similar. Except for dragons. It was nice to see the students interact more since I think there's a lot of potential in these characters as a secondary focus group like the CMC and there's a lot we don't know about them. Gallus' backstory was sad. I thought the Dragonlands were rough but Griffonstone takes it to another level. Granted, at least they're trying with the whole truce thing but it's nothing close to conventional pony style friendship. Gallus has no family, doesn't know what cousins are and lives alone with his not-grandpa Grandpa Gruff who doesn't seem to like him either. Must suck to be a griffon in this world. I appreciated Twilight sparing him the extra friendship lessons since his honesty and recognition of his wrongdoing surely constitutes as a lesson. It's like the premiere, all the friendship lessons in this school happen out of class, how ironic.
  10. Sh Pie

    S08:E14 - A Matter of Principals

    This was a great Starlight and Discord focus episode to start the second half of Season 8. I liked the part where Iron Will as the substitute teacher made Yona become aggressive about friendship. Discord knows how to entertain! However Starlight's choice is questionable as well. Trixie may know a lot about magic but she's still just a friendship novice. Is she really the best candidate compared to a Wonderbolt and a Doctor? I think Starlight is a little biased whereas Discord chose substitute teachers objectively based on their capacity for chaos. I like that about Discord, he's a pragmatic guy. Starlight using her magic to banish Discord was a cool display of her potential and maybe a little OOC given her perspective on banishment in the Season 7 finale. I guess that was the point though, since she was acting as an authority rather than a guidance councillor. And so she learns her lesson about looking for the reason behind an action and offers Discord a place in the school. Overall, an enjoyable episode of conflict and resolution between 2 very different characters. And then.... Ditto. I thought it would be another pair of episodes occurring simultaneously. A surprising subversion indeed.
  11. Sh Pie

    S08:E13 - The Mean 6

    This was a surprising episode. I didn't expect to see Chrysalis in the mid season finale. Similar to Discord's return in Season 3 except he was (mostly) reformed. Using evil doppelgangers of the Mane 6 to steal the Elements of Harmony was a good idea in theory, however, they weren't attuned to those Elements at all so the Tree of Harmony took their lives. Liarjack's elaborate lies were actually kind of funny, especially the one about the secret password. The Mean 6's interactions with the Mane 7 caused chaos and misunderstandings between the Mane 7 but it was nice to see them resolve their problems even if they didn't really come to the correct conclusion for why these misunderstanding occurred. I think in the season finale, Chrysalis will return once more and the Mane 7 will find out about her failed plan then. Twilight's line about their friendship being strong enough to take on the world and the end scene where Chrysalis flies towards the moon might be foreshadowing for that. I can't predict what will happen to Chrysalis. Starlight would probably object to destroying or banishing her and I don't think she can be redeemed so easily. The Changeling Kingdom has a new ruler now so there's not really any place for her right now. Makes me think, if Starlight were with the Mane 6 in Season 4, that the Tirek fight would've ended very differently. We've seen with ponies in the past like Zesty that sometimes friendship doesn't work and the only option at the time is to oppose them. Unless the show has a redemption planned for her in the future, I doubt it. It was interesting how the Tree of Harmony reacted to the Mean 6. Like it knew they weren't genuine. It reminds me of the Cutie Map, always knowing when and where a friendship problem will occur, somehow. Either these ancient artifacts are sentient or they have some kind of complex magical programming. Who knows? Maybe Starswirl The Bearded.
  12. Sh Pie

    S08:E11 - Molt Down

    Finally, the dragon gets his wings! That was completely unexpected! I always figured Spike would mature physically although I never thought it would happen the way it did. It was very climactic how he got his wings at the right moment when Rarity, his crush, was in peril once more just like when he grew giant from greed. They gave him the ability to fly and save her from the predatory roc. This major twist has changed the show forever in the same way as Twilight when her wings formed. There's actually a lot of similarities between their character development paths and in retrospect, it's funny that a previous currently underrated Spike focus episode is called Princess Spike. Since pony princesses are all alicorns and Spike considers himself an honorary pony after clashing with mean dragon culture. This episode also reminds me of the CMC getting their Cutie Marks which was also a big deal and the convincing redemption of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. So where can this go from here for Spike after the molt? Well, he can fly now, however we have yet to know anything substantial about his past. I think it's time to focus on his backstory and origins. How he came to be in the care of Celestia and later Twilight. It's a loose end right now that would be interesting to explore, there's so much potential there.
  13. Sh Pie

    S08:E10 - The Break Up Break Down

    As expected from Discord, this episode was pretty awesome. I loved the scene in the bar when he was teaching Spike and Big Mac the art of cool leaning. Their dynamic is really natural and brings a lot of humor. Of course there was also the sideplot with my favorite cute CMC trying to find her non-existent secret admirer after receiving the pie intended for Sugar Belle. It's interesting how easily a misunderstanding can be caused when 2 ponies have really similar names. Big Mac on the other hand should've just talked to his girlfriend instead of immediately jumping to the conclusion that she was going to dump him. This is the typical cliche you see in soap operas all the time. It's not a bad trope when used in moderation though and here it's important to teach viewers the moral. It was also a funny moment when Big Mac starts leaning unconsciously as he pre-emptively breaks up with her and then Sugar Belle calling him out on it. I like how this ship draws out the more talkative and emotive side of Big Mac and even the softer side of Discord after he helped them make up from behind the scenes. I noticed after the breakup that Lyra and Bonbon (the background ponies who were important in the 100th milestone episode) exchanged Hearts and Hooves Day cards. Hmmm, does this mean their relationship has escalated to a level that is no longer platonic and they are actually homosexuals? It was the same montage that featured other romantic pairs including the recently formed Maud/Mud ship. I just thought I'd bring it up since most fiction only has heterosexual relationships except for soap operas which are more grounded and therefore include a variety of hetero, homo and bi characters.
  14. Sh Pie

    S08:E06 - Surf and/or Turf

    While I acknowledge that part of the moral of this episode is about respecting each other's opinions, I simply must agree with Sweetie Belle 100%. Her excited reaction to seeing Harmonizing Heights for the first time was adorable, BTW. My main problem with Seaquestria is just how wet it is. I'm a landlubber, y'know? Also, I've been to beaches and waterfronts on grade school field trips in the past and always hated the smell of seasalt. I notice there is a beach on Mount Aris and I hate sand, it gets everywhere, very annoying. I haven't seen the movie yet so I appreciate the expository dialog throughout the episode to keep my knowledge of hippogriff lore and culture updated. Actually a pretty enjoyable CMC focus episode overall, it's always nice seeing new settings.
  15. Sh Pie

    S08:E08 - The Parent Map

    This was a good Starlight and Sunburst focus episode. It was interesting how the friendship problem was set up as Firelight wanting to preserve the town's history over Stellar Flare pushing for modernization, except the real problem was Starlight's and Sunburst's broken relationship with their parents. Notice how their parents' misguided behavior resembles their kids. Firelight banned the reading of library books like how Starlight banned individuality and freedom. Stellar Flare ruined a perfectly good fruit shop by replacing it with mediocre smoothies like how Sunburst getting his Cutie Mark became the catalyst for Starlight taking the bad path to believing Cutie Marks were evil. Sunburst spamming the welcome gate and Starlight preferring to stop a war over seeing her father were humorous to watch. Overall, an enjoyable episode and we finally got to meet Starlight's father, as well as Sunburst's mother. I wonder how much Starlight told her father about her past as a corrupt dictator, you'd think he would take her more seriously if he knew how screwed up her childhood was.