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  1. hello every pony =)

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    2. sleepypony


      hee hee, can be tiring trying to be 20% cooler all the time ;) what are you up to ^^

    3. Slug Village

      Slug Village

      I am up to peeking from behind a log, like always.

    4. sleepypony


      haha doing what twilight does when she is researching correct ;)

  2. Thanks every pony I'm glad you all think this is great, you don't know how happy it makes me to get so much good feed back =) I'll have to surprise you guys soon with what is in the box Sorry about my spontaneous appearing online and checking in with this. I've been really busy :/
  3. I'm in dire need of more shelves for my vinyl ponies :/

  4. looks great, I like the dreamy sort of look to it
  5. hey every pony! rarity just received a present, can you guess who it is from and what it is? the most votes on a certain item wins and it gets drawn into the picture =) also love any sort of feedback you can offer me to improve this drawing. Thanks every pony and yes I know it is a tad late for a Christmas present but it's all in good fun
  6. Gosh I need to get on here more often!

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    2. Lightning Dash

      Lightning Dash

      It is a very welcoming and warming community. Probably my favorite part to it. Very accepting and understanding too :) *Hugs*

    3. sleepypony


      it is that's why I hate being away from it, when I get to busy and focus on a lot of other things in life I find myself getting some sort of depression. Then I come here and I always feel welcome. *hugs*

    4. Lightning Dash

      Lightning Dash

      Me too ^^ Sorry for the late reply, but had to write out a massive topic ^^

  7. almost done with my next drawing =)

  8. thanks, I can't take all the credit on this one, I just looked her up and kinda sketched her haha I'm not as good as some others out there but at least I'm trying
  9. Thanks =) she took me a little bit to draw, I need to get better at making them look like this the first go around when I start drawing lol
  10. Not original what so ever got the idea from a non colored picture. Just wanted to improve on my fundamentals. I did however put a little more work on the eye then the rest of the drawing. Just trying to improve on the basics.
  11. hello every pony, just decided to draw a pinkie pie while I was offline hadn't drawn her for a bit. Hope you guys enjoy =) she is a bit plain but I'm trying to focus more on the roots of ponies so I can draw them better faster, without the need of erasing all the time haha
  12. hello again, it's been a while. been dealing with lots of things and been kinda depressed lately. hope every pony else is doing good

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    2. sleepypony


      I dunno haha, a buddy of mine actually draws first then digitizes think I'm going to draw right now. =)

    3. NOX33


      Sure sure!! Have fun there and nice to have you back!!!:D

    4. sleepypony


      it's always good to come back =)

  13. thanks every pony here is another I'm working on currently. let me know if there is anything else I can fix with this one =)
  14. hello every pony! it's been a while =)

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    2. sleepypony


      I've been ok, been kinda sick lately though :/ but I've been drawing still at least haha. how about yourself?

    3. Kyoshi


      Sucks about the sick part, lots of people been sick lately. :c Guess it is that time of year. Glad you have been okay though. ^_^ I have been very up and down, some days are okay and others are filled with anxiety and thoughts. I have a boyfriend now though so that is amazing.

    4. sleepypony


      well good for you =) I'm still single so that's kinda meh. but I'm hoping I'll find a girl for some day :) not that I need one to be happy but the company would be nice. And I'm sorry about the anxiety, I'm glad you at least have some good days =)

  15. Thanks for the tips the reason why I did the wings and horn was for more of the alicorn look seeings how they were princesses haha. I was thinking on doing a bit of a ki blast for his next one. When I find the time to do it haha and I did kinda notice his eye was off I couldn't quite figure out how to fix that at first but I think I'll go ahead and redraw him. I still plan on his ki blasts shooting from his hooves though the wings and horn are more of an aesthetic to show he is a prince. Because I totally agree with him not really using magic haha