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  1. Won't be on at all this weekend.

    1. Tacodidra


      I hope your weekend goes well! :kindness: See you soon, my friend!

  2. PS2, the first console I ever owned, so it'll always hold that special spot in my heart.
  3. I don't typically do anything for my birthday, maybe go out to eat but that's about it.
  4. There was a time as a kid where I would eat pizza every night for dinner... Recently though, I find water to be the most common thing I consume.
  5. I used to have some pretty bad acne, but then I took prescription meds for it. Now I only get an occasional zit here and there.
  6. 5/10 Was fine except for the ear-rapey chorus
  7. I have a few songs I listen to that are from the 60's, but not many.
  8. I haven't been locked out in many years, mainly because I always keep my keys on me. When I did get locked out, I usually would call one of my family members who had the key.
  9. The Road Runner was always my favorite and for a long time in my childhood, I only watched the Road Runner episodes.
  10. I got a small scar on the back of my hand from getting hit with a hockey stick in gym class. It's pretty faded now, but it's the only scar I really got as a kid.
  11. I think it was AT&T, which is still my internet provider.