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  1. Fillydelphia Radio is ready to take on new Broadcasters! We're happy to announce, with the arrival of our new radio software, we're finally accepting new broadcasters on Fillydelphia Radio! "How do I go about applying?" First, you'll need to join our Discord: Fillydelphia Radio Then, message Set-L or Ossy, and we'll work out the details! "What do I need?" All that's needed is a show concept, and some Icecast-compatible broadcasting software, which is easily available on the Internet. We can help you get access to music and other resources. You also need an internet connection (SpeedTest upload speed of at least 0.5MBit) A microphone is important. You don't need an especially good one, but a quality one will sound better. A computer (running macOS, Windows, Linux, Unix, SunBSD, etc) is required, as we don't know of any good quality tablet/mobile products available yet. "What shows are you looking for?" Almost anything. We're a community station, so we think that the shows should be by the community. Whether you're presenting some news, doing a talk show, or simply spinning some beats, we're interested! "I have no experience..." You don't need any. As long as you want to broadcast, are willing to speak on air, and can spare a few hours a week to do so, we're interested! We are willing to give anyone a chance to build their confidence and skills with us, and we're also willing to provide references for broadcaster's resumes and such. People are more inclined to listen to somebody, rather than a bot running a playlist, so don't be afraid to talk. Something as simple as reading out the songs as you play them is a great start. "I want to do a show, but it's not pony related" We're still interested! Chat with us, and we can work out the details from there! "Will I get paid?" We are extending this offer to take on new broadcasters as a volunteer position only. If you are looking for a paid position, we recommend talking to bigger, properly funded community radio stations. This station does not operate for financial gain, nor will it ever. So, if you want to try your hand (or hoof!) at broadcasting, jump in our Discord and talk to Set-L or Ossy! We hope to hear from you real soon! The Team at Fillydelphia Radio.
  2. Any chance you can stretch that paragraph out a bit? Needs some spacing between the lines. I can't read it properly :S
  3. Fillydelphia Radio Returns! After almost two years off air, Fillydelphia Radio is returning! We are proud to announce that we are resuming Fillydelphia Radio, and changing the entire structure. We want to provide a fully supported station for people to listen to, as well as try their hand at amateur broadcast. We will be opening positions and timeslots soon. We have our temporary website up, which works on desktop and mobile: https://fillydelphiaradio.net/, as well as our stream. Our Discord is up and running here: https://discord.gg/kFuerWv What do I need to apply as a broadcaster? The very basics to be a successful entrant are A microphone A consistent internet connection (1 MBit upload minimum) A short demo of your show (should be between 10-30 minutes, and be a good example of what your show will feature). If you have no broadcast experience prior, and want to have a go, this is for you. If you do have experience, then you're also welcome to apply. We are willing to provide references and recommendations to potential employers for good team players! What's changed? We're not focusing on being "the #1 radio station in the fandom", but focusing on giving the community another creative outlet. We are also relaunching this station as an opportunity to do more experimental development into online media, supporting other programmers and developers in the community with new tools. All of the code and tools we make will be given back to the community through our GitHub under an MIT license. We are committing to making our station open-source, so anyone can use our tools however they please. We look forward to working with other development groups in the fandom, such as the techs at Poniverse, and at Ponyville FM. We are also planning to branch out further to support a new generation of artists, as well as promote our fandom's older artists in their new professional musical careers, and provide tools and resources to help publish and promote music throughout the fandom, through our partnership with Poniverse. That's great! How can I get involved? Right now, we're focusing on getting things to a running state before we start accepting new staff. This includes a new, working website, getting the radio station software stable, and developing the applications for broadcasters to use. You can stay up to date by hanging in our Discord: https://discord.gg/kFuerWv I want to submit music! You can do this through our friends at Pony.FM! Head to https://pony.fm/, create an account, and upload your music there. Then, head to our Discord, and paste the link to your music in #music. We'll give a listen, and some feedback. Who's running the show? At the moment, that's me, WestJ (aka Set-L). If you want to talk to me privately, fire an email at westj@fillydelphiaradio.net, or hit me up in Discord. We look forward to hearing from you guys! Stay tuned!
  4. Hiya WestJ, and welcome! :) Hope you have a lovely stay~ ^-^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2015/8/19/960660/large.gif

  5. Welcome to MLP Forums WestJ. I hope you have a great time here /)