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  1. I miss my bliss and self-confidence, as well as my physical strength. The burden of responsibility is coming down hard now, and a couple months back I was diagnosed with anxiety. When I was young I could fall on hard ground (like from my scooter or from tripping) and get up no problem. Now, if I fell, I'd likely be black and blue-bruised and have a hundred bones shattered (I get a few mental scares of that occasionally).
  2. I sing softly to whatever nasheeds (Islamic music) I find catchy on my Walkman.
  3. I was never into romance really - I actually loathed that genre of entertainment. Then I found MLP and had a crush on Princess Luna
  4. Never. Any photo of a person online can and will be used against them. To understand more, read up about doxxing. It's on the rise, especially in a world where harassment and murder occur over mere opinions posted on the web.
  5. Probably the most reliable car on this thread V6 or V8?
  6. Assalamualaikum! How are you?

    I just returned to the site myself. Glad to see you're still on the site. :)

    1. Anonymous Old User Who Has Left

      Anonymous Old User Who Has Left

      Alhamdulilah I'm doing well. Got a ton of ideas and projects planned that I need to sort all out. Classic case of "so much stuff, so little time".

      I hardly visit this site anymore as I honestly have not many reasons to do so. I'm trying to boost my IRL social skills and trying to find a life for myself away from a computer screen.

  7. For me it's typically my phone, my keys, and a wallet (if I intend to make any purchases). And don't forget those earbuds and my little Walkman!
  8. I honestly don't have one, but I'm trying to walk long distances more often. A skateboard would help a lot and make being outside more fun - if only I had balance and muscle memory to control it.
  9. Many of the super-talented - the OGs if you will - got into MLP and used it as a way to kickstart their career and give themselves a name in their creative field (musicians, artists, animators, etc.). However once they've reached their peak, MLP begins to be a little boring and unprofessional and so they either keep MLP on the side as non-professional stuff, while non-MLP work is presented as the full potential of what they can do. Music examples include Evening Star, The Living Tombstone, Sim Gretina, and others. Animation examples include Duo Cartoonist - in fact their announcement
  10. Pizza Pizza all the way - I even have their app. Halal shawarma joints are also a favorite.
  11. Fun fact: I did roleplay - but only once. It was back in 2017 when the first screencaps of the MLP movie were released. I set the one below as my Disqus avatar and on a Equestria Daily Nightly Discussion I roleplayed as Queen Novo. And... quite a lot of ppl liked it. However, I'm still not really into RP. That was one exception where I felt that impersonating a character in a chat room would be something new and interesting.


  12. I do it about once a week. Sometimes I forget and 8 days go day. Worst case was two weeks I think. Speaking of which I need to get a new CONAIR. My current one I've had for almost 5 years and it still runs - though the battery lasts only one-and-a-third head-shave periods. (and that's after a 16-hour charging session)
  13. I can't even recall. The non-stop loud chatting of my sisters about anime past 1 am is probably one of them.
  14. I eat chocolate as part of deserts occasionally. I love it, but I don't eat a lot of it. Don't wanna be diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2!
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