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  1. I'm in a relationship for more than 7 years now. We know each other since primary school (~23 years ago) and met each other every week. We lose eye after we went to different secondary schools. 15 years later, we found each other on Facebook and fell in Love again. This year, we are going to get married
  2. I would probably have Cloudchasers mane. I mean, look at that Fancy Style, it's awesome I like to wear my hair in unusual ways.
  3. Oh, I wouldn't want a Cutie Mark. I would totally feel trapped in one Thing that I have to do my whole life. Many People need a lifetime to explore their Destiny, and so do I. It's real Fun in my opinion. I prefer staying flexible with my determination
  4. Yes, as I said before, It's a too powerful ability and might bring irreversible consequences. That's why I would rather stick to Teleportation.
  5. I didn't want Kids for many Years and thought I would never change my Mind. But i did, and now it's a great Hope for me and my Boyfriend. Even though, I have great respect for the responsibility.
  6. It would be okay for me, as long as she is staying for short Time. If my boyfriend spots her, he would totally go crazy, he's not really into MLP.
  7. Mmh, turning back Time would be nice. But this is probably just possible for crazy powerful Unicorns like Starswirl and even Alicorns. So, I might be content with Teleportation
  8. Wow, what a great response from everyone, you all are amazing. Thanks to all *.* At the moment, I'm getting used to the Forum and looking around all the fantastic Forum areas. I will soon be ready to join with my first posts ^^ Yay
  9. Hi and welcome on this forum. Interesting, the second new german user who I meet today. ^^ I guess with german forum you mean, or?

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    2. IronM17


      Hehe, I am on too, but not so active anymore. And before you ask why I write english here (I am german too). Another german user said to me that it is better to write here in english. Why? I don't know.

    3. Alpha-Mango


      Ah, I think I know who You are at :) It's ok to write in english, it's a good practice for upcoming Posts :D

    4. IronM17


      hehe, who I am? XD


      And yes, that was also a reason why I joined this forum.

  10. Alpha-Mango

    Hey :)

    Hi everypony. I'm Alpha-Mango, and decided to join this Community too, after being a member of the German bronies Forum for a couple of months now. I really enjoy being there and want to get to know a lot People from all over the World. Yeah, as already mentioned, I'm from Germany, so please excuse me if my english is not very good Well, I don't know what to write about myself. I hope I'm having a good time here ^^