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  1. I totally agree with that assessment for Rainbow! I think Applejack and Tiana are very similar, since they both work SUPER hard and are super focused on their food sales. Fluttershy kinda reminds me of Snow White, since they're both animal lovers who sing, have high voices and work with their animal friends to do things. She's not part of the mane six, but if Celestia isn't the Blue Fairy, I don't know who is. I think Pinkie Pie and Dory would get along rather swimmingly (either that, or she'd be the witch from Brave). XD Discord is like the trouble making version of Genie. Rarity could be Cinderella's fairy godmother (except younger). That's all I can think of now. Maybe I'll add more later. XP
  2. YEEEES, LET'S DO IT. I wanna go!
  3. -blowing bubbles -drawing with sidewalk chalk -coloring in coloring books -watching cartoons -watching Disney movies -collecting stuffed animals -playing with play dough -listening to Disney music I never grew up. And I never will! Ah haaaa haaaaaa! XD
  4. I drink tap water cuz I've always done it. My family prefers filtered water nowadays, but I just don't like the taste of it. It's interesting how different places have different flavors in their tap water. And then if you live in a place long enough you get used to it.
  5. Suspicious of everyone else. Cuz it's April Fools. >.>
  6. Which OC? The only one I've imagined is Applejack, so I suppose I'll go with that. (but I'd rather be the pony to help make a perfect Hearts and Hooves Day for Lyra and BonBon)
  7. I want it to sound Hawaiian with some neighs and things thrown in. Because it would be pretty.
  8. I don't know much about the other generations, to be honest. And I haven't looked them up yet cuz I need to catch up on the current show first, and because it doesn't catch my interest like Friendship is Magic. But I've never said anything bad about the older versions. I'm sure they have some great, cute things about them too. I didn't know there was hate for past generation, actually... I've only ever seen good things about it.
  9. Here are my mottos: "Find what makes you come alive, and do that." "A true hero battles on, though the cause is hopeless and the prize is lost." "And ye harm none, do what ye will."
  10. I don't usually do April Fools pranks, but I did last year. When I was a kid, I got in big trouble for playing a prank on my brother which resulted in a few easy-to-wash-off pencil marks on his face (you set up a game where you draw circles with a quarter and whoever rolls their quarter down their face and gets it in those circles wins, but you give the other person the quarter you drew the circles with so the extra pencil around the edges leaves a light marking on their face). After that, I didn't pull any pranks for years. But last year I decided to, because what the heck, no one would see it coming. I filled the living room with balloons, put googly eyes on all the cups in the cupboard, dyed the milk blue, covered a few things in sticky notes, wrote on the mirror with shaving cream and put food coloring in the back part of the toilets so it's turn the water different colors for a few flushes. My family was pretty surprised the next day, but they thought it was funny, to my relief. I've also wrapped up my brother's rubik's cube collection in toilet paper and wrapped up his underwear in Christmas wrapping paper and hid them for him to find (though I told him where most of them were).
  11. I used to sleep right next to the window, but my parents made me move my bed because we're planning on selling the house, and the room looks bigger when the bed isn't by the window. But I prefer to sleep right next to the window.
  12. I had some strawberry yogurt about ten minutes ago.
  13. Funny how a show about friendship is loved by so many people who don't really want any friends. I don't mind talking to people, and I like having friends, but I usually don't go out of my way to make them. I just kinda treat everyone like a friend, and if we end up becoming friends over time, then we will. If not, the least I can do is be nice to them.
  14. I love it. I wouldn't want it to replace our regular ponies, of course, but I love anthro characters! I tend to think of it as an AU where everyone's anthro.