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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Happy birthday! :yay: :balloon:

    May things you work on never catch fire. :P 

  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. tinker

    Of Upgrades and Bugs

    @Deae Rising Shine~ cheers mate. Looks like a feature that was introduced in 4.2. I'll leave it to the proper forum staff to decide its fate
  5. tinker

    Of Upgrades and Bugs

    @TheTaZe @Jeric @LadyMercury would either of you be able to confirm that this is a bug?
  6. tinker

    Of Upgrades and Bugs

    @Deae Rising Shine~ would you please be able to provide a link to what you are referring? I'm afraid I don't use the forums as much as I should
  7. tinker

    Of Upgrades and Bugs

    I believe we've got most of the issues with the upgrades sorted now. Disregarding the activity logs and post prefixes, are there any other bugs still around?
  8. tinker

    Of Upgrades and Bugs

    Status updates are working again. Activity logs should rebuild over time as the backend reindexes all the content (and there's a lot); this may take a day or two.
  9. test final (?)

  10. tinker

    Of Upgrades and Bugs

    @TheTaZe please don't use words like "permanently" without direct approval from a syspony. After the upgrade, the system needs to reindex it's entire database, which is no mean feat. It is more than likely that once the reindexing is done, the activity summaries will be visible again. That said, there are some issues from the new upgrade that we are currently working on. PS. editing this to test editline
  11. Manual content. With edit

    1. tinker


      web reply

  12. tinker

    resolved Content Search - Server Error

    I can't believe you tricked me into searching for that...
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