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  3. Welcome one and all to our new and improved Ask Thread! Come on in and take a look around. We've got snacks, refreshments, and plenty of room for guests. There's not much in the way of decorations yet, but we'll get those put in shortly. But anyway, I'm sure you're not here for the decor, so let me get this under way and introduce the mane attraction, the ponies you're all her to see. The first is somepony I'm sure you're all familiar with: Lyra Heartstrings! Hi there everypony! *waves* It's great to be back, and I'm looking forward to all your questions. The next is our very own flower pony(one of them): Roseluck! Oh! Just one second, I'm almost done setting out the rose and lavender vases. There, that adds a little homey touch to the place. Hello everypony. I'm honored to be here to help answer your questions. And finally, we have one of Equestria's youngest alicorns and my newest friend. Come on out Nyx. Umm, hi everypony. *waves shyly* I think that covers introductions, so-... Hold on, we're not quite ready to start yet. There's still someone else who'll be answering all your questions. Let's not forget the person who put in more effort than anypony else in putting this together: Totally himself! What? Really? You want me to join you? Of course we do. It wouldn't be fair not to let you in on the fun with us. Mm-hmm. I suppose I'll be joining in then. With that said, it's time we stop talking and let all of you do some. Ask us anything.
  4. As the title says, boop anyone and everyone. No nose is safe. Let the Boopening commence! *boops the first 3 noses to reply*
  5. I'm gonna nominate Princess Mononoke one more time, but if it doesn't make it this time around I think I'll give it a rest.
  6. Huzzah! But animated doesn't mean anime.
  7. Aww Princess Mononoke you did so well. I'll try again next week.
  8. Miyazaki movies aren't anime. Sure they're animated but that's hardly the same thing.
  9. What's this? Mononoke's in the lead? Huzzah!
  10. I tried it a while back and it didn't get a single vote aside from mine, but let's try it again. Howl's Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke, not necessarily as a double feature in case people don't want to see both.
  11. Huzzah!!! This will be the movie night of movie nights!
  12. Heck yeah, you've got my vote! Sure I've seen it way too many times but it's worth watching again (and again).
  13. I'm definitely up for Spirited Away, though it didn't seem to get many votes last time I requested it. I'd love to see a Miyazaki movie night, but I don't show up all that often anymore so I won't request if I don't know I'll actually be able to watch.
  14. I'm gonna try this one last time and hope for some fellow Miyazaki fans out there. I request Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle.
  15. Aww, I think I was too late to get my suggestions in the poll. Probably for the best so I don't see that no one votes for them again.