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  1. Lovely! Best wishes! I started this also motivated by another brony game developer haha, so i guess the chain will keep going? Haha I want to put a first release when the player will have a stable character. The game for itself has many genre features, and platforming is only one of several things you can do ingame. Also, a smart movement system would be like... Have you played Mirror's Edge or Brink? In those two games you can perform wallruns, climb up buildings, jump from high places et cetera, and i wanted to give my take on it. Well, Blender's game engine is quite.. unorthodox, let's say, and given it's the only engine I use, I really gotta improvise a lot sometimes. xD Plus, I am really glad of your offer, and when i will start coding out the various enemies, i'll sure give you a call! Keep on waiting! I got a score writer working on the game now, sooo.. John Williams, anyone? xD I will first release soon a tech demo, showing a glimpse of the plot from the original game so it can be a teaser for what is to come. Right now working on some sort of RPG-ish targeting system! Plus, right now I need to expand my team and the feedback of this game tho, because if I work 75% of the stuff alone, I will never finish. xD So, on the weekend i might get the recruitment up for any volunteer to work for the game. Right now tho i cannot because i am insanely busy these days, haha.
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  3. Is this thread dead? No, it isn't! tbh it is lol Here is a new fresh screenshot! Working on level design assets, light effects and a lot more! Plus I have tons of ideas! Also, let me post some randomness
  4. Glad you like it! It is still very early in progress, but I am making next the environment a bit more rich of colors.
  5. Wheee! Happy new year! Had some stuffs to get done before getting back to work, but here is some work in progress! Might add next some vegetation! ps. sorry for doublepost! ^^' pps. yes, the rope bridge was an imperative cliché. ppps. the lower ropes holding the bridge are not there! planks are flying in the air!! D: i love bugs.
  6. Actually, they are SFM ones, but I modified them heavily, rigged them with a new armature, added 26 shape keys and changed completely the UV system. Here is a comparison between a source SFM model and my game model. Sorry, couldn't do full textures because now i gotta run to school. ^^'
  7. Nope, actually Blender is quite easy! I believe it is far easier than Unity and Unreal, but of course, it depends from person to person... Probably the worst thing is the graphics. Blender hasn't got amazing graphics, so many things had to be either faked or tricked out, I.E reflections... However provides fast framerates even on bad PCs and it has nice physics, so I just love it haha. Anyways, yes, Python was used for coding, but most of the hard work was made in logic bricks, that work just fine in my opinion.
  8. Given the fact that I love recording bugs... _____________________________________ But yeah, let's pass to the serious stuff. Updates! (sorry for weird gif, it just crack me up every time ) -Now Daring Do can grab ledges and move sideways! -She can also run up walls, which will be very helpful for reaching higher spots! -Game model's armature was improved -Working on the plot! -The actual game level was expanded; still work in progress though Next thing I might be working on should be inventory and improving the smart movement system. Might even make some sort of clothing system. For now, here is a random gif! ps. So sorry for triple-post! D:
  9. Nice drawing and interesting effect!
  10. Welp, forgive me for doubleposting, but I got a new gif! There are still a couple bugs to fix, specially the hair dynamics and parenting; plus, the black surfaces ha a considerable amount of friction. Other (more realistic) materials will have a more realistic friction, as the physics of each material is pretty much very configurable. Next thing i want to work on is ledge grabbing and the numerous things you can do from a ledge (climb up, drop down, move sideways, jump from a ledge to another, jump on the opposite direction and maybe a couple more things.)
  11. Thank you very much. Further development will be posted later.
  12. It might not be the best out there, but honestly I like it. It might not provide the graphics that Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4 have, but I have to say I find myself quite comfortable with it. It is easier and faster to program with rather than other engines, in my opinion; plus, it has an amazing physics engine.
  13. A story is being told.. Will you dare to listen? Introduction The world is changing, yet so few ones want to believe it. Brace yourselves, foolish ponies, your Princess will not save you this time. ________________________________________ All legends have a beginning. This one starts with a brave filly. About the game Premise Alright, alright... enough with the narrative thing.. I am not a writer! Oh by the way, greetings, I am Pasta and I am a (quite newbie) game developer. Blender user since I was 13, I have always had this dream about a Daring Do fangame since I was a kid. Relatively recently, I discovered Blender has a rather acceptable game engine, and, woah, it was like a dream coming true to me. My ambition is to make a completely free fan-series of video games revolving around Daring Do and her adventures. Daring Do: Origins The name is still to be fully decided, it might change during the development, however, the first game should tell about the early adventures of Daring Do, and how did she become an adventurer, which should be set around 10 and 15 years before the episode 1 of season 1 of My Little Pony Friendship Magic. A demo level is already in development. The gameplay The genre of the game goes a bit all over the place. Let's say it is an action-adventure game, however, it features a couple RPG mechanics, and I have to say I have been inspired by many great ol' games...Welp, too many to name them. The game itself will feature a combo system, an adventurous and colorful gameplay, probably non-linear plot, smart movement system, stealth, platformer parts, puzzles, and a lot more. I really want to do my best in order to not make the gameplay to feel repetitive and boring. As the plot goes on, sometimes Daring Do might have some friends following her. In these cases, the player can switch to any character in the crew, or customize their inventory! You will soon realize every characters has different qualities. For example, Daring Do tends to agility, while some characters might have other abilities, or even use magic, in the case of unicorns or other magic creatures. The level design probably will not have open world layout, but rather, every map will be huge, like if each one was a little world by itself. I want players to explore the lands, scavenge around temples, visit small towns.. and pretty much live their own adventure, in the most immersive way possible. Lots other things are still to be decided, but this is an overall so far. Screenshots Please, notice that some things were cut away from the screenshots in order to avoid spoilers. Please, consider that this game is still in early development, so, I think you will have to wait a bit before we publish a build. Feel free to ask questions, give constructive criticism or make terrible puns. Disclaimer My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all the characters, locations and brands cited in the lore of the show belong to Hasbro. I do not own any of them. This is just a fan game with no profit intended at all. please don't C&D me Hasbro :c
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    Hello there!

    Hello! Nice to meet you! Thank you, I am really liking this forum.
  15. Pasta

    Hello there!

    Well, I think that pony fangames are quite cool in general, but I have to say I really liked games such as Horse Game, Medieval Equestria, Legends of Equestria, Ambient, Twilight Escape and many more. I think that games in general, are some sort of art, so, I have the canvas here, and I want to paint it! I have an imaginary deadline which says 3 months. I would like to get at least the gameplay and the plot done in this time. Plus, I already have all planned for a short tech demo. I am also making a topic on the section!