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  1. Well, my day just went from bad to worse. :sunny: I was un-able to make a post last night 'cuz my BRAND NEW laptop had a technical issue, and a REALLY bizarre one at that. :blink: O_O :confused: When I took it to the tech experts, they told me there was a problem with the hard drive and it has NOTHING to do with the fact I didn't update my laptop. I can't believe it. My laptop is less than 7 months old and it ALREADY has a problem. My dad had to pay $280 just so they can fix it. Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME!? :unamused: I took care of this laptop...


    They said they'd call me once they've resolved the issue, but I am absolutely gutted that my laptop decided to have a technical issue...




    We were supposed to have lunch together at an all-you-can-eat buffet today, but laptop had to ruin EVERYTHING!!! :baconmane: >:( there was a VERY good reason WHY I didnt want to update it. The last time I did, my laptop did not want to go into sleep mode even when I put the lid down...and they told me that was the cause of an update... :unamused:


    Not only that, every couple of hours, it would tell me to update my laptop, and I just got sick and tired of it. And the stupid thing is, it would tell me EVEN if I already installed the latest update...


    ...but yeah, the technician told me it had nothing to do with that and he told me the issue was far more sinister. i dunno when I'll be getting it back, but I hope it's soon. (Like, Tuesday - Wednesday next week) :sunny:


    I don't like using the Mac downstairs. It takes 2 MINUTES to turn on, takes an additional 3 minutes to warm up and my parents are ALWAYS using it. Oh, and it lags quite a fair bit. :unamused: 


    On the bright side, I DID manage to find a First Order Storm Trooper when I went to toy mate (which is the replacement for Toys R Us here in Australia). :derp: It was hidden in the back and there was only one left. I LITERALLY had to go to hell and back just to get this thing XD It was a cheap $3 figurine, was totally worth it :laugh: ^^ :catface:




    Now all I need to get is this Kylo Ren figurine and I'll be satisfied B)






    I'm pretty ticked off about this...of all the times it could've happened, why today!? :unamused: the last time I turned it on (last night at 6PM), there was nothing wrong with it. When I turned it on at 10PM, it gave me a bunch of technical jargon that I didnt understand (telling me I needed to contact the HP tech center) and I was unable to log in... :blink: O_O :confused:

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    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      I'm sorry to hear that. I had a similar problem back in early 2017 and it was a royal pain to deal with :yeahno:.

      The figure looks pretty sweet though. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on that.

    3. Widdershins


      .... y-your supposed to “update” comps?

       ....what’s Update mean? Geez, ive always just assumed the constant “virus protection” stuff was just lying viruses anyway.

       Why don’t comps come with instruction booklets?!!?

    4. Barnstormer


      @Widdershins If it's the Windows update, it's legit, it's just updates to the OS...the problem is the coders are so at their jobs that their updates break their own product 80% of the time, whether its minor or major. Your graphics card also has driver updates fairly often.

      They dont come with instruction booklets because each component would need it's own booklet-CPU, GPU, OS, motherboard, etc. You cant really think of a PC as a single thing, since each component usually has it's own manufacturer.