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  1. Hi everyone, just checking back in. Started on a new diet and so far it's been working out excellent for me. Not ready to get back into this quite yet, though I did want to share some new art I commissioned!
  2. @Randimaxis As someone who listens to Audible a lot, I'm very impressed! The audio quality is really crisp, your reading is practiced, and your voice acting is practiced and has a really good range!
  3. @Blitz Boom @Randimaxisand I actually discussed this in private. After today's posting, I will be relinquishing control of my OCs temporarily to him, and I'll simply be here to answer questions. If I ever get the muse back, I'll make my return, and if Randi decides to delegate out roles, then I am okay with that as well.
  4. The twins looked at each other. Ophelia giggled and Dahlia grinned. "As obnoxiously vain as she can be sometimes, Ophelia's the only family I have, as I am the only family she has. We do have each others' best interests at heart, though we have different ideas of what those best interests are." "We're two peas in the same pod," Ophelia added. "We're nothing without each other. As much of a prude as Dada can be, she's the money-maker. I mostly just handle public affairs and security. Lots of ponies like to think of us as con artists, and a few of them are willing to throw hooves ove
  5. @Randimaxis @Widdershins @Blitz Boom I'm really sorry to everyone I've held up. It's ironic that on the day I finally got the force of will to come back was the day that everyone decided I was AWOL. Don't worry, I have no hard feelings about that, I have been forcing people to wait on me. I'm going to try and force a response out right now, however I leave it up to you what should be done. This can't keep happening, and I'm worried that I simply can't keep the promise I made. You were gracious enough to give two months to gather the inspiration to write again, and it never came.
  6. Dahlia smiled at that. "Oh it's no issue at all," she remarked with a wave of her hoof. "My time isn't wasted so long as you received an answer for a question you were seeking. As for living life on the road, it's-" "Absolutely wonderful," her sister interjected. "You get to see so many sights, meet so many unique ponies, and have enough misadventures to have plenty of juicy stories to tell." "As I was going to say," Dahlia continued, slightly miffed at Ophelia's rude interruption. "That it is not something I would've considered voluntarily. My sister may like her independence, but
  7. Dahlia hesitated, thinking to herself. "Well, divination through tarot can be ambiguous at times. So long as you are satisfied with the reading and feel it is relevant to what you have experienced, then there is no need to look deeper. In the event that I do, however, it will be a while, perhaps a day or so of meditation to truly ponder the meaning of the cards." Low looked one way then the other, glancing nervously about to find if there were others. Satisfied, he leaned in closer and began to whisper. "I guess it was obvious something was perturbing me," he chuckled anxiousl
  8. I'm going to do my best to get a reply out this weekend. I'll write myself notes and everything. Life events below under spoiler.
  9. A little late to this thread, but here's my two cents, and I can boil it down to one single piece of advice: MAKE THEM SUCCESSFUL I cannot stress this first piece of advice enough. A really interesting concept for a villain can be destroyed by simply forgetting, or being unwilling, to throw them a bone every once in a while. An example of when a writer disregards this for me is Director Krennic from the Star Wars story, Rogue One. In the opening scene, we are shown that he clearly has power not only because he has a squad of death troopers who obey his every command without q
  10. I have an unfortunate announcement to make. It's been a long time coming, and it's something I've finally come to accept. Ever since the beginning of Season 9, my interest in ponies has been slipping hard and fast. I stopped keeping up with the show, I rarely come on the forums anymore except to reply to this thread, and I've been devoting more money towards commissioning art of my furry OCs, which include furry OCs I've adapted from my existing pony OCs. It's nothing that anyone or the show has done. For me, it's as simple as the spark is gone. If any moment can be counted as my
  11. Though Ophelia would have been fairly close to Taps' size, Dahlia most definitely towered over her, forcing the lanky mare to crane her neck to look down at her. "Welcome," she greeted, smiling warmly as she idly shuffled her deck. There was something oddly satisfying about the sound the cards made as they rhythmically slapped and slid against one another, like clockwork. "What sort of question is on your mind?" The mare considered this for a second, stopping her shuffling as she slid five cards off the top of her deck and laid them in a T-shaped formation, rotated 90 degrees coun
  12. All of my characters are continuous WIPs, but I mainly felt she was in need of an upgrade both due to events in RPs outside of the forums as well as to bring her up to a level playing field with the other psychically gifted characters at the quarry. I'm not sure how to balance it atm, but it is coincidental that she needs to move her bangs to lock eyes.
  13. Along with my usual apologies, I'd also like to mention a minor retcon: I'm gonna upgrade Ophelia's empathic powers and add a passive ability. While she can sense empathic auras about her and the direction they're in, she can't pick any of them out specifically, or how many there are. Her eyes also function in a similar manner, though if she so desired, she could cross a few wires and force ponies to endure whatever emotion she can dig up from their psyche, from extreme happiness from the best day of their life, to the deepest sadness and horror from the worst day of their life. For the
  14. "Oh we're definitely in business! Please, come inside and have a seat, would you like some chamomile? I just made some." Ophelia made way for the mute mare as Dahlia set her tarot deck on the table. "Welcome," she greeted warmly. "What question is on your mind today? Did Ophelia answer all of your questions, or is there anything else you wish to hear straight from me?" The empath returned with a tray, upon which sat a kettle and two teacups, and sat it gently upon the table. "It may need a minute to steep, so take your time centering yourself." "Then it would appear that we
  15. Ophelia kept her mind to herself. She wasn't touching Taps' mind for a long while after what she saw. Her sanity needed a break. "Questions about romance, finances, life choices...mostly romance, though. That's really popular. My sister doesn't claim to have THE answer, it's more advice given from ether. It is the petitioner who would understand this advice best." In the background, Dahlia was beginning to shuffle her deck. Ophelia's conversation had allowed her time to rest and recuperate, and she was ready for another reading. Low recoiled at the sudden shushing. He shou
  16. Apologies for the slow goings, gonna aim to get a reply out this weekend. In the mean time, enjoy a fresh Carnelian commission!
  17. Really sorry for the wait, and if my post is underwhelming in such a way that you don't have enough to work with, I can do my best to add more detail.
  18. Ophelia looked down at her ensemble, beaming in pride. She was more than happy to ignore the negative topic. "Thank you! It's a guilty pleasure of mine, Dada's, too, kinda. She likes her flowers more. The style is just so cute! I wish I had more room on this thing so I could just have a closet full of them!" "Speaking of money, my sister and I are travelling psychics. I'm a passive empath, and my sister can read the tarot. My talents are fairly limited, so she's the real breadwinner here." The unicorn smiled sheepishly at the forepony once more. "N-No thank you, unless
  19. The mare cleared her throat, taking in several deep breaths before her composure returned. "Oh, no, this is our home, actually. We didn't bring any mail." She looked over to Dahlia, who was beginning to recover from the mind meld. "We don't receive mail often, we don't exactly have anypony who keeps in contact...anymore." Her face goes blank for a moment after adding that last word. It didn't hurt any more after the first few years, though the intrusive thoughts still held power and they weren't going away. ------------------------------ That certainly piqued a few quest
  20. *intense squealing intensifies further* Oh my goodness, it's amazing! Carnelian! And Low! And the twins! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Seriously, this looks amazing! I absolutely love it!! Also, does the artist have a social media account you can link me to?
  21. "Do not lose-" "-the light." The sisters would remain like that for a few minutes more before they finally detached. Dahlia took in a deep sigh and Ophelia softly caressed her hoof. There was nothing to say, she knew. Both heads turned towards the door, and the shorter twin was soon to answer it. She did a quick peak up to her shoulders, then kept going slightly more. A little peak in her eyes wouldn't hurt, just to get a gauge of her mental state. Her bestockinged hoof lifted up her bangs, meeting the pegasus' gaze. Heterochromatic? Some would consider that an omen, but
  22. At 9:00 PM PST, Sienna left this world on her own terms.  It's strange how she was doing so well last night.  She was running around, smiling, wagging her tail, and was happy to be alive.  She had been suffering from seizures and we had noticed other warning signs, but we never got the hint.  Today, she lost the will to live.  She could barely walk, her heart was fluttering, and no matter how much water she drank, she couldn't pee.  She wouldn't have survived the night.  

    She's with God and His angels now, chasing squirrels through the snow, her two favorite things.  Thank you so much for spending 11 years with me.  You weren't a good girl, you were the best.


  23. @Randimaxis Hello again. It's really late at night and I should be in bed, but I made you wait long enough so I got a reply out at long last. The good news on my end is that I have a job now! As for the events of my last post, I should mention that Dahlia has a love-hate relationship with her "friends" on the other side. She may have explained before that she can't exactly control who she makes contact with. All spirits will tell the truth, but some are more honest than others, and sometimes, when the brutal truth is wielded especially cruelly, it can cut like a knife.
  24. "I do not claim to know what comes next, Mister Redd. I can understand your confusion, but I am simply a medium. To describe it more simple terms, you can think of me as a middlemare between yourself and the spirits of the ethereal world beyond. The future is not predetermined, and your course can be changed, but that is your choice and your choice only. The spirits offer advice, it is up to you what you do with their wisdom." Dahlia cleared her throat, her eyes hesitantly locking with Redd's. She hadn't expected such a show of vulnerability from him. Perhaps it was a sign that he was w
  25. Dahlia kept her shock to herself. She had dealt with "rosethorns" before, but that wasn't to say that she would ever be used to them. She took a gulp of air and put on her best courtesy smile, keeping her voice as level as she could. "I see, sir. I-In that case, what question do wish to be answered? In can involve anything from your economic, emotional, spiritual, physical, or romantic states, and should focus on what you can expect should you take a certain action." ------------------------ The colt cocked his head. "Benny? Who is Benny?" Had he not been paying attent
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