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  1. She's really monotone and antisocial, so she doesn't have many friends. Never really believed in the elements because she thinks they're a waste of time. I made her on PonyTown so I could make what she looked like, but it probably won't be the final version:
  2. I love your profile picture! :wub:

  3. Drawing rn on my tablet.

    Random question - Favorite anime outro?

  4. Blog Entry - Number 1.3 ---- Hi guys. So it's been a while since I visited the site (Won't get into too much detail about that just in case I get in trouble for sharing), but I feel like when I was on the site before, I wasn't really caring about others but myself and now I fully regret my actions. I'm so sorry if I caused any of you trouble when I was previously here, I was young so my actions weren't really the best. Anyways, just wanted to say that I'm trying to make my own OC now that I finally have an art tablet (Huion). If you want, feel free to ask any questions
  5. Hello I'm WiccanAssassin. I use to have an account on here @~Natural Beauty~ . I was wondering if you could make me a signature for this account.


  6. I only come here for the free episodes, and good job!
  7. I revealed my full birthdate, the date will shock you if you see it

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      I can get you up to like 500 probably when I have time

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  8. 70 more brohoofs and I'll have 300!

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      Want me to brohoof you there?

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      61 more brohoofs left! My estimate for getting 300 brohoofs will probably be on a Tuesday

  9. Gonna ask my friends tomorrow if they want a printed signature or something to stick on their binder

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      Well that could be cool :D


  10. My very first was a Pinkie Pie plushie, still have it to this day
  11. I would buy it. It looks good and I hope the fabric on it would be soft
  12. I sell a variety of cucumbers, tomatoes, tropic fruits, spinach, and more. My interests are probably farming, outdoor games, and reading. And my only hobby is well.. farming! I grown up with agriculture and it will never leave my side!
  13. Hello.

    I like your avatar, it's very cool. :)

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      Why thank you!

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      Regal Shadow

      You are absolutely welcome! :squee:

      Want to be friends?

      Sorry for the repeat comment. I did not mean to do that. :blush: