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  1. Rainbow is a good character. But almost 50% of the idea for her was probably to make little girls like her. But, as Bonnie Zacherle said.. "They're Collectible!" But in the show, Rainbow is cool. But sometimes Hasbro just makes Rainbow Dash more cringe-worthy.
  2. Awesome SFM! You should do Celestia dreaming of cake.
  3. Mysterious, you have been accepted! You're lucky the hybrid slid through.. Once we get 7 more people, RP will start.
  4. (SIDE NOTE: Once I get up to 8 people that have applied, I will make the RP in Everfree.) “Nightmare Night, one of the most fun and scary holidays in Equestria. One dark and foggy night, the annual corn-maze opened up. No pony came, but a group of 9 decided to go in. They didn’t know each-other very well. But once they heard that the door to the corn-maze lock up, they were all going to be in for a scare.." Forms: Name: Age: Gender: Species/Race: (NO alicorns or changelings. Crystal Ponies are accepted as well.) Costume for Nightmare Night: (If you didn’t dress up, put something random here) Fears: Extra: Again, only 8 people can enter. Person 9 is me. Once the 8 people have been approved for RP, (Because I need to see if anyone put some incorrect info or was a alicorn or changeling..) I will brohoof their form. RULES: 1 - No NSFW content or costumes/clothing, but being a cowboy with a gun is fine. 2 - No cussing. This is My Little Pony dudes.. 3 - Follow ALL Rp World rules. 4 - Have fun! 5 - When I’m offline, no RPing shall be done. This applies if another person is offline. It would confuse them a lot. 6 - NO. GOD. MODDING. (P.S, on extras, you can always add the link to your OC.)
  5. Only once, but we might move to Cinncinatti this summer. When I was 3, we moved from North Carolina to Ohio.
  6. The Buddy collection tbh. Even though I hate dogs.
  7. As I am one of the younger members here, I don't approve of clop. There are plenty of other places to post/discuss of it. And pretty much every rule in every section of the forums says no NSFW content. I also have read a post about NSFW content can't be allowed due to younger members of the forums (Like me), can stumble across it. Really the only place I can think of for clop is FIMFiction. (This advice is probs outdated by the time I post of it. ._.)
  8. (NOTE: I tested this on a site other then here, it worked fine! But not here.) Okay, for some reason, when I type something sometimes, it just freezes. Idk what to do??
  9. Well, Carrot Sticks earned her cutie-mark by planting carrots and the next day she got them out of the ground. It's so b I can't even
  10. Top 10 Pinkie Pie Breaks.
  11. Planning

    Just a minor question; Does Monopoly count? Like for example, someone makes a pony monopoly game? I'm new at Table-Top, so yeah.
  12. More Changelings tbh.
  13. Welcome dude! Hope you're time here is amazing! Also, congrats for joining in the new version of the forums!
  14. Wait, are profile pictures square now?

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      There has been some amount of feedback in preferring square avatars. So I've put in some code to make them square everywhere.

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      oh hey, I hadn't noticed that lol


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