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  1. I made my BFFFF @Blitzo's day with a comment in a Status Update.

    Your life has become a romcom, BFFFF. :oh_golly: Seriously, good luck. :squee:

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    2. Sparklefan1234


      I'd just call it "Operetta". :mlp_smug:

    3. Blitzo


      Omg I’m dying lol. That’s perfect. Thank you BFFFF, you’ve made my day!

    4. Sparklefan1234




      Omg I’m dying lol. That’s perfect. Thank you BFFFF, you’ve made my day!


      Thank You, BFFFF! You've made my whole WEEK! :D

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  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @Prospekt!



    1. Prospekt


      Thank you so much! ^_^

  4. @Treeglow Flicker  or as I like to call her "Female @Shrug". :P

     I have the same exact type of friendship with both of you. :laugh:

    1. Treeglow Flicker

      Treeglow Flicker

       And what a magnificient friendship it is! :laugh:

    2. Sparklefan1234


      @Treeglow Flicker  You put up with me, I put up with you. It's a balancing act, really. ^_^

  5. Sparklefan1234

    Ask ChB

    What did you like more about Hey Arnold: The Movie compared to The Jungle Movie?
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    2. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      You say why, I say why not. :mlp_smug:

    3. Tacodidra


      Best episode ever! :ticking: It certainly deserves a banner (or two). :twi:

    4. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Oof. RIP Golden Oak.

      Nice signature though. :)

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  6. Queen Chrysalis signature:



    1. DivineZebra1000


      @Sparklefan1234 The most beautiful Queen in Equestria!

    2. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Surprised you didn't make it an animated signature. That way, it'd always be changing:arethosehands:

    3. Sparklefan1234
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  7. I am SO SORRY you are feeling sad, BFFFF. I hope you feel better soon. :sunny:


  8. Gadget Hackwrench signature. (From Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers)




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    2. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      @Sparklefan1234 Either one, honestly. They are both cool. :proud:

    3. Sparklefan1234


      @Samurai Equine I find the original Chip and Dale annoying. Always messing with poor Donald.

    4. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      @Sparklefan1234 Oh, right. I always forget about the OG versions. Never cared for them. They only became cool when they became Rescue Rangers.

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  9. TaleSpin signature. For the five people here who remember this show, I salute you. :proud: 

    I wonder if @cuteycindyhoney was a fan of TaleSpin? 



    1. Treeglow Flicker

      Treeglow Flicker

      I loved that show. :yay:

    2. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      I remember. Not my cup of tea, but it was still fun in its own right. :proud: And just like so many Disney cartoons from back then, the theme song is an ear worm.

    3. cuteycindyhoney


      You better believe I was a fan! 

      Great lines:

      "This is Don Karnage, speaking to you with his voice!"


      I don't remember the exact line, but Baloo at one point mentioned Louie's "All you can stand for a dollar chili special"

      That always makes me laugh! I had to do a quick search for the title, but my favorite episode is the two part ""For Whom the Bell Klangs"


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  10. I’m feeling better now thanks to all of my AWESOME friends here.
  11. I'm bummed but I'll get better with time.
  12. I appreciate @ExplosionMare @ChB @Treeglow Flicker @Pandora and @Totally Lyra's friendship & kindness more than they could possibly imagine.
  13. Welcome to the Sparkle Squad, BFFFF! :D (That's my special name for my group of friends.) 

  14. You know when something probably isn't 100% your fault but you convince yourself that it is? That's what I'm feeling right now.
  15. Thank You, BFFFF.

    *Hugs back*


  16. Spongebob-Funny-Pizza-Image.jpg


    You, Maybe:fry_drooling.gif :P

    1. Kyoshi


      Hmmmm, I am a tad conflicted. XD On one hoof, I do love pizza of course. On the other...well, do I want to devour my spongey friend? :wacko: 

      Then again.....

      PatrickLicking.gif.391c5cf6c05e2b9641556aeb66bd3601.gif :BornAgainBrony:


    2. Sparklefan1234


      @Kyoshi I *still* can't believe that visual made it to TV. :BornAgainBrony:

    3. Kyoshi


      And this one:


      :sealed: :ButtercupLaugh:

  17. If Owl from Winnie the Pooh could talk endlessly about his relatives,

    why couldn't FiM have told us more about Zecora's? 


    Zecora can't be the ONLY zebra in Equestria. 

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    2. Kujamih


      Season 10 comics... Its zacoras season

    3. RDDash


      Sometimes I don't really know the city names the show is trying to horse pun :squee:




    4. Sparklefan1234


      @RDDash Tempest obviously prefers Mary Poppins to the Disney Princesses. :orly:


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  18. I think that would've been a nice way to keep MLP fresh in our minds for when Gen 5 eventually debuts.
  19. Hello, I hope you are doing well, BFFFF! :squee:



    1. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus

      I'm doing aright, bit mad to myself about losing few papers, nothing world ending, just something that pushes a thing I'm supposed to do with a week at least. What about you, hope you are doing fine? :) 

    2. Sparklefan1234


      I'm alright. I'm glad to see you're doing well, BFFFF. :squee:

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