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  1. episode discussion

    This has gotta be my favorite episode now. I never thought I'd get so emotional over MLP but by the end I was crying a bit.
  2. Request Shop

    No worries! This was worth the wait! I love it <3 Thank you so much!
  3. request shop

    I edited my post right after I realized I forgot the pose XD Pose 4 please ^w^ Oh and if you need her cutie mark unwatermarked just ask x3
  4. request shop In a hoodie if possible. If not than a scarf Bi pride please~ Pose 4!
  5. If you're talking about YT channels than... Littleshy and Tyandaga are the only ones I really like.
  6. request

    @Ezerona Caramel!!! Thank you! <3
  7. request

    @Vulcan omg <3 This is an amazing thing to wake up to. Thank you!
  8. request shop

    Mintyheart? :3
  9. request shop

    Can you draw Chance please?
  10. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!!! *Squees*

  11. request shop

    Screenname - Tangle OC name - Mintyheart OC reference - [required to have one, as I can't go off descriptions alone.] Type of art - [choose one of the following- headshot, halfbody, fullbody, chibi, or icon ] Full or chibi. Either is fine^^ Pose/ Expression - [not necessary, only if you have a specific pose or expression in mind. ] Surprise me Other - [misc. info] Please remember her front 'socks' are lower and her back 'socks' are higher. Twilight Sparkle
  12. Breasts. Never wanted them T_T
  13. This sucks... They could've atleast actually showed half the episodes instead of doing this at episode 11...
  14. oc

    I think the colors go well together. I love the name too. Talent is magic I'm guessing? Remember to not make her too OP ^^
  15. I consider Spike a main character but never saw him as part of the Mane 6. I consider them the Mane 7 now with Starlight.