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  1. Hey tangle!

    I have a question for you. How did you change you're rank name? I'm curious.

    1. Tangle


      Oh you haveta ask a staff member. @Lightwing changed mine.

    2. Maple Bat

      Maple Bat

      Ok I'll go ask him. Thanks!

  2. That would be cool but I just can't see Celestia going evil.
  3. spoiler

    Did anyone else notice that Celestia and Luna's magic horn glow was different after the cutie mark switch? Could that mean that the cutie mark determines what color your horn glow is?
  4. spoiler

    I wasn't hyped at all for this one but I did end up liking it.
  5. spoiler

    This is probably my favorite episode of the whole show now x3 Luna's nightmare though... I ended up having that teeth falling out dream a lot as well.
  6. spoiler

    I agreed with AJ so much in this episode. I liked it a bit more than I thought I would.
  7. RD. She's gotta be my fav of the mane six behind my number one choice of AJ. I never cared for rarity. I like her but... I could easily leave her. I just can't stand fashion and that's a big reason why...
  8. I prefer the 2 episodes a week. I love binge watching cartoons and animes so yeah.
  9. Never. I couldn't date a fashionista at all. I like her even if she's my least fav of the mane 6 but... She's one of the ponies I'd never date.
  10. Your OC is really cute x3

    1. CosmicSpark


      Thank you :) She is such a cutie

  11. I would like those idea. But I would love for the show to continue myself.
  12. Not at all. I think it's cause the child in me x3 Every Saturday I'm excited to see the newest episode. This goes for all shows I watch too.
  13. request shop

  14. Request Shop

    @chaosprincess Thank you again!!! <3
  15. I haven't really seen many mlp dragon oc's honestly. I wouldnt really know what to say besides making the appearance look unique.