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    "Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality"
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    Anime, shipping, swimming, reading, rping, cartoons, drawing

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  1. Very lazy and I like to procrastinate. I suck at taking care of myself. I should never live alone XD
  2. *Boops*

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    2. Tangle



      Your gender is set to Other O.o *Is disctracted again*

    3. Lightwing


      Yeah, I'm Other because ip.b 4 shenanigans. One day I might change it, but until then *slacks around* :>

    4. Tangle
  3. Mintyheart got her cutie mark by bringing joy to other ponies. I havent worked out on who exactly yet though. I was thinking it'd be my other OC Vanilla Swirl.
  4. If I was good enough I would. But you could also ask in Requestria to see if anyone would do requests for you
  5. I don't really think there should be a limit myself. There's so many great people here and I wanna be able to follow everyone I consider a friend.
  6. Request Shop

    Oh yeah that's true x3 Thank you so much! <3
  7. I only became a fan of g4 and I can confirm I've never heard of her. But I agree she should get more recognition for creating the entire series.
  8. I'm a girl and refer to myself as a brony more than a pegasister tbh. I like the terms myself and never thought of them to be sexist. Than again I never thought of the terms too much XP
  9. I do like Equestria Girls and wouldn't mind another. I think it'd be hard to top Rainbow Rocks though.
  10. I feel old. I'm playing the original Spyro on my PS1... It was one of the very first games I played as a kid. (It was either Spyro or Pokemon)

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    2. Tangle


      Oh my god yes! I ended up doing a glitch in year of the Dragon not knowing it was a glitch. the one where you can swim through the whole world of... Whatever the 3rd world's name was. And when you do that a gem in Spooky Swamp is completely lost.

    3. Ghost Wolf

      Ghost Wolf

      I only ever played the first game and Enter the Dragonfly so I wouldn't know :L . Although that seems cool xP , getting out of the map. It'd be great if the game just auto-generates scenery for you rather than just let you fall off the map.

    4. Tangle


       highly recommend the 3rd game! And Heroes Tail! Those are my favs! Oh and the legend of Spyro trilogy!

  11. @Lavo Ah no worries. I'm glad it's possible to add it back though! And thank you and the others for working hard to help everyone get use to this update^^
  12. Sibling/family ships bother me so much. And the ship Shadouge (Show the hedgehog and Rogue the bat) does for personal reasons
  13. Yay we get to see the topics we've posted in again. But most of the threads that are under that are ones I've never posted on. 2 of them that I've checked I can't even access.
  14. Thank you so much <3 You have no idea how much it means to me to be praised for my art. It really helps my motivation. <3 <3 <3
  15. Cute chib And i did a redraw of this! <3 It was a redraw of this