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  1. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Lil' Lovebug Starburst feigned a laugh at Satin's downcast expression, and added, "Hah, that was um... funny?" That's the best you can do? Chris chastised him within his mind. Shut up! Starburst retorted.
  2. Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Tanaka-kun is Always Listless) If cartoons, then either the Amazing World of Gumball or Rick and Morty. Tough pick.
  3. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Lil' Lovebug Starburst suddenly felt the weight of the package he had strapped to his back, his only reason for being here... other than to escape the dragon outside. "No, not at all. I haven't given much thought to same sex relationships." He looked around at the crowd before continuing, "I probably won't as well, though I don't condemn them." "And yes, the dragon outside, and delivering this," he gestured to the package, "is what's keeping me here still. Any other questions?"
  4. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Lil' Lovebug Not concerned about it... as if. Starburst was ripe with worry, rapping his hooves against the table in an impatient manner. If a dragon was just stomping around Ponyville at this moment, who knew how much damage it would cause. Starburst had only entertained the notion and hadn't expected the taloned creature to be there, buzzing about like a hummingbird. And if that thing so much as lay a finger on the Canterlot Hospital or on Celestia and Luna's castle, so help him he would... "I-I'm sorry for making it awkward." He said to the both of them in an apologetic tone, more so to Satin. "I'm not used to being around mares a lot. The only thing that's still keeping me here is the dragon outside."
  5. Planning

    @Chrylestia600 Yay....
  6. Planning

    @Chrylestia600 I name Starburst as my OC, and christen him in the holy waters of Celestia... That's a thing, right?
  7. Planning

    @Chrylestia600 I'm interested to keep on roleplaying.
  8. Open

    @Blitz Boom "Uh... too close, too close." He muttered, stepping a few inches away from the changelings, apprehensive at being twenty metres within range of a mare. A mare that he barely even knew. "The dragon flew off into the distance though. It looks it avoided this inn for the most part - lucky too." He added, glancing over at the calmed audience.
  9. Open

    @Blitz Boom@Lil' Lovebug Starburst nodded at Vivid's statement, "I did like it. It was interesting how you used your wings and vibrated them at a certain frequency to create soundwaves." At that moment, he realized that he had spouted a series of entirely nerdish words. "Uh, I'm sorry for that explanation." He craned his head down.
  10. @Queen Chrysalis Servant @Techno Universal @Maple Bat @Strong Copper @Star48955 @Trixie . "Believe in the heart of the cards..." Starburst heard a tiny murmur from his human subconscious, and was quick to ask him, "What does that mean?" "It means walk faster. Hurry up to this rebellion raid, I'm hungry." "How are you even hungry? You live inside my mind!" "It's metaphorical." Starburst sighed as his hooves crunched on the hard packed dirt, under the watchful gaze of the moon, followed by the shining white pinholes in the sky. He was supposed to feel livid at this, himself joining a rebellion. Instead, he felt nothing at all. Only just an empty feeling. He crept closer as heard sounds over in the distance - a shout hear, a yell there - but it gradually increased as he got nearer. Stumbling out of the bushes, in the middle of a pack of corrupted ponies and changelings, was Starburst. "H-hi." He murmured, waving a hoof.
  11. @Queen Chrysalis Servant Phew! An Element of Harmony now!
  12. Open

    @Blitz Boom For only a moment, Starburs allowed himself to be taken in by the music, but once it had ended, he was stunned. Lightly shaking his head, he turned to Vivid, who asked him a question just a few moments before, "That would be Satin up on he stage. Interesting, yes?" He nodded in response, adding, "Yeah, that song she sang was amazing."
  13. @Orange Sparks "If I had a girlfriend," He commented, "Which would probably be never." He let out a small laugh, a sort of a mix between a hearty and joyous laugh and a harsh and hoarse one. He said, "It's okay if you ramble. Nothing bad is going to happen." He gave her an assuringly convincing smile. "Now, can we please head back to some other place?" Starburst spoke, pulling the sleevs of his jacket over his own hands, "I'm freezing out here."
  14. @Orange Sparks He scratched his raven's nest of hair, sheepishly trying to come up with an answer, "Geez..." "I imagine you as a sort of cute girlfriend for some lucky guy." He leaned back against the hardwood bench, his back never having felt this good before. "That, that's what I mean by arm-candy. And..." He turned to face her, his eyes nearly poking right onto her still-developing antlers, "... why do you think you'll just be used for getting looks?"
  15. @Orange Sparks "I'd think you'd make good arm candy." He remarked once more, honestly, and tried instead to give her a warm grin, flashing instead a sort of weird, strange kind of smile. "I haven't smiled this much in a long time." He added, jamming his hands into his pockets and sighing out a puff of cold air. "So you'd rather just wait for a while before becoming a princess? That's a free-spirited way of thinking, but I don't judge," He muttered, "If it was me, I would respectfully decline... if they had a backup just in case I declined. If not... who knows?"