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  1. I knew I'd heard that word before. The Quagga. First I had thought it was something mythological, but no. You've delved into it, and found your own rare, extinct breed of ungulate! You've done actual research! So rare it is for me to come across something this uniquely & cleverly original that I have been truly caught blindsighted & unaware! One moment...

         I literally just applauded you. Completely honest! Truly a Red Letter day for me to find something this untouched that catches me by this much surprise! I know I've seen an Okapi around here somewheres, but I truly must know more about you/this! Whenever you have the time, of course!

    1. Alecks T. Quagga

      Alecks T. Quagga

      Thank you I greatly appreciate your words. I am more than happy to share what more would you like to know?

    2. Widdershins


      What was your process for devising as such? How did you become acquainted to such a rare species as to be relegated to mostly trivia?  Do you have a character listing, something to go on, or is it just the sort of general idea you like to go by as an online persona? What is your favorite cheesecake topping?

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