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    life aint that bad brudda live in the slow lane have fun in life
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    gaming movies(old and new)mlp<duh> card games web surfing anime comedy running around on weekends with Darklady <grandma> dragon quest(somewhat)

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  1. hey guy whats up?

    1. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      in bed, watching some FNAF videos on YT before sleeping. you?

    2. Nightshroud


      oh not much just got through talking to ex

    3. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      cool. hope it goes well.

      X are X, not much to do about that. if you try to have a good or mellow relationship even after breaking up, it´s good to have a mutual ok-feeling about eachother

  2. Gaming

    Any of the warriors games kingdom hearts fighting games.
  3. aww shes cute I love it.
  4. Mega Thread

    banned because I feel like a pirate
  5. h-h-h-hello ......... I-I-I'm Nightshroud ive seen you around on the forums...... *hides face*

    1. MissDiamond


      Hello there, friend! :) You don't need to be shy around me, I too am shy so.... I'd like to have you as a friend ^_^ 

  6. Mega Thread

    banned because you got me a defective metal detector.
  7. I love youre avatar its so colorful

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    2. Changeling Neon

      Changeling Neon

      XD not at all, to each their own.

    3. Nightshroud


      whew so you like anime huh?

      I found me an anime crush next to Sebastian and lunamaria hawk.

      this dude Image result for anime pirate boy

    4. Changeling Neon

      Changeling Neon

      XD I approve sebby is also amazing, but I like Miketsukami from Inu x Boku

  8. are you pagan too?

    just curious..

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    2. Silleh


      You're very welcome! ^_^ And huh, they're looking pretty good! Never really seen them before, are they from some anime/manga? :)

    3. Nightshroud


      I found him on google but hes cute and handsome none the less

    4. Silleh


      Oh, I see ^^ Well, he is indeed fairly handsome, as you say ^_^

  9. Mega Thread

    banned because I'm a sith lord I'm higher up then gobo
  10. hello ive seen you around I'm Nightshroud nice to meet you

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    2. Wacko Wolf

      Wacko Wolf

      It's fun and you can be yourself here because mostbeveryone's accepting

    3. Wacko Wolf

      Wacko Wolf

      (Sorry :c)

    4. Nightshroud


      yep so whats on your mind.

  11. gaming

    yeah true its like a Halloween level
  12. that's another thing I liked was the whole nature thing it makes me respect nature more.
  13. hello I'm nightshroud

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    2. Nightshroud


      nah just wanted to meet a new friend

    3. Lex Destrosio

      Lex Destrosio

      Oh, thats kind of you^^ Even though im normally a slightly difficult friend to have, since i dont talk that much but allright.

    4. Nightshroud


      but that's fine

  14. gaming

    ive played the game its was scary in an awesome way