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    life aint that bad brudda live in the slow lane have fun in life
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  1. mai boi I wander whats for dinner?

    Link *jumps out of window*

    1. Nerdy Luigi

      Nerdy Luigi

      Me: *thanks the meme lords for this gift*

  2. waking up early: don't like to wake up early let me sleep admitting I need therapy: sometimes I hate admitting I need help with certain issues of mine. dealing with pointless drama: no use in it really its just yelling and screamin over minor things.
  3. The point of this game is to embarrass Riku as hard as you can anything goes
  4. Okay 3 options to embarrass my student Riku from kingdom hearts so type 1 2 or 3 

    1:dress up as a Disney princess 

    2: quote Shakespeare in a speedo in front of sora

    3: dress up as sonic and sing my baby does the hanky panky

    1. Starcake


      I say 1 and 2 ! Lol xD 

    2. Nightshroud


      Lolololololol oh  man I'm dying of laughter poor Riku 

    3. Nightshroud


      Lolololololol oh  man I'm dying of laughter poor Riku 

  5. And another thing is the humor has just vanished remember this is a comedy show yet there's no humor anywhere to be found it's trying to hard to take itself seriously what ever jokes are left are either stereotype jokes or shock humor done wrong.
  6. huh I do the same
  7. only if they go creepypasta route
  8. mine iis popping my bones like fingers toes neck skull arm I also rant to myself in the mirror
  9. everyone has a weird habit that they do the stranger the better
  10. Movies/TV

    1: fanboy and chum-chum loud stupid and I wanna kill both of them 2: bread winners why does this show exist? 3: ttg die already!!
  11. which would you see? power rangers 2017 or beauty and the beast reboot?

    1. Sweet Pen

      Sweet Pen

      Beauty and the Beast.

      Im not much into PR.

    2. Nightshroud


      that's fine its a curious question

  12. I think that equestria girls will become a rehash of the main show the idea well will dry up sooner or later
  13. that's a big problem its inability to handle topics like religion politics and domestic abuse another thing that comes to mind is that its hard to find sympathy for any of the characters
  14. to me I don't care for equestria girls so I would probily skip that 3rd movie
  15. *juggles anvil*