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  1. Seems more like something North Korea would ban, considering they ban every cartoon that's not this:
  2. General Media

    I'm sure this apocolypse will go just like the other 8000 we've had. 2012 was probs the best apocolypse.
  3. If anything, I gained some respect for Perer New. That sounds savage.
  4. Spoiler

    I only listened to We Got this Together and It's Time to be Awesome because A. I already heard a part of them in other previews of them, B. If I lisnted to the whole soundtrack, I'd kind of be robbing myself of the magic of hearing them the first time in theaters, and C. Some of these songs are probably spoiler heavy. But I really liked them. Very Disney quality. I listened to them on Youtube. I'm not buying them until I see the movie so I can guage the songs I like the best and choose those.
  5. You know, they did a similar thing to another cartoon. It was a little show called Ren and Stimpy. It was remade into an adult cartoon with no censors. The result was ulitimate suckage with even the fans of Ren and Stimpy hating it, and as a result it was canned after 6 or 7 episodes. Mlp is not the type of show for that. It's attatched to a brand that for years has been marketed towards 5 year old girls and has been recognized as such. Rebooting it could be damaging for their IP, as parents would probably lose their trust in the product to protect their kids. Sure, making Samurai Jack adult worked, but the difference is that show was standalone and not a franchise and came out when all the fans of the orginal show grew up (not to mention only airing late at night when kids are sleeping). Besides, we already have an adult version or MLP. It's called Pony.Mov.
  6. There's been no confirmation on any exact days it hits DVD and bluray. However, what I've ovserved is most movies don't get that release until about 3 months after they hit theaters,
  7. I glanced at your profile and you're an adult, so you don't need their permission to do stuff, just a notice at most. You don't even have to mention you're seeing the MLP movie. You can just say that you're going to a movie and if they ask which one, you can say Blade Runner since that's coming out the same day. As for the driving thing, as someone who is your age and also has no license, I usually just use Uber to get around if there's no one to drive me to say work for example. Depending how far you are from your local cinema, you can download Uber and try. Just note that it can be pricey depending on the distance.
  8. Bronies for the last few weeks: The movie's not being advertised enough, EVERYONE PANIC!!!!!!!! Hasbro: Hold my beer
  9. No. I've seen people animate the ponies in CGI, all of them look like robotic garbage. Making 2D characters 3D can work just look at The Peanuts movie, but not for this show.
  10. Spike: What ya talkin bout? Spike showing off his inner Gary Coleman. It's pretty much what you get from TV Spots. A mix of already seen clips with new clips. Will definitely air on Discovery Family and the other kids networks so expect it airing during the new episodes in the coming weeks. Also I hope they don't do that thing a lot of movie trailers and previews do where they put all their best jokes in the trailer. More of that snarky Spike please.
  11. And this is why I'm going into the movie expecting a fun ride and not for the movie to break any records or win awards. People who think that I feel will be highly disappointed when the movie comes out. It's probably not gonna be Disney levels of success. Even ignoring the quiet advertisments, how often does a movie based off a TV show do really well? I mean sure there are outliers like The Rugrats Movie and the Spongebob Movie, but those shows were at the hight of their popularity when their movies came out. It's probably why they don't really do theatrical releases of movies based on TV shows anymore. MLP isn't as big as it was a few years ago. And hey, a movie not doing we doesn't mean it's a bad movie, just look at The Powerpuff Girls Movie.
  12. A lack of TV spots does not equal delay of the movie. Lots of movies get limited advertisment and still release in theaters normally without delay. The only time a movie gets delayed is if the people working on it aren't done with it yet which they are. It not being successful at the box office? Probably more likely but it being delayed or canceled seems like a huge leap in logic, eapecially since I've still seen merchandise for the movie even without the advertisment. Mlp is a toy based property remember.
  13. Lol those dislikes. #triggered
  14. Dat Sonic Rainboom animation Also I can tell from the few voice clips that Taye Diggs was the perfect choice for Capper.
  15. Sports

    Sadly we're Bears people here (I know it sucks lol). Though the Chicago area does get it's fair share of Packers peeps. When I was in middle school, the school would do a Bears Vs. Packers day on the week of a Beats Vs. game (Packers won all the time anyway). I will say though, the Bears put up a pretty good fight against the Falcons for a near bottom of the barrel team fighting a Super Bowl good team. They still have that problem of choking away their win when it matters, but at least it's an improvement.