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  1. just sticking this here for a thing


  2. I think what I'm probably going to do with this story is, i'm going to make it into subdivided stories with a few meetings between characters.. the working title was Dark Days, but I'm thinking the final title's going to be: Fallout Equestria: Tales of the Wasteland: Dark Days It'll help me plot out the story better if I work with each character on their own before I combine a story or two..
  3. I accept, whole-heartedly, can I ask for their Coat and Mane colors respectively, if there's a special name for that radiation pistol. Along with any story I can use to fill in their backgrounds..
  4. here's a question, is there a way to get unbanned from the discord?


    1. Caltrop


      or is there a way back in, I'm guessing no


    2. LadyMercury


      The ban time has expired. You can rejoin using the link as long as you don't repeat past mistakes.

  5. I do wish the posts on the Discord somewhat counted towards the posts on forums

    1. Caltrop


      but I guess that would be too OP

  6. idk what to do either, but have the finished image from that stream

    Liquid Cadence.jpg

  7. I really don't know if it would be right to ask you this, but anyway.. Can I cross Your Fallout Equestria story with my own at some point? Its "Fallout Equestria: Dark Days" btw.. Please get back to me about this.
  8. You were looking for a certain story?

    Fluttershy's Bad Day was it? Look here:

    1. fouseytube


      no that's the wrong story

  9. I won the contest, using this one


  10. I made this in a meme contest