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  1. Caltrop

    Request Shop Lightning's art corner

    Could you draw color..if that's not any issue.. I'll post what she'll look like as a mare in the files below
  2. just sticking this here for a thing


  3. I think what I'm probably going to do with this story is, i'm going to make it into subdivided stories with a few meetings between characters.. the working title was Dark Days, but I'm thinking the final title's going to be: Fallout Equestria: Tales of the Wasteland: Dark Days It'll help me plot out the story better if I work with each character on their own before I combine a story or two..
  4. I accept, whole-heartedly, can I ask for their Coat and Mane colors respectively, if there's a special name for that radiation pistol. Along with any story I can use to fill in their backgrounds..
  5. here's a question, is there a way to get unbanned from the discord?


    1. Caltrop


      or is there a way back in, I'm guessing no


    2. LadyMercury


      The ban time has expired. You can rejoin using the link as long as you don't repeat past mistakes.

  6. I do wish the posts on the Discord somewhat counted towards the posts on forums

    1. Caltrop


      but I guess that would be too OP

  7. idk what to do either, but have the finished image from that stream

    Liquid Cadence.jpg

  8. Sorry about that, I'll get on it soon
  9. Oh btw, these are my 3 protagonists:
  10. I guess I can make it work
  11. Caltrop

    Fallout Equestria: Blood Drops

    I really don't know if it would be right to ask you this, but anyway.. Can I cross Your Fallout Equestria story with my own at some point? Its "Fallout Equestria: Dark Days" btw.. Please get back to me about this.
  12. You were looking for a certain story?

    Fluttershy's Bad Day was it? Look here:

    1. fouseytube


      no that's the wrong story

  13. I won the contest, using this one