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  1. I think what I'm probably going to do with this story is, i'm going to make it into subdivided stories with a few meetings between characters.. the working title was Dark Days, but I'm thinking the final title's going to be: Fallout Equestria: Tales of the Wasteland: Dark Days It'll help me plot out the story better if I work with each character on their own before I combine a story or two..
  2. I accept, whole-heartedly, can I ask for their Coat and Mane colors respectively, if there's a special name for that radiation pistol. Along with any story I can use to fill in their backgrounds..
  3. Sorry about that, I'll get on it soon
  4. Oh btw, these are my 3 protagonists:
  5. I guess I can make it work
  6. Caltrop

    Fallout Equestria: Blood Drops

    I really don't know if it would be right to ask you this, but anyway.. Can I cross Your Fallout Equestria story with my own at some point? Its "Fallout Equestria: Dark Days" btw.. Please get back to me about this.
  7. Personally, I thought the first part was a little rushed, but as I read on I start to like more and more of what I see. Though, it would help if Lunar didn't freak out as much, but that's just my opinion.. I just have to say, there's going to be an "Awful Lot of Running" in later chapters, I can feel it, even Ananta can feel it.. Keep it going, and you know you could fix that Chameleon Circuit if you just try hot-wiring the fragment links and superseding the Binary...
  8. How about I make her into a Wasteland Travelling Trader, she gets to meet people, make friends, all that jazz.. Please tell me if you do or do not agree with Lunar's placement, if you do not agree.. Please tell me in a follow up. If you would like to see her take this role.. Would you also tell me in a follow up. Thank you.
  9. Caltrop

    Request Help with my pony's

    how about a triplicate of flowers, maybe carnations, idk the colors, maybe White, Pink, and Yellow, with a microphone on a cord snaking out of mentioned triplicate? Just a quick thought..
  10. Caltrop

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Captain Jack's Torchwood Theme, that and maybe I Will Be There, from the Count of Monte Cristo Musical
  11. Caltrop

    Humor Another Comic I Made ^^;

    wow, I might be able to draw, but not in much color, this looks great don't short change yourself..
  12. Caltrop

    Pony Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Well to be quite honest, this.. Jyc Row feat. IbeConCept- Chrysalis' Revenge [GalaCon VIP]
  13. Caltrop

    Ponies and We Happy Few

    Isn't that the.. I guess, anyway.. All of them would be shocked, surprised even.. Flutters would hide, Rarity would faint, Applejack would, actually, idk, Rainbow would try to "Sonic Rainboom" it, Pinks would throw a party, and Twily would try to study it..
  14. Caltrop

    What do you think about Sunset Shimmers? ^^

    eh, what do I think, I think, Bacon Mane.. seriously, I cant think of anything..