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  1. I'm going to go as a zombie that eats colts and fillies Oh wait I do that already. Hehehe
  2. Seen people drew unicorns, so I'm uploading a unicorn. Too
  3. No I work too much, :p Still working now, even at home
  4. The Sphinx nodded and smiled"well thank you subject and future mate of Onache" she remarked to the drone. She was a very styligh Sphinx, well she liked to think so at the very least. She liked his input about the whole training and enlightening of the Princess. Can't have a dumb member of royalty now after all. "Well that settles it then, the Twilight will learn from me about a great many things" she remarked before flicking her tail turning her attention back to the purple princess pony. The Sphinx blinked and resisted the urge to pick her up by the tail and frog march her back to her castle to do some studying. "Congratulations, you failed your working out but got the answer correct. I bet your students love you when they cheat on their questions without any workings" she remarked with a small snort. "your reasoning was flawed and your working was sloppy. I suppose being a Princess you get your servants to work out problems for you, and serve up your problems on a silver platter" she growled flicking her tail. She tapped her paw several times and thought hard about the tail grabbing urge. "Arguing with a fool proves there are two" she said eventually to the Purple pony. "I will give you one more chance to redeem yourself, if you get the answer with workings, then you don't need to study. If you don't then you will have to study" she said with a smile. "There are two sisters: one gives birth to the other and she, in turn, gives birth to the first. Who are the two sisters?" She said with a evil smile.
  5. Well only if we have to
  6. There is a mare that kills everyone with a plague Spoilers Spoilers everyone dies
  7. None Less than 10 Less than 20 Over 20 Over 500 Over 1000 Let's just say a lot. If i had 0 i would categorically destroy this poll
  8. Me Wish I had a Xbox I would have paid money to deal with anything trump related at school would have been so many fart jokes
  9. The Sphinx glanced at him and tilted her head, "Oh just educating some ponies. Some need more education then others" she remarked with a smirk staring at the Twilight Sparkle. She definitely needed more education. The Sphinx blinked dumbly at her, had she not been listening at all? "No five died, because two of them had drowned and three of them died from unknown sources. So that makes five, it seems you need to be taught basic mathematics as well as logic and puzzle solving" she said with a growl. She then flicked her tail "Besides I asked how many were left, not how many were alive or dead, How Many Were Left In The Tank, You know the thing they couldn't escape out of?" she said really slowly so the purple pony could understand. "So that would mean there were ten left" she sighed before dropping a large book of problem solving in front of the purple mare, "Well I suppose since I've done here I can teach you basic mathematics, followed by advanced mathematics and then logical conundrums, should only take a year or two of study" she remarked. She personally though the mare might take a third year, since she didn't seem very sharp. "So lets get you back to your house or castle or whatever and start teaching you how to use that brain of yours" she purred amused.
  10. The Sphinx smirked and smiled, before nodding, that had sorted that problem out and she no longer had anything to tie her down in this part of Equestria. "Good good, I may pop back this way if I need to do any business this way though i'm doubtful I will have to travel this far again. Though the temple is relatively low maintenance" she remarked letting out a low yawn. "Well I think they will treat it better then someone like yourself. And they need it more" she said pointedly. The Sphinx growled and rolled her eyes, this pony was just rubbish at riddles. "Well if they are in a sealed container, they can't exactly escape from it" she said pointedly. "If they didn't escape they were still in the tank, even those that died were still in the tank. I didn't ask anything about alive ones, just how many were in the tank. So since you can't escape in the tank, that gives you your answer" she purred. A large book on riddles dropped down on Twilights bed, that she could read at her leisure. "I delivered you a present at your house, you may read it then return it to myself after doing so" she said with a large grin. The cages disappeared leaving the ponies standing on some sand. The Sphinx blinked "yep its glowing, so its time for myself to take my leave. My work here is done, at last" she remarked with a chuckle.
  11. The Sphinx had been pretending to be sleeping, though she infact had been watching the whole thing, she waited until she was sure of the outcome and then stood up and looked down at them contented, they now met all of her criteria and she was very pleased at that, she had been away for too long that's for sure. She flicked her tail and purred at the outcome, just as she had predicted and without any prompting from her, well not much at any rate. She preferred the whole cute reformed look, so it was much better then the evil slaver look, though she would have preferred the opposite in her youth. "Well, you two look ready to start a hive together, now that you no longer are a parasite on the local vicinity i'm sure you will get used to your new looks. And on what you need, you have it right here, if you will agree to live in it and take care of it" she said with a smile. She pointed to the temple with her tail which suddenly came much closer to the group, "when you step inside it then it will change to what you would need it to take care off your new hive" she said with a smile. The crown upon the Sphinx's head turned bright white and started to glow, making her much more pleased with herself. She had done the right thing after all and this problem was solved. "Why build it when they can have my temple since I no longer need it. I have no purpose here since my goal has been achieved" she giggled. She had another place to visit now, a more permanent settlement. The Sphinx turned her attention back to Twilight. She smiled "Oh a rather simple one, Ten Fish are in a Tank. Two drown, Four swim away and Three Die. How many are left?" she told her, she flicked her tail "The Pharoah knew no evil so logically solved it in his own time, where Ahuizotl only saw evil and was tricked into the easy answer" she chuckled. She liked tricky questions and fools who rushed into them. "You can guess it Princess, but I will only be explaining one of your questions if you do. One your all going to be thinking about now" she remarked. The Sphinx blinked at the suggestion and watched both her and Onache wondering what she would say to the idea. "I concur, unless you plan on invading him still. Getting to know him might make you friendly towards him, though if your still thinking of invading then you will probably want to know how he thinks to be able to attack him successfully. It matters not to myself" she said with a small chuckle. She was pretty sure that Onache could rule on her own, after all she transformed to provide for her hive, more noble then enslaving others and breaking there minds.
  12. I am disappointed that I have to point out the differences in Sphinxes Alicorn / Sphynx The Ancient Riddle cat is called a Sphinx. If your meaning the other cat that is called 'Sphynx' that has no fur, then I am still disappointed you left the riddle cat out.
  13. @Blitz Boom The Sphinx glanced down at the drone and gave him a curious sniff. She glanced at him and then at Onache who was much bigger then him and then back to the drone slightly confused. "She blinked at Onache, so this is the drone you want to build a hive with? he is rather small isn't he?" she asked her with a frown. She tilted her head, she expected Onache's mate to be bigger, though she didn't push the issue. She turned her attention to the drone. "So, Happy is it? Do you agree to follow the rules I gave to Onache?" she asked him. She was still trying to understand why Onache prefered something so small. She would also let Onache explain ther ules to him, her eyelids were starting to get heavy, besides, She just didn't get changelings. The Sphinx blinked at him. "Every time you threaten someone with something the reverse occurs to yourself. So you might be down another 50 bits" she said to him blinking amused. She flicked her tail, "Well we Sphinxes were not always bound to our temple, however after a certain incident it was decided we should have some limitations to our powers so we were bound to our temples to prevent the incident from occurring. So the power is mien but for the sake of fairness, since I make the deals. It has to be measured by the tempel to make sure it wasn't bias towards myself. Though there is always a loophole that can be used." she remarked. "So its my place to sleep and a power sink. I could just decide not to use the temple to funnel my power but then well. I might make a deal that turns out to be catastrophic" she giggled. The Sphinx smiled and sat on the large pillow getting sleepy from sitting on it. She nodded at Discords suggestion for the crystals. "Well they are made of lava so they would be hot" she said sleepily. She then laid her head onto the pillow and started having a cat nap. Deal or no deal, she needed to get her cat naps in otherwise she would be cranky. "ZZZZZ" "ZZZZZ" "ZZZZZ" Came the response from the Sphinx in the form of snoring. She was happy having a brief nap on a pillow. She hadn't hosted this many guests in a long time and it was hard work for sure.
  14. The Sphinx blinked and frowned, "Im pretty sure I couldn't live inside him though, he is too small" she remarked. "Anyway what else is better then a magical temple?" she asked him with a frown. She could easily tell him that they were not habitable at the very least. The Sphinx shrugged, "Oh its already come out of your account. The Temple saw to that after all. If you ask nicely it might get you a receipt" she giggled. She blinked and thought about it. He was right after all. "Well, you make a compelling argument, however if I left this land then I would be homeless and would have to find another temple to live in. The only other temple that I know off is my original one in Southern Equestria and im sure that village there will not be appreciative of a Sphinx moving back into her old home" she remarked. "Besides its probably been converted into a museum or something similar" she added slightly grumpy. The Sphinx blinked, "Well any building that I reside in, becomes magical and sentient to how I was at the time of occupation. The construction of it is also rather important in how it functions" she remarked with a smile. "This one I build myself for my current short term goals and as such its moving towards that aim" she giggled. "Though I suppose it couldn't hurt to tell you the tale of the origins of it" she explained. She blinked and frowned at her tone. "Well my original temple was build for me by the first Pharaoh" she began. "in those times there were no Pillars, this was back in the dark ages of your species, now before you had the old kingdom you had many different tribes fighting over space and land. Until they decided to merge and be ruled by the first pharaoh. During this time they decided to give their leader a crown however it turned out to be a ancient artefact that gave knowledge to its holder. Unfortunately that led to them being attacked by a creature that wanted it for itself. Being stronger it would have got that artefact until I decided to intervene and prevent such a calamity." she added. The Sphinx smirked, "Now me being much larger then you small ponies and even Ahuizotl. They wisely decided it wasn't a good idea to fight over the artefact so I gave them a very nice riddle and whoever solved it could keep the artefact. Ahuizotl being the brute he was couldn't solve it which eventually led the Pharaoh to guess correctly allwoing him to rule over his people rather then that tyrant Ahuizotl." she smirked. "Because of my help I was given a temple " she finished. "I think that artefact is in a museum now. Along with many other artefacts however my temple being one that isn't however it isn't a artefact really since its only magical because I live in it" she added.