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  1. Open Casual stroll

    Droppy shook her head and rolled her eyes, giving herself a facehoof, she wanted a serious answer not one of these dumb answers. Droppy let out a low growl as she gave the correct answer though she regained her composure rather quickly, making it appear that there was no growl or anger in her eyes in the first place. "Nope, it's quicksand" she remarked with a grin, she had run out of riddles, though she knew exactly where to get more from. "Well since you failed at that riddle, you need to get me some more, so either find me a Sphinxes den or a riddle book" she remarked to the dragon. She tutted as the dragon fiddled with some bag and lifted it up, she wasn't a dog she wasn't going to go play fetch with her at any rate. "No i'm not hungry, though I prefer being fed live prey rather then have food tossed at me, I'm not a performing monkey" she added scornfully, she glanced as she spotted Nerzhei's cave and trotted inside it glancing around. Tilting her head at the scrolls and hunting spears she had lined up. "Oh that bed looks comfortable. What do you say feet? Should I go and have a lay down?" she asked herself walking towards the dragons bed or what would have been some sort of resting place. She got herself comfortable and stared at Nerzhei, "Well go on then, chop chop, get what you need and go get me lunch" she remarked to her with a smirk, curling up like a cat and trying to get a quick nap in while Nerzhei searched for her equipment.
  2. Open Casual stroll

    Droppy blinked and let out a yawn, she tilted her head at the answer "Well obviously, took you long enough, I half expected you to say 'Key'. A keyhole neither comes nor goes, so it must be the answer" she giggled before thinking of another riddle. Smirking at the trap she had made, she was a clever pony after all, deep down. She smiled and stared at Nerzhei, slightly grumpy she had guessed these past riddles right. She hated things smarter then herself, normally able to eat anything that was smarter then herself, apart from this pesky dragon. "You can get into me quite easily but you can't get out of me without facing extreme difficulties. What am I?" she asked her with one of her grins, she liked this riddle, it was a hard one, and at best Nerzhei would guess wrong and she could have her fun. She was going to prove she was much smarter then this scaled beast. She was after all one of the most cleverest ponies ever. Even if Nerzhei guessed right, she would have her put down ready.
  3. General Have you been to a sleepover?

    Does a drunken night out count? If not then no
  4. News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    shouldn't have been swept under the rug so to speak, should have been reported and dealt with then. Covering it up just makes you just as guilty as the perpetrator and also makes you a accomplish to boot.
  5. News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    doesn't sound right to me, looks similar to this Basically a women was killed, a innocent one it turns out. For apparently committing adultery. You want the world to work on this logic? How many innocents will get caught up in this 'he did that' or 'she did this'????? I don't want this sort of world, middle ages and there witch hunts can stay there. It all boils down to trust. Now if the FBi, American Police and American Prosecution Agency do not want to arrest him on federal charges. Who are we to demand blood for his 'crimes?' Or we can all go vigilantes and take the law into our own hands? See how well that will work? I support that, but it has to be proved. Otherwise you put the accused at risk of vigilantes attacks and threats of violence towards members of there family's and friends.
  6. News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    should have been reported then, the women report it, the organizers film him doing it, he goes to court and found guilty of groping not been proven guilty
  7. News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    How do you know he will do that? Are you a god of some sort that can see into the future? You can't arrest people on what they might do or everyone should be locked up. If you want to take this sort of stance, everyone that's gone to jail has a higher chance of re-offending then, so they should be kept locked up? People with mental health issues have higher chances of causing a crime, along with colored and people of middle eastern origin, should that mean they are kept under 24 hour CCTV and wear a leg tracker? No is the answer, so until proven guilty they should be innocent and have there identity protected.
  8. News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    they did, they told him to delete all his social media. its in that clip. Was he proven guilty in a court of law? Nope, so hes innocent.
  9. prods, do u make art for free 

  10. You seem to be making quite a name for youself

    1. WWolf


      She’s so yes :raritysillyhat:.

  11. News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    he got a Alt. But I won't share it I've taken a grain of salt from both sides, and analysed it. I think hes done nothing wrong. Hopefully your not a feminist. Your arts too good.
  12. News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    I'm a communist. Bain of all Nazi's Shrugs, whoever released it should have reported it sooner. So they are part to blame .
  13. News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    Oh i got his skype and twitter. I live off proof, not rumors.
  14. News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    shrugs, ask him