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    @King of Canterlot Is actually not a Russian
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    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom The Sphinx glanced down at the newcomer and flew down till she was infront of her temple entrance, she twisted her head and frowned at the newcomer. She sat herself down into a sitting position and blinked at her letting out a low yawn. "Well come along deary, we don't have all day. I'm sure your willing to come to some sort of agreement. You sure won't be leaving without one" she purred amused. She glanced up as a magical beam hit the sandstorm, she shook her head at the magic that was now within her realm. "Silly ponies, when will they learn, they can't use magic in here without my permission. If you will excuse me one second" she apologized. She levitated a large lump of sand and put it in front of the beam turning the sand to a glass orb that was now collecting the magic leaving the sandstorm to rage within her realm unopposed. She then turned back to the new comer, "Now then where were we? Before that rude interruption" she asked the blue cloaked mare. "I will have your name as well, powerful things they are they are also useful in there way" she remarked. @Blitz Boom @Dji @Seamore Sandwich @EQ_Theta @Lucid_Nightlight @Storm Shine The Sandstorm had grown to a large vortex that went up many meters and was centered around the Sphinx's temple though it stayed within the Sphinx's realm which was the Everfree Forest. Though more likely it was the Everfree Desert now. The Glass gem was in front of the large Sandstorm absorbing the magic that came from one of the Princesses that had halted the advance of the Sandstorm, though it was still a eyesore unless you happened to like giant raging sandstorms and oddly shaped temples which cold be occasionally seen within. The meaning of the storm was clear. While the Sphinx was entertaining her guest she didn't want anymore unwanted visitors, though it was possible to get though the sandstorm it was more of a deterant rather then a barrier. You could walk though it with no harm to yourself however you would have a bad mane day if you did, plus sand just gets everywhere.
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    439837 we there yet
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    EXECUTIVE PERSONALITY is mine, so i'm very forward in the way i approach stuff which is true i suppose. I have a opinion and I say such opinion, don't care what others think, doesn't bother me none best way to be really. A practical person
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    Updated Debate Pit Rules - See Link

    Wish that were true Keep getting these pm's from admins saying i cant post communism stuff Seems about right
  9. Can I reply to everyones post now? Think we are all caught up
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    I would eat Jeric Would be the last mistake they ever made
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    @BloodDrops Boops @BloodDrops ^^
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    Objection!!!, I'm not fat that's not proven, that's just slander!
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    Open Casual stroll

    The Sphinx let out a loud roar, she stamped her paws onto the ground and stared at the hole that had now collapsed. She growled as she realized the dragon and her servant had escaped, though she growled as she realized what had defeated her. ~Magic~ She hated magic, especially cowardly magic though it was not a problem, not really it didn't affect her grande scheme though it made her want to bring her plans forwards. World conquest was always the most hard to pull off though she had a good foothold. After all the forest now belong to her since Lyriel had fled, she flicked her tail now able to destroy everything within the forest, knowing exactly what she would turn it into. She let out another loud roar before muttering to herself. She knew how she would deal with this transgression within her temple. Only she could use magic, nothing else. She flicked her tail smashing one of the many ornaments within her temple. She gathered up the sand that was glowing and flicked it causing it to slowly spin. It began gathering momentum and expanding outwards eventually expanding out from the temple gaining momentum. The Sphinx moved back to her throne unaffected by the growing sandstorm. The forest would die as the sand touched it and be replaced by more sand to further the storm, nothing would grow though it wouldn't harm the ponies directly they would not enjoy a sand landscape she thought. The ponies in the nearby settlements would soon know of her presence. If this plan didn't flush out Nerzhei and Lyriel from there hiding place then she would have to do something more drastic. Maybe even visit the settlements herself and reign as she once did. She watched the sandstorm growing and laughed, "So Nerzhei, You made me your enemy, So you want to play with Magic? Well lets play then" she then spread her wings and flew out of her temple before slowly flying around it causing the sandstorm to grow faster and larger. "Are you ready for, ready for. The Perfect Storm, Perfect Storm" she cackled causing the storm to head towards the nearby settlement. She then flew down and sat ontop of her temple roof watching it move towards her target. ~Ponyville~
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    What is your OC's biggest Berserk Button?

    give me a lump of meat and then say its not for eating it results in it being eaten and you being eaten