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  1. BloodDrops

    Open Casual stroll

    The Sphinx flicked her tail, "Fine, have your debate" she smirked watching them amused. She was very easy to amuse. The Sphinx let out a yawn, and frowned at her. "Fine do what you want, I take that as agreement at any rate" she said with a tail flick breaking the magical collar on her neck, the cage also disappeared as well. She flicked her tail and blinked at her and tilted her head. "If Onache starts a war, she can do so on her own. If war comes here, then being as it my territory and having its own rules. My own rules would apply in this instant and it would probably result in any trespassers wanting war would be enslaved or trapped somewhere. Maybe Texas" she remarked thinking about it. "that or i simply kill them all, but i do despise genocide" she said distastefully, it was messy and hard to clean up. "I would if I got something out of it, or I was forced to" she remarked with a small yawn. The Sphinx blinked at the purple pony. "how long you got?" she asked tilting her head, "Temple has many rules, some are bendable, some are breakable, some break you if broken" she remarked with a smile. "Generally my rules are based upon the Temples ground rules, and I can't set you rules which would break the Temples rules" she said with a smirk. "But if you want to read the rules, here you are" she said with a giggle. Dropping a large pile of books around Twilight turning her cage of steel into a cage of learning. *Cough* "oh, you can't leave here without a deal. Quite literally, you try and walk though the desert, fly though it and you just go in big circles. Or smash into a window, either or" she added with a small smirk. "You could try to teleport out but could just land in a pile of quicksand, oh and opening portals to other universes also makes portals appear but mainly from different spider dimensions and the like, interesting" she said with a smile. The Sphinx tutted, he still hadn't learned from his dropping scale routine, she ate all the gummy bears but one and tossed it back to him, the gummy bear grew and grew till it was as big as the Sphinx, it then turned towards Lucid and pointed a accusing finger towards him. "YOU ATE MY FRIENDS" The Gummy bear then proceeded to try to grab Lucid. While the Sphinx watched mildly interested. As the Gummy bear came into contact with Lucid it turned into a pile of super strength glue which was very amusing to say the least, the Sphinx was amused as she ate some popcorn. The Sphinx was getting bored of Onache and her threats. "Now now, you can't just go around invading everywhere, just because I said you could doesn't mean that im happy that you will eventually invade others" she said with a snort. "Well not alive anyway, unless one of them bribes me to leave at the expense of everyone else. Though i'm not all bad, need some comic relief from time to time and Lucid plays sucha good fool" she giggled. "Sure you don't want him for your hive, he would be a rather amusing comic, if only he wasn't just so random" she added with a frown.
  2. BloodDrops

    Open Casual stroll

    The Sphinx blinked at his flawed attempt at offering a deal. She was grumpy and with good reason. There were so many loop holes within that contract, she could easily manipulate it to her hearts content. "Those all the rules you like?" she asked him with a frown. She shook her head crossly, "you can't have terms that contradict one another otherwise the latter always wins against the contradiction. How am I meant to enforce a contradicted condition? Pfffff" she growled. She flicked her tail and started addressing the rules set forth, 1. "Everyone will be free, that is acceptable. Everyone is also protected by myself and cannot be trapped however I cannot speak for Onache on this part since it is outside of her control" 2. "I accept that you as a collective and anyone that resides within Equestria cannot interfere with myself or Onache and her hive. Any terms that are broken as a result will result in that party's territory being given over to the victim. So if you attack the hive you forfeit your land and it is given over to myself and Onache, and if the hive attacks you then the hive loses it land and I expulse her from my territory." she said with a small smile. 3. "Agreed as condition of rule 2" 4. "I got no problem with this, though Onache will have to agree as well" she remarked. 5. "I will expand on this, since it creates a loophole. No one can be forced, tricked, teleported in or lured in with trickery. Sound fair?" she asked at the amended rule. 6. "My slaves have these rights anyway, I cannot speak on Onache's part" she remarked with a frown, she never physically assaulted her slaves anyway. 7. "Any sort of violence towards myself will result in explusion to Equestria. I can't say what it would result to for Onache" she said with a smirk, "Probably end up with a multation or two" she chuckled. "I agree to these conditions, as amended. Do you agree though Onache and Lucid?" she asked them. The Sphinx flicked her tail, "Fine fine, you may get your drone Happy Hour here and be given sandstone bedrock and be provided with a oasis for your hive. Beside that you must agree to my terms I've stated" she remarked. The Sphinx blinked at him at the stupidhead remark, "Did you know, the moon has lovely craters this time of the year? Would you like to see one up close, I'm sure I can bring it down for you to examine closely" she said with a small growl. She flicked her tail pointedly, "I will not say that about myself since its a lie and renders my magic useless if I lie within it. Though I can create a desert full of life if you wish it" she said with a grumble. The Sphinx blinked down at Lucid, "She can't attack anything my dear, my deal with her prevents such hostile actions while she is living on my land. Though that doesn't mean she can't leave to attack Thorax, however that will be nothing to do with me, and any hostile action from Thorax against myself will be met with you breaking my rule 2." she said before blinking. "Are we all agreed?" she finished.
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    events Gem Hunt Part 2

    Woop the culprit got away *Puts my new dress on and smiles* Woop
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    Open Casual stroll

    The Sphinx flicked her tail and blinked at him before glancing at a large scroll. "Depends on how long it takes for Onache to settle herself here with her hive under my protection. That was the deal after all and you then showed up wanting to reclaim this desert which Onache has a right to settle in. Seems we have a problem right there really. Unless you want to get this land back in a few centuries" she remarked. "A deal that I am able to offer yourself is as follows. You build Onache her hive, then you can return home with a promise you won't attempt to remove Onache from my land" she finished. "That Or i'm bound to keep you all caged for a few years, until Onache has her hive built, doesn't matter much to me" she remarked. The Sphinx snorted, "The Temple is Judge, Jury and Executioner. If it feels your a threat then well, you won't be a threat no more" she remarked with a small smirk. "You might be able to beat me, but you can't beat the Temple." she said with a smirk. @Blitz Boom The Sphinx blinked down at Onache, "So how long these creatures got to be enslaved for? Also how long till you get your hive established?" she asked her with a yawn, "they seem to be getting grumpy at being caged" she finished with a frown. She had to think of a way to solve this problem and rather fast it seemed. The Sphinx blinked, "Oh your enslavement is no part of the original deal. I just think its better you are caged before you do something silly that might make me be forced to use unsavoury means to enforce my side of the deal. I believe that you generally don't like changelings with your previous experience on dethroning them, plus shes a slaver and has offered yourself as a sort of payment, which I've taken so that part of the deal is completed. I just need her to start building some changeling hive, and establish herself here and then i'm finished" she finished. "Besides I've never met a sphinx who never uses magical deals" she added with a frown. "Well accepting my terms on building Onache her hive, and leaving her in peace. Then your good to go" she giggled. "Depends on what you justify as bad? if it comes to it, I could theoretically destroy all of Equestria apart from where we are now to ensure that the deal is protected" she remarked casually. "The Temple will go one further and destroy everything to protect the deal. So not exactly a loophole you can use unless you wish to be obliterated in nanoseconds if you try to edit or change the deal. Not a good idea" she giggled. The Sphinx smiled at his crown taking suggestion, "Well you might be on to something, though you couldn't just take my crown you would have to wear it to break my power" she said with a smirk, "but on the deal side of things, you've got to build Onache her hive and then promise not to harm her, as she builds up strength and invades you you wouldn't be allowed to retaliate within my realm" she finished. The Sphinx blinked, "In this case, Its the if and not the when, I will protect Onache and her hive until it is completed. Now if one of you suddenly made a fully made Changeling hive, that would result in the deal being completed and I would therefore have no reason to keep you here. As it is until I can determine you are no threat you may not leave here" she said with a small smile. "of course, once the deal is completed Onache will be in my service forever as she has promised me as many servants as i could ever want. Since I live such a long time and always need servants then she will have to live longer to provide them for me at which point she will be allowed to die" she said with a low chuckle. The Sphinx flicked her tail, "not losing power, maybe more of a corruption thing. Though as long as I finish this deal I can go back to my lavish lifestyle without lifting a claw. Suits me fine, I get out free food, free servants. Works perfectly" she remarked. "Unless you wanted to attempt to stop me, then that wouldn't be agreeable" she said with a yawn, besides my deals always work, hence my 100% success rate" she argued.
  5. BloodDrops

    events Gem Hunt Part 2

    Whats the update? Been working
  6. BloodDrops

    events Gem Hunt Part 2

    Those accounts changed there names too Display Name History × 19 MINUTES AGO Flan Flam isplay Name History × 22 MINUTES AGO Flim & Flam Flim Recon that Flan now Flam is a changeling and Film is a drone gives up
  7. BloodDrops

    events Gem Hunt Part 2

    Pssst Check the cutiemark somthings off @Jeric Is it Majesty on the Apples farm, after framing flim and Flam from this image? Image is Black and White so yeah
  8. BloodDrops

    events Gem Hunt Part 2

    idk what the clues are Oh i know who it is haha great
  9. BloodDrops

    events Gem Hunt Part 2

    @Flam he just joined now and has been tied to a chair
  10. BloodDrops

    events Gem Hunt Part 2

    It was Willy Wonka, disguised as a zebra That or Fruit Pack she was the only one with a bag large enough to fit the costume in Plus shes background pony always background pony *Follows him and jumps him when he leasts suspects it*
  11. BloodDrops

    The MLP Forums Pokemon Avatar Extravaganza!

    It was Willy Wonka Or a Zebra maybe both
  12. Will be posting a big sphinx post tomorrow give twi chance to post if they not done so already
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    events Gem Hunt Part 2

    The location is my belly Who wants to investigate first?
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    events Gem Hunt Part 2

    *climbs on this topic* The colouring is off for this house Thinks that's a clue
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    Black and White

    *Communism Intensifying*