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    Welcome, Players. Ex-Players, that is. Your Game has ended. Now you are simply Dead.
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  1. Dats disguising *puts soap in your mouth*
  2. Thats nice of you Just let me nibble on your ear then your head then that juicy brain of yours
  3. Open

    Blood blinked "I am, most of the other ponies are herbivorous, some are omnivores though as they eat fish and some meats. Though they like it cooked, me however i like it raw and bloody" I remarked sitting down in the tree's lap or whatever this comfortable part was. She frowned as the tree, 'stroked' her. Though it did make her rather sleepy, and she closed her eyes for several seconds having a power nap. While she napped she wondered where the other dragon was, wasn't she meant to be making a cure for her , after all.
  4. hello new zombie
  5. Don't bother struggling! I'm eating your face
  6. OOC

    can i gas the romulans?
  7. Mega Thread

    Welcome, Players. Ex-Players, that is. Your Game has ended. Now you are simply Dead.
  8. Mega Thread

    Slabs of Ham, Celery and Horseradish, Tons of Asparagus.
  9. Open

    Blood Drops grinned, "Because then every pony would be safe if I infect them" she remarked, I also like biting other ponies. She smirked deciding to bite the big tree. She grabbed the branch and bit on it and frowned, wood couldn't be infected and it didn't taste to nice either. She then snorted and trotted off going to find something that might be easier to infect. She found a small cluster of bunnies to infect, and also eat. She then trotted back to the tree fully fed, she then could sleep on the tree. "I infect others because I can. That is my purpose" she remarked.
  10. Mega Thread

    Ha ha! Konishi, talking back? Has hell frozen over?