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  1. Doing that then reading the rules don't break ze rules also bless u all ^^
  2. Well thats just discrimnation Kill off the twilight sparkle
  3. My head cannon is that Chrysalis is actually Princess Amore - The previous ruler before Sombra. Sombra turned Amore into evil crystals that he loves, after she escapes and being somewhat corrupted by his evil crystals, and after she sees her subjects enslaved she snapped and turns into Chrysalis. She then blaims Luna and Celestia for not helping her against Sombra and goes to plot there downfall. Then Candace the new ruler of Sombra former empire makes her good after a long series etc etc.
  4. I'm in a open relationship
  5. Open

    Blood frowned as the tree disrupted her plans, it was very counter productive. She hated things that were counter productive. "It's not hard to understand others, it's impossible" she remarked to the tree. "I have a purpose and im acting on that purpose. Anyone attempting to interfere with my purpose will be removed from the equation" she growled at the tree, clearly threatening her. "You manage growth and life and such, i manage the other side of that. So that you can have your side and so forth. Otherwise the system collapses, and that is where I come in, spreading my plagues and whatnot. I control the population to prevent them eating everything and killing themselves off in the process. If you got a infected bark and there was no cure, you would remove that side to save the rest of yourself. I am doing that, but in a larger sense" I explained. "Nerzhei is trying to interfere with my plague spreading, and that is not acceptable, so she needs to be...... Pruned in some sense, yes that would help you understand. Nerzhei is a twig in the whole scheme of things, a twig that needs to be pruned, so you can either let me prune her or i have to prune a second twig, though a much more important twig, one that I would have to then replace or re balance" she finished. The re-balancing would probably be another plague, since the tree did a very good job managing the forest. Since those resources would decrease, then the populations utilising those resources would then have to be reduced to prevent environmental degradation. It was a good thing that Blood was good at maths.
  6. Rather have him as a large fire breathing dragon, thats better in the school
  7. Well lets see you got the dad, mum and daughter so that's 33% male audience that poll is wrong what counts as watching though? that fuilly though or just channel hopping hell even the cat might watch it acidentally
  8. Open

    Blood Drops rolled her eyes "I already got a target" she smirked and picked up a firework "go on then give me a second target" she remarked, she instead put another in the ground and pointed it towards the forge and the grumpy dragon. She then lit that one and turned towards Lyriel setting up a second firework for her game. "After this game and after i destroy the forge, I need to get something else to eat" I add to the tree. I liked being a contamination spreading pony, it came with certain perks. Though having a big dragon was a slight problem, though a firework would solve said problem.
  9. looks like
  10. rainbowdash
  11. jailed for brining the green thing up or just eaten in jail
  12. Mega Thread

    Sorry but Laruen Faust got eaten