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  1. Open

    Blood Drops followed him holding her fishing rod, when she finally got to the stream she put her rod into the water and waited for a fish to come and grab her bait. It didn't. She blinked at Slappy bored and snorted "I'm bored, there are no fish here" she grumbled before her rod twitched, she pulled up and blinked at the fish flopping around on the floor, with a smile she picked it up and put it in her bag. She continued to fish until her bag was rather full of fish. "It kind of works I suppose, and they are rather fresh" I remarked before sniffing at Slappy's catch "So, what you gonna do after this?" I ask blinking. I move closer to him "maybe we can go into ponyville and have a meal or something?" I add blinking, "That or we cook these fish in my house" I remark with a small yawn. I then blinked several times before closing my eyelids, accidentally falling asleep beside the Sloppy, my ears twitched several times before I started to snore.
  2. Planning

    *Shows my disappointment by putting a axe in your brain*
  3. get spike I supose
  4. *falls out and tries to eat u*
  5. Mega Thread

  6. Mega Thread

    Non non nom Non non Nom
  7. Mega Thread

    Me? Who enjoyed being eaten?
  8. Ask a mod to ban you Then u can get that rank I just ate Jeric for my title
  9. Open

    "HEY!!" Blood growled as the diamond dog pushed past her, knocking her flank into the wall, she cut herself on the steel that lined the walls. "What's your problem" she growled at him her eyes glowing red, she was mad from the random push and being cut as a result. She moved back in front of the storeroom and glared at him, now pawing over her centrifuge with his dirty paws, she was above angry. She was furious. "GET YOUR MUDDY PAWS OFF THAT, GIVE IT HERE" I fumed glaring at him, "I JUST CLEANED THAT, YOU CANT GO TOUCHING OTHERS STUFF" I hissed at him, she really really really lost it as he puled at a panel causing the lid to fall off and all the glass tubes to fall out. Her left eye started to twitch, she was going to either have a breakdown or completely lose it.
  10. Planning

    @GoldieS Might be a second murder if Kiloton keeps playing with her Centrifuge. Oh no, u got it dirty
  11. you don't want her to live there or fish? Could go eat some pony and move into there house i suppose.
  12. Lurk lurk lurkity lurk