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  1. Open

    Blood blinked at the pony, then frowned as the apples got taken away, she glanced at the stall that the pony had been selling apples. She blinked at her and snorted slightly angry at her. She moved her hoof out under the stall, and flipped it over breaking it, she then continued to glare at the pony. "Never say no to zombie" she remarked. zo
  2. Open

    (Awww I wanted you to say no XD) Blood blinked at her and ate the apple within a matter of seconds, she then blinked at her and smiled "Another" she said, she lent over and tried to take one of the apples off of the stall.
  3. OOC

    cool rp time asdasdasdasd
  4. Open

    Blood Drops blinked at her and smiles. She sniffed a apple and blinked at her "Can I have.... Free?" she asked politely.
  5. only if your caught XDDDDD why you trying to help out 42? 888888888888888
  6. .... Gonna get put in a cage, or be the new logo for the umbrella corporation
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