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    Darkness is only an illusion, it can only be dark if u let it, me? I turned my back on the light a long time ago and instead joined the Derp side, as they have muffins ;)
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    My main 4 intrests are as follows ...
    1. Music .... I LOVE EDM and light metal/classic rock ... It is bae ...
    2. MLP ... Duh, I mean, I AM a brony after all :P
    3. Cars ... Irl, I own a 08' Subaru Impreza, 5-speed Manual ... Naturally
    4. Video Games ... Out of all these, this one is the biggest no brainer ... I LOVE my games ... Speaking of which, I'm keen for Forza Horizon 3 but I already love some older games as well, like gta San Andreas, that game was the shit for its time, too bad its now a dead game that people on pc who don't want to upgrade to console and cbf to play modern games play ... Hehe, I know its true for me even thou I play on console mainly xD ... K gtg, baii

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  1. Ugh, I feel strange, I feel like I'm losing control but at the same time, like I'm gonna power through the ..... For lack of a better word, situation, that I'm in ..... I really don't know what to do, or how .... I hope it's not too late

    1. Matraxial Artemi

      Matraxial Artemi

      What do you mean by that? :mlp_wat:
      If you're not in control of yourself, how come that you are still moving on your own? :fluttershy:
      Don't overthink something that you cannot control of yourself

      Just relax, Alright? :kindness:

    2. Vera Veil

      Vera Veil

      Just my state of being, while I do control my movement, I mean my movement in that kinda sentence ...... It's kinda hard to not overthink it when it's the only thing I can and have to think about, but I'll try to relax

  2. wow, been a LONG time since I did one of these? how is everyone? as for me? a lot has changed, especially in my head and im just not sure anymore

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    2. Vera Veil

      Vera Veil

      I wish I was able to feel that way all the time, only now im starting to get glimpses of being happy, and even that's only for a day or two …. im not having a good day atm, but im not feeling bad either, its actually a pretty passive feeling today to be honest, but lets see how the rest of the day plays out

    3. Sparklefan1234


      I hope your day gets better, My Friend. :mlp_rarity:



    4. Vera Veil
  3. Sigh, these last few weeks have been depressive, and that's an understatement ..... I kno when something is bad, but this? Beyond bad ....... I just wanna hide in a shell, maybe it's the perfect place for me, I seem to live it in my mind as is :/


    oh, sorry, alittle context would be nice, huh? Well as I said earlier, last few weeks have been depressive, I've had to deal with so much and I'm on the point of breaking, that's y I'm back, maybe I can find ............ Something, anything .... To free me of this ..... My bday, on the 9th? Had all these plans, and what did I do? None of em ... Slept all day, was awake for 4 hours, before falling asleep all night ;-; no need to say the 3 words, they will fall on deaf ears at this point, and .... Idk

  4. damnit coz I broke my ipad screen, it means ill be semi out of action for a few weeks while I build my savings up and get more and more jobs to pay my bills .... -_-

    1. ErasedIndex


      Good luck Vera!

    2. Vera Veil

      Vera Veil

      Thanks, I know I'm gonna need it

  5. Ok everyone, I would just like to say I'm Officially back, but by Officially Back, I mean I'll be on when I get the chance as I work almost everyday and in my days off I'm busy cleaning or resting or chilling on Xbox or PC .... If u wanna hit me up on Xbox 1, my gt is Chill On My D, so don't be stranger, I won't bite, but I do have a mic, so be wary of that .... Um, I will be on from time to time depending on when I can get on ..... For now thou, enjoy this adorable Fluttersheeimage.thumb.jpeg.df6b59b6f928d8045848ac4da6888058.jpeg

  6. Hey guys, look at what that cat dragged in ...... That's rite, a dead user .... Anyways, I'm not officially coming back, no, but I will say this ... I now have an old iPad working in really good condition so I will be back, very soon too, but not now as I am currently overseas in Fiji on holidays .... I wish for my return to be fun, happy and full of friendly faces that I have known to like over here on mlpf and I can't wait ..... I will see u guys soon, real soon

    1. Nightfall Gloam

      Nightfall Gloam

      Unofficial welcome back!

      How is it in Fiji?

      Cute OC, by the way!

    2. Trottermare Galamane
    3. Vera Veil

      Vera Veil

      U all know me so well, I'm enjoying myself, even if I am sick, I'm going scuba diving tomorrow, got to try Kava .... Don't want to ever again, I still hate my stomach and anus combined after the ordeal they have both been through coz of it ... But jokes aside, I got to try actual Fijian food, it was ..... A new experience to say the least ... Well I better go, bubaii

  7. what do I do now? do I hide, do I stay, do I work my way up the system, or do I be a self made man? plz help?

    1. Trottermare Galamane

      Trottermare Galamane

      be yourself, I can't stress enough how different people can be sometimes so you just have to do what feels most right for you, if you do something that is really easy but it doesn't quite feel right then your probably doing it wrong yet if you feel like you need to do something but you are hesitant because of fear you should still try and do it ¦S

  8. after a long, hard week, 12 hour days, including on the 40C day (oh hell yes, I worked in 40C heat ... or a 104F of those people who use Fahrenheit instead of Celsius) in absolutely NO shade ... all day stop/slow ... stopping traffic and releasing it when given an all clear .... I'm not thinking about the money next week ... I'm thinking about the time off I will have :P oh, and this beer I'm having :adorkable:

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    2. Midnight Scribbler

      Midnight Scribbler

      I miss the heat, it's -10 where I live. I hate snow. xD

    3. Vera Veil

      Vera Veil

      well I am enjoying this time off I'm having, just sitting around, having a few beers and staying cool in the heat ... my only regret is that it doesn't snow for me :/

    4. WWolf


      Same here :7 , usually..

      No beers though :P 

  9. banned because if I really wanted to, I could of said f***, but chose not to because I like this forums :/
  10. unbanned for finally understanding cupcakes :/ edit: Banned for ninja again .... fook
  11. banned for not going to youtube and looking it up there :/
  12. banned because are you serious? how do you not know of it? .... sorry, I thought everyone knew about it at this point ... same as Smile HD (hint, its not in HD Banned for ninja
  13. banned because maybe I do, and maybe I'm not talking about it because everyone is watching :/
  14. banned because nightmare fuel .... needs more adorable pinkz By Daedric-Pony
  15. banned because of those eyelashes ... they are scary