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  1. I vote for option 3, or 4, or 5. Vermin Supreme, or Other, in which case- Other Candidate: Vermin Supreme.
  2. Imagine dozens of Trixies all trying to say they are the greatest great Trixie. But that makes me think, who taught Pinkie how to use the mirror pool in the first place? It might do more than just duplicate ponies.
  3. feedback

    Neck could be thinner too. Sorry if I am being nitpicky.
  4. feedback

    Yeah, and man I tried editing my post twice, and each time it sent me back a page. My mouse keeps double-clicking lately and weird stuff now n then.
  5. feedback

    Yeah you are correct, and Pinkie's head is actually taller. Its prolly just how the limbs are thicker.
  6. Mellow sorta electronic stuff I guess

  7. feedback

    That's when she is standing on her front legs, not hind legs, which adds the length of her back to the equation. That's how it looks to me anyways. But maybe she looks thicker for me or something and its confusing me idk.
  8. feedback

    I feel like the head is too big at nearly 1/3 of her height, but you might have to change alot if you edit that so it might mean starting over, so just go with it I guess.
  9. This is a great cover of chop suey by some doom metal band I think it was


  10. I do not have the problem, but if I had to bet I would guess videogaming can help, as long as its not slow turn based sorta stuff (something like Tetris, a fast paced puzzle game, studies show it requires high concentration and thus distracts people from stuff like cravings and ptsd). Because it helps dyslexia more than dyslexia therapy, then it could help here because people need to concentrate and focus on their tasks to be successful. Also I bet reading would be a very immersive experience for yourself. Believe it or not daydreaming has been said to be good for the brain tho. But it being maladaptive maybe you need to try daydreaming in cautious self-aware ways. Like, try magic to stop daydream baddies, instead of punches or something, and gesture less so you don't knock stuff over or anything.
  11. The only thing is it feels like a repeat of when Twi was overbearing on Glimmer.
  12. Yeah it didn't look impressive, or they would show off the gameplay, if it even does go back to its roots properly tho people will complain the maps are too small or not diverse enough or something, when other games can make more maps all of which are larger. And I heard they are being vague about the zombies mode, so may end up disappointing people there too.
  13. Play videogames til my wrists hurt. Then when I do that, I end up in forums and type alot, instead of gaming to give my hands a break, then the typing makes it worse.
  14. I would kill for that hat. Sure everypony is jealous of her lol. If it ever sold via bidding I imagine it'd get quite pricey.