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  1. Why say you are not good enough for her? Don't need to be a super-hero to be a super-lover.
  2. Good and bad are subjective. Oh I see the reference lol. To explain more tho, good and bad can be objectively true when applied to a subjective position. Like, if we are pro-life, a very basic parameter just imagine AI deciding how to improve quantities of humans, then there are objectively superior methods to apply such a goal. Is it moral? That's subjective on circumstance, like is overpopulation or underpopulation a thing? That's just one example. Because quality of life also matters not just quantity of life. But, for an alien that likes visiting planets without life on them, then they would say we are a bad thing lol. So it'd objectively be true that we are bad for sight-seeing aliens, like, pollen could demolish their lungs maybe. Therefore we can apply objectivity to subjectivity. So any moral thing doesn't matter, it matters what is ethical, because ethics care about and acknowledge consequences rather than just doing something because its right because my culture said so. That doesn't always cause good to happen when using morals and sometimes morality is used to justify misbehavior to 'immorals'. So its all about ethics and empirical data. Now to answer Gummy lol. Why search for a cutie mark when you don't need one? *ponies far and wide gasp*. Hm cutie marks signify that you are closer to death than you were before? Well, same could be said about anything happening at all, unless he means now they are stuck in their place due to cutie marks unable to move, sorta like slaves to the cutie marks, and wild monsters may take their lives at any time due to their inability to be flexible. But theres no rule saying your cutie mark cannot be that kind of flexibility and its sorta true of sedentary societies in general rather than just cutie marks. Oh you know your destiny gummy, to be by Pinkie Pie til she might die or might be immortal cuz of the elements and you slowly slowly slowly get bigger kinda like Spike, and then sure I mean equestria is totally random, villains n elements of harmony etc. But no-pony really dies, except maybe that mail-pony whom gave Discord his letter to the gala that one time. But if you knew your destiny anyways, it'd be even more boring, like imagine you know your entire future no matter how you swivel which direction it goes you always know where it stops. Life would not have any surprises, and surprises can be good or bad, but they teach you how to be more flexible. Studies do show that kids with social problems early in life get prefrontal cortex problems later in life (decision making and identity). Like serial killers (think Tirek I guess as close as we get) were abused early in life. And with parents that never correct an issue with their kid, that id can grow up poorly. Like, mass shooters tend to be narcissists with superiority complexes and feel entitled and its enabled from their parents. They grow up without criticism, then when it happens they feel like its the world's fault not their own. It is hard to reconcile reality, like culture shock if you will, if your parents raise you a specific way rather than a flexible way. So with Starlight um, it makes sense she has more problems because her issues started younger, and they had to wrap up the end quick because the episode was super stuffed, but they needed a resolution. So they skipped a planned scene because it would've taken too long to explain properly. Which means theres information that has been left out in regards to that. Like how her parents behaved, or her community for how it helped her to develop into who she was. Like, she is very gifted, who are they to correct her? She might not have gotten any criticism, and just naturally developed a kind of 'I can do anything' attitude combined with 'I should do x y and z because a b and c'. She is just skipping out all that because to her it might not be relevant, which is why she ended up messing more stuff up in the future and doesn't get others at times. Because only the root issue was addressed not the rest of it.
  3. Everything is capable of good, if applied in a net positive manner. Whether or not they will BE good, is an entirely different question. But yes to that too, just depends on what struggles they go through teaching them friendshirp es gud.
  4. All they need to do is some demos for attention to get companies interested. And its entirely risky, so it had better blow the competition out of the water to make a good impression, otherwise there'd be no point.
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      I am strange, I have a fear of spiders, but I still like them.

  6. <3 One of the best musics from the fandom. Played it in Osu n shed a manly tear lol.

  7. spoiler

    If they did that I would be rofling. It'd be more interesting switching that up than just a lifestyle thing. I guess I am a fan of chaos myself. *reads more comments* Oh its a comic thing I'll take your word for it then. Oh the episode aired I guess, *looks*. Yeah it turned out good.
  8. Yeah but if it had an implied tone that she is bad it adds more character lol. But then they would eventually insert a husband for Celestia. Also she wanted Trixie to be male. So shipping may have existed and Hasbro was cracking down on it lol.
  9. Should probably rewatch some Faust interviews, I saw one. Trixie was supposed to be male but Hasbro changed that for example. So Hasbro already had Faust compromising from the start really. We can glimpse a little bit of what she wanted in Them's Fightin' Herds. Which some dialogue of course isn't hers but the overall story setting is and she chooses what sorta designs fit in or don't when presented if I recall. I remember there in an interview being mentioned over the format of the show, like one wanted it like the Simpsons where nothing really changes, and the other wanted a story plot that changes each episode. Should just watch interviews.
  10. Skyrim even Elder Scrolls fans find similar criticism for like stale repetitive dungeons and similar quests every time, which is visit here gather x come back so annoying. Theres no personal investment. Then fallout4 the story is meh. So if you wanna play Fallout get new vegas, if you wanna play an Elder Scrolls get Morrow Wind. Watch some gameplay first like first hour or so. But fallout and skyrim have TONS of mods, I love it, idk about console tho. I know FO4 had some, Skyrim I doubt has any.
  11. I agree, Greg, the one who makes Rainbow Dash Presents n such, is wearing hard nostalgia goggles like usual. Its how he criticizes everything seemingly, but this time he explained well why he didn't like the shift, and in a way I can't really find flaws with. But he was the one expecting the characters to literally not gain character development. But one valid point he brought up is the world had mystery, parasprites manitcores cockatrices, where are all the new dangers now? It severely reduced the adventure and mystery. And I agree. I am enjoying most new episodes tho. But his point is simultaneously valid. And for him its too much of a bummer to continue, well, sucks to be him, because its still an enjoyable series. Also cuz topic name
  12. Ok what happened was I went back to edit the topic n add more, and then the spoiler subsection was taking up the whole bottom and wouldn't let me um type there til I dragged it upward.
  13. To be more specific, if I use spoilers, then contain it, then it just captures everything after that in the post, not just whats within the um code like it should be doing. for instance now its past the '[/spoiler]' and its still in spoilers, or it was for a different post of mine just recently. Hm maybe nevermind, idk why its effecting the other one. Hm.
  14. Friendship sells toys brudda. Why do you think its a massive trope in anime, it spreads through word of mouth quite readily, its a tactic. And oh, you don't like ponies, what a weirdo. Lets all be friends, our friends buy mlp shirts and buttons and plushes and toasters and butter and toast, if you don't buy all that mlp stuff you are a normie. Oh no I stand out I feel too much like a not cohesive unit with my pals, time to spread the cheer and empty my wallet. *!*Warning, spontaneous crackfic*!* But yeah I Twilight is more like a preacher than um. A friend to all. I saw a video someplace that got me to notice this but forget which. But what we do not see, to be fair, is their love for each other sometimes. Its kinda implied but not always presented well. She is basically just finding more n more technical reasons why friends are good, which, if Twilight is impaired due to overly structured lifestyle its kind of evident. Which is humorous in a way, and can be seen as sweet. But with exposition it comes across weird, and that might be the whole issue, the exposition for the younger audience. In which case, brainwashing the younger audience with exposition? How terrible! lol. But actually yeah, people have anxiety when they realize they are alone and don't cope with it well, and its practically expected loners should not be cognitively healthy. Look at Moon Dancer for example. So yeah, why would they market to a loner and earn 1x, when they can market to someone who gets their friends in on their stuff is 9x, its just better. Like imagine a series Edginess is Magic. How much people would tell their friends to watch that show, and how many of them would proudly display they love the show? They don't because edgy people are bitter, and therefore less open to displaying their love or pride with others, thus gets less people to enjoy the material. Like if Dead Pool were too edgy to let others know he has a hello kitty backpack, he would be a closet kitty. A closet edgy brony lol. I know my explanation is weird, but eh its funnier that way.