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  1. Mega Thread

    Banned for having the smile song in your signature EDIT_ banned for beating me
  2. Mega Thread

    Banned for looking too young to be on here in your avatar
  3. G3/Core 7

    I personally don't hate it, but i dislike it because i started off on gen four, and gen 3 too different from what i'm used to.
  4. Nice way of putting that. I found that very funny
  5. I plan on seeing it when it hits Netflix. Going out to see this as a grown man, just i can sense the judgement. Unless i end up with a pegasister gf (yeah like that'll happen). I'd feel better going with a girl for whatever reason.
  6. One thing i noticed lately on Discovery Family, is that they seem to show the same 5-10 episodes during the week except Saturday when we get the new one
  7. Hello, i chose to join here cause it looked like a good,active community where i can talk to other people about My Little Pony, safely without being mocked (Parents anyone?). I hope to have some fun while I'm here as well