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  1. Not much of a selection here. Walmart and Aldi are the best, with our IGA a close 3rd.
  2. image.jpeg.3e892ad5a0f3f95b9048ccd17ad94e23.jpeg.c7cdc8a3a0afc2869eb14179a0099f68.jpeg
    MLP 30 Day challenge

    Day 15 Funniest moment: The Goof Off scene
    Day 16 Saddest moment: The crying scene from Tanks for the Memories
    Day 17 Favorite Song: You're in my Heart like a Catchy Song
    Day 18 Favorite place in Equestria: Ponyville
    Day 19: Favorite EqG movie: Rainbow Rocks

    1. Misscellanio


      I think I would have the crying scene as my saddest moment too. I was crying super hard the first time I saw it. Still cried in it later but Pinkie Pie And Rarity talking about Fluttershy (being comedic relief for a very intense scene) kinda kill the mood for me now. 

  3. image.jpeg.3e892ad5a0f3f95b9048ccd17ad94e23.jpeg.c7cdc8a3a0afc2869eb14179a0099f68.jpeg
    MLP 30 Day challenge

    Day 10 Favorite type of pony: Pegasus
    Day 11 Favorite ship: Fluttercord
    Day 12 Favorite season: season 4
    Day 13 Favorite episode; The Perfect Pear
    Day 14 Favorite scene: The final closing scene of The Final Problem

    I am hoping to get back to watching episodes at some point int he next day or so. 

  4. I normally sleep laying on my right side fully stretched out.
  5. image.jpeg.3e892ad5a0f3f95b9048ccd17ad94e23.jpeg.c7cdc8a3a0afc2869eb14179a0099f68.jpeg

    MLP 30 day challenge day 7
    Least favorite character: Zesty Gourmand

    Day 8
    Most relatable character: Fluttershy

    Day 9
    Least relatable character: Cozy Glow

  6. image.jpeg.3e892ad5a0f3f95b9048ccd17ad94e23.jpeg.c7cdc8a3a0afc2869eb14179a0099f68.jpeg


    MLP 30 day Challenge day 6
    Favorite mythical creature from the show: Gryphon

  7. not in front of me at the moment. a NOAA weather radio
  8. image.jpeg.3e892ad5a0f3f95b9048ccd17ad94e23.jpeg.c7cdc8a3a0afc2869eb14179a0099f68.jpeg

    MLP 30 day challenge day 5: Favorite Villain

    Queen Chrysalis is my favorite villain. Pretty interesting character design and a rather interesting origin.

    1. Windy Breeze ☁️ ☁️ ☁️

      Windy Breeze ☁️ ☁️ ☁️

      My favorate is Nightmare Mare. I like her design and she reminds me of someone in my family. 

    2. Lightning Cloud

      Lightning Cloud

      @Windy Breeze Nightmare Moon was a good one off villain for the series opener, but I like Chrystalis a bit more because they used her a lot more than NMM was. if they explored NMM's origins and the like a bit more, then I'd probably like her more than bugbutt.

  9. image.jpeg.3e892ad5a0f3f95b9048ccd17ad94e23.jpeg.c7cdc8a3a0afc2869eb14179a0099f68.jpeg

    MLP 30 Day Challenge days 2, 3, and 4.

    2. Favorite Cutie Mark Crusader: Scootaloo.

    3. Favorite Princess: Twilight

    4. Favorite background character: Derpy

    Sorry for the lack of me being on here. Family issues have arisen the last few days.

    1. Tacodidra


      *hugs* I hope you're doing alright, my friend! :kindness:

      My choices for the second and third one are the same as yours! :kirin: And for number four, Derpy would be my second favorite behind Strawberry Scoop. ^_^

    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      I hope things get better soon man.

    3. Lightning Cloud

      Lightning Cloud

      @TacodidraDoing a bit better this evening for sure. Nice!

      @Stone Cold Steve TunaYeah, we're hoping that too.

  10. I  squish........................

    wait how do I squish a cloud?


    1. Lightning Cloud

      Lightning Cloud

      Very carefully.

  11. Gonna give this a try.



    MLP 30 day challenge Day one: Favorite main character

    This one is extremely tough because i'm quite literally split between two. So... i'm not choosing just one. 
    FLuttershy is much like me, shy but stands up for what she believes in. Pinkie because she's absolutely the funniest of the mane 6 and always makes me laugh when she's featured.